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Nineteen and so tired of life, such a shame... to throw it all away... Then I look up at the sky, things open wide... lick and taste what's the use in worrying. I'm a sopohomore student at Lebanon Valley College which is best described as in the middle of everyting, but surrounded by nothing! I'm a double major in music education and much composition. I love to play everything from classical to jazz on my saxophone. That's me pictured above with  my Y-52 Yamaha 1997 model tenor saxophone kicking it loose at my hometown, Reading's annual Peanut Bar Christmas High School Jam. The event is sponsored by Berks Jazz Frst. For a while I was in my own rock band. I loved that band. The Mighty Rythm Kings. MRK for short. Me and my boys: Pete, Jarrod, Jabin. I graduated class of 2000 (REPRESENT!!!) at Reading High School, or the Castle on the Hill. I graduated as the music scholar of the 2000 class, something I'm proud to be. I was a proud Red Knight for 4 years, but am glad to be out of high school. The monotony of daily routine and immature peers. Yes, That's a general stereotype, but after getting to college I found life to be much more mature and independent. It's great. I was in the Red Knight Marching Band for 4 years and rose the the position of saxophone section leader. I loved my section, even with the grief they gave me. Music was my forte in high school, I did little else. Now I am a proud member of the Pride of the Valley Marching Band here at LVC. That's 'bout it...
I am a musician. In many aspects as a fact. I play, read, write, arrange, transpose, and transcribe all sorts of stuff. I have been playing the saxophone for 10 years which has brought me a long way. I have also picked up a bit of clarinet over the years. I've been playing the clarinet for 3 years now. At one point I tried playing the flute, but got light-headed a lot and gave it up. I play a little piano which I hope to become much more proficient  at since I'm a composition major and all. I've also played recorder in the past. As far as my accomplishments throughout high school, let's see... My sophomore year was my first year in any honor bands. I placed 1st chair baritone saxophone in All-County Band and PMEA District 10 Band. Then placed 2nd chair baritone sax in PMEA Region V Band. Then in my junior year I tried out on both tenor and bari sax. I placed 1st chair tenor sax and 1st chair bari sax in All-County Band and took the bari seat. I then placed 1st chair bari sax and 2nd chair tenor sax in District Band and took the bari seat there too. I placed 1st chair in Region Band and went on to place 2nd chair in the Pennsylvania All-State  Band on bari sax. In my senior year I had a string of bad auditions. I placed 1st chair bari sax and tenor sax in All-County Band and took the tenor seat, Then I placed 2nd chair in Districts and didn't get to go to Regions. In the summer of 1999, however, I was invited by the American Musical ambassadors to take a three week tour of several countries in Europe and play ten performances with a national honor band over there. This was certainly the highlight of my musical experience thus far. I toured seven countries: Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, and England for three weeks and played ten concerts in a 93-member band. I talk all about it on another one of my personal pages. Check it out below. I am also a member of the Reading-based Ringgold Band. Ringgold Band was the last band the "March King," John Phillip Sousa, conducted. I have been a member for 2 years. Here at college I am involved in the marching band, sax ensemble, symphonic band, and jazz band. I am also working on my first original composition as a composition major. As far as writing goes, over the past four years I have arranged and transcribed around twenty classical pieces for saxophone, saxophone group, and various instrumental trios.
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