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Swords of Life and Death Series
Book I The Price of Immortality is now available online at Barnes & Nobles www.bn.com  and AMAZON ww.amazon.com along with all major online stores.

Book II Whispers of the Dead coming soon !
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The sword of Death was forged to aid in the merging between the realm of the living and the dead. The Sword of Life was forged to balance the powers and save the world by stopping the merging

   The Swords have been lost and unknown to mankind for thousands of years. They will be known once more with the birth of a child, a child with the ability to part the veil between realms, making him the perfect choice as the new bearer of The Sword of Death.

   One man will fight to keep his humanity while being forced to kill others to maintain his unnatural existance. He will feel regret and remorse for the lives he takes but will continue to condemn the unfortunate souls that cross his path. The other sees mercy as a weekenss and will do whatever necessary to acquire what he wants. He will plunge a powerful kingdom into ruin to build an army of the likes that has not been seen in a thousand years.

  The prophecy has been foretold but the path not chosen. As in life, it is not always black or white, good or evil but a gray.

So it begins.
C.M. Whitlock
The Mystic
Tale Spinners

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