White zombie 2035
Soul Reaver Central
Rollcage Stage 2 HQ
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Greetings, I am currently
revamping my homepage and both of my sites, I have found that whitezombie2035 is simply too long of a name.
In about a month this page will have a completely different look and URL.
I'll still have Soul Reaver Central and Rollcage Stage II HQ sites, though I'll edit down the URLs so they're shorter.

My new URL is:

I gotta delete everything from my whitezombie2035 account and load everything all over again into my solidbat account, yay-(sarcasm intended)
I got the name solidbat because I originally wanted solid_snake, but it was taken, so was solid_fox, finally I tried solidbat.
I wanted solid_snake because I like Metal Gear Solid.

Oh, and for those who don't know. If you have a yahoo Email account you can get into geocities and make your own free home page, your sign in name and passwords are the same, cool huh?

Email me at: