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"Who are, who are, who are we?"
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Welcome to Ex-Whitworth Tower Residents, Rutherford Hall, Loughborough Uni, 2003-?!!!
(last updated 12/02/2005)

Long-time since anything was done to the site, my apologies, things haven't slowed down this year, still plenty of ace nights out just we rarely carry a camera nowadays!
Housing arrangements are slightly different this year, with George, Hippy and Nick shacked up on Paget St, 2 doors away from Donor-Van, Stu and Rev. On Leopold St. We find Pove, Phil (Floor 4 Last year) Gaz and Tegs, plus Tegs new fella Rich, from Leicstershire but pretends to be a southerner! Also on Leopold we have the Girl Mansion, with Stef, Becky, Toni, Jenny and Amy. Station St. contains the humble abode of Jonny, Charlotte and Nom, with the rest of last years mentioned residents staying in Rutherford except for Nym who absconded (hell yeah we know big words!) to Falk-Egg and Bex who is also in th "Golden Triangle" area of student housing on Hastings St.
The same selection of piccies from last year still exist for your viewing pleasure, great memories they provide, and when anything changes is shall be noted here!

Thanks to the evryone on floors 2 and 3, Andy (Chuckie), Becky (Warren), Jamie (Swiss), Stu (Safety), George (Steven), Nick (NNN), Rev (Chris), Toni (Sabrina/ Monica), Jenny (PG), Stef (Taffy),Jonny (Spud), Pove (Dave) and Rich (Wallace)

Plus thanx 2 the guys on floor 6 who are just as bad! Barney (Romeo), Dylan (Pancho), Jimmy (Sk8r Boi), Tegan (Borrower), Adam (Absie), Bex (Giggler), Gary, Nym (Smash) and Nom! Also Mikey (floor 1) who is the hall's new social sec, congrats mate, and Charlotte from block 3 who virtually lives in Whitworth now and eveyone else in Rutherford Hall!
Hit the Piccies link to see more of us lot in action!!! enjoy...
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