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Welcome to my new website!! I'm really excited about this one -- it's my adventure into the fabulous world of graphics design stuff! Although, if you really want to check out some of my incredible work (heh), stop by my personal webpage and check out "Whit and Sher's SMC Adventures". Okay, so here you'll find a selection of my backgrounds that I've designed with homepage use in mind -- I think I've made most of them really easy to type over, you know? I was tired of searching for backgrounds for my personal webpage (if you go to it, you'll notice that I don't even bother anymore) and getting the same type of thing over and over again: the same kinds of textures, pretty ones that were hard to type over, distracting backgrounds, etc., etc. So while most of the backgrounds I made are somewhat amateur and rather simple, I think it's kind of a refreshing simple. You're not distracted by the squares background, are you? So, anyway, enjoy! I'll try to get better at this, I promise. And if you want to use any of my backgrounds, stick a link to me somewhere on your page, okay? Thanks! Soon I'll categorize them, but I wanted to get everything up on my page to start with. Here you go:

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(Page Two is my personal fave)

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