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* He's achieved number one ranking in the University of California at Davis' Fall 2004 Computer Organization and Assembly Language class. Click here to see the recommendation letter he received from the professor.

If you are looking for an efficient, yet thorough, computer programmer or sysadmin, Mr. Stilson is your man. If you could use his skills, email us at

* Lifetime median GPA in math and computer classes is 4.0.
* Scored in the top 2% of the nation in the ACT College Entrance Exam.


* Currently working as a Developer (Student Manager) at AT&T's DSL Resource Center, 2E850P, using Enterprise Javabeans, JBOSS, Websphere, JNDI, Data Access Objects, JDBC, Struts, XML, JSPs, Oracle, Javascript, Flash, etc. Completed several projects on websites that process 100,000 requests a day. Projects were diverse, involving pop-ups, merger rebranding, user interfaces, uploading to databases, downloading, verification of data, etc.


* Worked six months at New United Motors, finishing projects written in C# dot NET, C++, ASP, ActiveX Data Objects, SQL, ASP, VBScript and Visual Studio. Projects included an HR tracking database that kept track of employees' locations, an Acronyms database and designing a Knowledge Base for IT which tracks the footprints of other applications written in-house. Here's an example.


* Worked six years as a System Administrator and Workflow Coordinator (and also Senior Helpdesk Agent) at Wells Fargo PCS Technology on the 19th floor of Market Street and First Street in San Francisco's Financial District. Reduced work order backlog from 400 down to 90.


* Written up in, October 6, 2004 online magazine for his project to make hundreds of cancer articles publicly searchable on's site using PHP and mySQL. Because this made the sites easier to use, traffic has more than doubled, from 30,000 a month to 70,000 a month over a year later. Click here to view the recommendation letter he received from the owner of the website. Here is also a recommendation letter he received from the chairman of the SFSU Information Systems Dept. about this internship.


* Elected President and Webmaster of the Honor Society Alpha Gamma Sigma at City College of San Francisco. Responsible for winning "Most Outrageous Website" award among all chapters in California. Click here for his recommendation letter.


* Currently completing the Computer Science program at San Francisco State University full-time, where he is on the Dean's List for every semester (with some classes taken at the University of California, Davis). Planning to pursue Master of Science in the evenings and weekends after graduation. SFSU has now been named in the Top 10 Northern CA Universities.


* Professional Development Officer of the Association of Computing Machinery at San Francisco State University. Responsible for finding jobs and internships and tours of software companies.


* Software specialist and database administrator at Lawrence Technologies in Pittsburg. Here's an example of the database I created in Access and VBScript for them.


* Four Certificates in Computer Programming (including C++, Java and Unix) from City College of San Francisco. Also achieved Associate of Science with Award of Achievement.


* Wrote SCO Unix programs to translate data between the word processor and the patient appointment database at an orthopedic surgeon's office in Fairfield.


* Three Microsoft Certified Professional certifications with an average score of 87%.


* Microsoft Office User Specialist on ALL the MS Office applications, scoring 95%.


* Ranked # 1 in my Statistics class from Berkeley City College and #2 in his upper-division Operations Management class at SFSU. Also received an "A" in Calculus III.


* Types 101 wpm and 12,000 kph alpha and numeric
* Target administrator              


* In high school, together with his brother, improved the Ultima videogame.


* Certified Inspector & Precinct Coordinator for Alameda County's Registrar of Voters.


* Editor-in-Chief of the Merritt College student newspaper, the Reporter.


* He's also a nice guy.

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