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Tuesday May 2, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Star misses point on 'Da Vinci Code' speaker coverage

Former Satanist organises anti-Da Vinci Code legion

Boycott Da Vinci Code film urges top Vatican official

'The Da Vinci Code': Entertainment Or Blasphemy

ZIMBABWE : Amendment of witchcraft act arouses disputes

Taking magic out of books

Film promotes conspiracy theory

Bryansk Police Break Up Skinhead March on Hitler's Birthday

Disturbing new details about teen attacked by boys at party

Hacker targets train displays

Mystery of the Silver Rings

Mezco Releases Voo Dooz Dolls For Kids

Terrorists' Unmanned Air Force

New picture in Nazca of
unknown horned animal

Mothers expect Damien on 6/6/06

Scientists Make Water Run Uphill

Police bullet lodged in gunman's weapon

Goose befriends elderly man with cancer

Man talking to neighbour killed when lightning strikes his head

The Sun may have a companion

Mysterious monsters inhabited Utah Valley waters

Cause of loud booms around Port Angeles remains mystery

Shocked to death by alarm clock

The Devil's Music

Accused killer in triple murder told man he was a werewolf

Think Tank calls for intergalactic police

Bumps in the night spook workers

Judge's DaVinci Code Cracked

Croc hates noise; steals chainsaw

German neo-Nazi protests turn violent


Monday May 1, 2006

(posted 9:00 AM ET)

Agents foresee requests for ˜Da Vinci Code experiences

Sick of Lindsay, Tom, Katie and 'Da Vinci Code'

Christians Urged to Prepare for The Da Vinci Code Opening

Church launches 'Da Vinci Code' campaign

Simply be-witching!

Magic Screen

Area ghost busters try to be myth busters, too


Desperately seeking Sasquatch

Uncanny capers at courthouse stir the specter of an old case

Mothers expect Damien on 6/6/06

Chinese Folk Stories

Spooky sleuths called in

Lost souls

Are You A Hoper Or A Believer?

Love, death and plenty of ghosts

Kirk asks ministers to take a walk on dark side

Plans for Haunted Hotel & Restaurant in Clovis

Cryptid Woodpecker Update

CryptoZoo Photo Quiz

EXCLUSIVE Sundy mail sings on with this shyster psychic

Indians exorcise demons

Bigotry Monitor: Volume 6, Number 16

Routine Traffic Stop Leads to Meth Discovery

Organised crime: The Godfather of Green Lanes

Church warns public of fake Catholic priest

China ordains new Catholic bishop

Catholic priesthood in decline

Neo-Nazis to rally against Israel in Buffalo


Sunday April 30, 2006

(Religion and Culture Sunday)

Catholic leaders send greetings for Buddha's birth

Vatican calls for 'Da Vinci Code' film boycott

Religious Activists Rally to Protest Darfur Violence

Grand Rebbe Moses Teitelbaum, 1914-2006

Vatican Studying Condoms and AIDS

Police witness paranormal activity in pub

Witchcraft act review arouses disputes among Zimbabweans

Exorcism sought for toilet-flushing ghost

Polish parade accused of promoting anti-Semitism

Pagan councillor 'drugged and killed by jealous lover'

Metal File: Overcast, Black Dahlia Murder, Nevermore, DRI & More ...

BLACK SABBATH Guitarist Wasn't Aiming To Summon The Devil With ...

'Vampire Pedophile meets 'teen' in graveyard

Psychic hears voices on Don Messer recording

Pedophile's victims hail verdict

Pedophile priest gets probation

Saudi sex tourist on Canadian visa busted in US pedophile sting

Omega 3, vitamin E synergy could cut MND risk


Saturday April 29, 2006

(Alternative Science Saturday)

Dark secrets of scientology

A Scientology “Stepford Wife” named “Kate”?

Tom Cruise Converts From Scientology To Existentialism

The trouble with Tom

Mission of a lost boy

Scientology has followers, and skeptics, in Hollywood and in the ...

Scientology is whack

Scientology expands at home

Scientology: A Star-Studded Sect


Catholics, Evangelicals Defend Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution Debate in Seattle Plays to Sold ...

Chapman’s Take: A Great Night for Intelligent Design

How fairly does Flock of Dodos treat Intelligent Design?

Talks on SETI, intelligent design May 1, 2

Seattle's Discovery Institute scrambling to rebound after ...

How Does My DNA Work? Evolution Vs. Intelligent Design ...

Merits of intelligent design, evolution debated

Balancing act with intelligent design

Source of loud "booms" in Port Angeles still a mystery

China to launch lunar probe

"7000-Year-Old sleepin' beauty" in Bolaghi Gorge discovered

Exploring Brazil's "Lost World"

NASA says comet fragments won't hit Earth

Religious site could reveal cult secrets

Neolithic village remains unearthed in E. China province

Village to give up its secrets

Indiana Jones of the Balkans:

Etruscan roads, medieval villages make enticing Italian landscape

Twin-headed snake has gardener on the run

Old bones are telling new tales

Olive branch clue to how Minoans were wiped out

Ajax's long-lost palace discovered on Greek island

Archaeologist Says Johor "Lost City" Does Not Exist

Neanderthals Lived in Iran's Kermanshah Caves

Heart of Borneo:

Bill would prohibit mandatory microchip implants

Bubonic Plague Detected In 6 Colorado Counties

Mysterious Boom

Mysterious comet

Czech archaeologists may uncover royal palace in Egypt


Tune into the Da Vinci coda

Not just a job, an adventure


Indian village delays Interstate 86 project

Old Hormuz Port rediscovered after 700 years

1st Bakun period burial found in Bolaghi Valley

Pisa's ancient boats in Rome show


Romans invade Prestatyn

Checking Out Nevada Rock Art

Discover native culture in New Mexico

Starlings recognize grammar pattern in songs

Hunter shoots grolar bear  or was it a pizzly?


Friday April 28, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Chuck Shepherd: News of the Weird

Wicca highway sign brews up controversy

Psychic tries to conjure the spirit of late fiddling icon Don ...

Weil: Smart diet, healthy attitude promote longevity

Be part of The Da Vinci Code adventure with Sony Ericsson

Da Vinci judge has a code of his own

Da Vinci Code paperback sales top 1 million

Da Vinci court papers 'show secret code'

Mystery of the planets: It's in the stars. Really

'Premonition' leads father and son to man after crash

Astrology affects us all. Keep a diary and you'll see

Are ghosts fact or just fiction?

Psychic tries to conjure the spirit of late fiddling icon Don Messer

New Coelacanths On Display

Shaman out to 'banish evil spirits'

The Catholic Church Encourages Mexican Invaders

San Diego mystery booms
traced to 'Warning Area 291'

UK Hacker Gets Into Pentagon Computers In Quest for UFO Info

Cast of violent Hong Kong gangster movie release fish at sea to improve karma

Eye the Anaconda Survives Music Store Fire

Drunk Russian Paratrooper Breaks 24 Bottles Over His Head and Falls Asleep

New Attacks Reported

"UFO" is sighted again

Chupacabra spotted in central Russia

Quick Action by Novosibirsk Police Stops Skinhead Violence

Omega 3, Vitamin E reduce ALS risk



Thursday April 27, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Pagan gran occult 'killer'


Third jail term for Catholic brother

Chupacabras the Goatsucker Vampire Reported in Central Russia

Teenage 'sorceress' practices in woods

Hamlin's sentencing is delayed

Paranormal Investigators Share Tricks Of Trade At Stevens Point ...

'United 93' Promotes 9/11 Govt Conspiracy Theory

Woman claims gift of psychic powers

'Lennon's spirit sends peace message'

A supernatural journey

Ghost hunters want your stories

British Police Witness Poltergeist in Pub

Spanish Socialist Party: Give apes human rights

Performance Art works spark security alert in West London

Kennewick Garbage Woman Hoax

Omega-3 fats and the prevention of prostate cancer


Wednesday April 26, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Bosnian archaeologists and
academics concerned at pyramid dig

Rare 'stone man' gene that changes muscle into bone

Sturgeon Biffs Lady

New military hardware gives soldiers superhuman senses similar to owls, snakes and fish

Lightning kills praying children

Mystery Sacks Filled with Vomit, Year 3

Worshippers astounded by miracle of crying icons

Envtl. Sensitivity: Inquiry Into Link with Apparitional Experience

Thar He Glows? Hunt On For Mystic Whaler Ghost

Gardener found skeleton in soil bag

Scientists Debunk Astrology

Temple of the Fox found in Peru

New archaeological discoveries in Khemisset province

Surprise finds at school site dig

Cloud of scholarly dust rises over ancient footprints claim

Archaeologists dig Roman dogs

With a Bit of Digging, the Past Is Unearthed

Bosnia's rich heritage

Is this the face of battlefield bones?

Oh daddy -- Komodo dragon births leaves experts foxed

Interstellar Deathray Not Likely to Hit Earth

Crop Pests Hitching Rides On Spring Storm Systems

'Perfect Disasters' Nearly Perfect

Treasure hunters riddled Carroll County's Indian Grave Ridge

Alzheimer's linked to aluminium pollution in tap water


Tuesday April 25, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Penn & Teller Swear By Cryptozoology

Zimbabwean law and witchcraft

Baby Wanted: The Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche

Thousands flock to see weeping virgin in Colombia

Police baffled by paranormal activity in British pub

Seeking by sixth sense

Pub spirits cause a stir

Thar He Glows? Hunt On For Mystic Whaler Ghost

Blood exuded from icons of Christ on Easter even in a church in Penza region

Lennon's message from beyond

Second sight

Phantom of the loo floods British pub

Not Good For Yeti-Hunting

Ghostbusting makes Tony feel good

Zimbabwe outlaws practise of witchcraft

Romania's first registered witch

Polk begins her defense

Police baffled by paranormal activity in British pub

Radical Russian Party Leader Sues Paper Over Holocaust Denial ...

Net pedophile jailed for stalking

Public meeting warns of surviving racism, anti-Semitism

The Hate Israel Intelligentsia

Film adaptation for Milton's Paradise Lost


Health and Nutrition Forum Led By Dr. Andrew Weil Explores The ...

Debatable Conjecture

A Psuedo-psychic Experience


Monday April 24, 2006

(11:00 AM ET)

25-year-old murder focuses on priest

Early testimony to focus on scientific evidence in priest trial


Group to host tour of 'haunted' Alton

Imagine what Lennon would say . . .

Psychic caller shows civic spirit

Hole Swallows Man in Kitchen

12 Nails Found in Skull of Man
complaining of Headache

137 year old submarine discovered

Stonefridge (or is it Fridgehenge)

Freakish events in rescue missions

Ant and Dec get me out of outer space

Curia confirms human blood on statue of Virgin Mary

Visitors Report Ghost in Rhode Island Whaling Ship Museum

Kennewick woman found alive in landfill

Hand Cut Off in Duel Now on Display

An Israeli-born psychic is trying to buy a Memphis house once ...

Feds Arrest Hell's Angels Leader In Drug Raids


Nostradamus predictions are abstract, unreliable

'Miracle' monk grabs attention

Is Manimal More Man Than Animal?

The Witch Next Door

'Weeping' Virgin Mary statue bought from pet shop

Bible prophecy expert advises

Case of the Mummified Baby

The hitchhiker

What's behind mysterious booms?

To believe or not to believe

Haunting tales told at ghost conference

Joyriding Johor and Neglecting Nepal

Bobby Clarke Video: A Year Later


Sunday April 23, 2006

(Religion & Culture Sunday)

Jurors in priest's murder trial take tour of crime scene

Catholic EWTN kept admitted child abuser

Scotland's Satanic Majesty

Paranormal specialists review strange sightings on Mystic ship

TV seance claims to reach John Lennon

ZIMBABWE : Witchcraft recognised, laws tightened

Mugabe gives assent to anti-witchcraft law

Beltane Keynote Speaker Urges Pagan Revival

A hellish history

Hell's Angels Arrested In FBI Raids

Filming 'The Da Vinci Code' In The Louvre Was Precarious, Says Ron ...

Author/Pastor Counsels Believers to Prepare for Da Vinci Code ...

'Da Vinci Code' follow-up expected in '07

Responding to The Da Vinci Code movie – Protest ...

Dark secrets of scientology

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Scientology Princess: Next For Baby?

Tom snubs a mate

`Quiet birth' practice raises a commotion

Nurse Accused of Molesting Comatose Girl

Some towns 'unhealthily white' – race adviser

Ethnic Armenian murdered on Moscow metro platform

Sally Anne’s mum begs police to listen to medium

Hunt for the Skinwalker : Science Confronts the Unexplained at a ...

Lawmakers call for calm

Germany plans new measures to combat neo-Nazis

Pedophile accused of raping 6-year-old

Website on how to spot pedophile was favourite of Canadian killed

Jurors in priest's murder trial take tour of crime scene

Catholic EWTN kept admitted child abuser

Scotland's Satanic Majesty

Paranormal specialists review strange sightings on Mystic ship

TV seance claims to reach John Lennon

ZIMBABWE : Witchcraft recognised, laws tightened

Mugabe gives assent to anti-witchcraft law

Beltane Keynote Speaker Urges Pagan Revival

A hellish history

Hell's Angels Arrested In FBI Raids

Filming 'The Da Vinci Code' In The Louvre Was Precarious, Says Ron ...

Author/Pastor Counsels Believers to Prepare for Da Vinci Code ...

'Da Vinci Code' follow-up expected in '07

Responding to The Da Vinci Code movie – Protest ...

Dark secrets of scientology

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Scientology Princess: Next For Baby?

Tom snubs a mate

`Quiet birth' practice raises a commotion

Nurse Accused of Molesting Comatose Girl

Some towns 'unhealthily white' – race adviser

Ethnic Armenian murdered on Moscow metro platform

Sally Anne’s mum begs police to listen to medium

Hunt for the Skinwalker : Science Confronts the Unexplained at a ...

Lawmakers call for calm

Germany plans new measures to combat neo-Nazis

Pedophile accused of raping 6-year-old

Website on how to spot pedophile was favourite of Canadian killer


Saturday April 22, 2006

(Alternative Science Saturday)

UK Reporter Infiltrates Scientology Center

The secrets of Scientology

Official site of the Church of Scientology

Scientology’s Hollywood “cult status” restored

"Tomkitten", the whole story

'Intelligent Design' focus of talk Sunday

Intelligent design hurts learning, expert says

Letters: Science confirms what's written in the Bible, intelligent ...

Scientists step up battle on 'intelligent design'

Cornell to Offer Class on Intelligent Design

Point/Counterpoint - Intelligent design, theory or theology?

Poser over baby Bigfoot poachers

Bigfoot, Not Bigfeet!

Curia confirms human blood on statue of Virgin Mary

Mawas = Orangutan Poached?

Desperate families turning to psychics

Glancing into past lives

Did Ghost Hunters Find 'Grey Lady'?

7.7-magnitude quake rattles eastern Russia

Experts find evidence of Bosnia pyramid

Mumps outbreak prompts calls for 2nd dose of vaccine

Wildlife defies Chernobyl radiation

Men hallucinate after eating fish

Mel's fossil could be an "old dog-jaw"

Digs in Tarxien ahead of visitors' centre

Archaeologists find fossil snake with legs in Argentina

Historians say Donner Party cannibalism still on menu

Baalbek excavations unearth Roman-era treasures

Rock maps revise Martian history

Odyssey's End?:

A universal constant on the move

Japanese find new Nazca Lines in Peru

30 beheaded skeletons unearthed in China

Scientists find remains of 'sociable' giants

Secret rivers found in Antarctic

Cubans find traces of dinosaur-killing meteor

This Templar Tale Probably Won't Be The Last

Experts find evidence of Bosnia pyramid


Unearthing the past

Indian burial set at Mesa Verde

Diggers mum on latest downtown discovery

Ancient earth works:

China Using Artificial Rain to Clear Dust

Rare bubonic plague case reported in Los Angeles

Repeat Of US 1906 Quake Would Kill Thousands Cost Billions

Jet find could be 3,000 years old

Beheaded skeletons replay war history

Stone blocks may be part of Europe's first step pyramid

Memories of great desert explorer live on

Light-rail work unearths Hohokam remains

The Dead Sea is 'dying'

Dino may have been pack hunter

Conservation works on historic monuments

Archaeology dig resumes on Arkansas River

The Shocking Truth Behind Static Electricity


Friday April 21, 2006

(posted 11:00 PM ET)

Curia Confirms Human Blood on Statue of Virgin Mary

Catholic EWTN  network kept abusive priest on staff

Jury Chosen In Priest’s Murder Trial

Details on 11 Priests Missing in '04 Report

Boston Archdiocese Opens Financial Records

Not the cardinal's rules

Priest Faces Trial in Satanic Murder

Chiropractor claims to travel through time

Guilty plea for 'witch' murder

Baseball, Boys, One Man on Illegal Love

Brown's 'Da Vinci Code' follow-up delayed

Nepalese king gives up absolute power

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Jury to eye alleged Satanic link in nun killing

Citizen involvement key to cracking child porn ring

Old Mother Hubbard meets L. Ron Hubbard

Desperately seeking Scientology

THE GOOD NEWS: Gospel of Judas, The Da Vinci Code based on Gnostic ...

Local Opus Dei group reminds readers the 'Da Vinci Code' is ...

Da Vinci code provokes debate in traditional Philippines

Catholic-Orthodox relations improving, officials of both churches ...

Gonzales Outs Internet Pedophiles, Seeks Tough Penalties ...

Men trip for days on

hallucinogenic fish

LA Woman Hospitalized With Bubonic Plague

Huge ice chunks fall in California

Secret rivers found in Antarctic

Man dies after freak badger accident

Mawas = Orangutan Poached?

Desperate families turning to psychics

Glancing into past lives

Did Ghost Hunters Find 'Grey Lady'?


Neo-Nazis fight security ideas for march in court

Germany fights neo-Nazis

Hypnosis may relieve non-cardiac chest pain

Hell's Angels Clubhouses Raided

Feds Arrest Hell's Angels Leader In Drug Raids

Green Tea May Curb Prostate Cancer in Men at Risk


Thursday April 20, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Priest slams MP's classroom Satanism hysteria

Priest tried over nun’s death

OH Priest On Trial For Nun's Murder

Priest goes on trial for 'ritual' murder of nun 26 years ago

Sex scandal costs Boston Catholic Church millions

Vermont Catholic Church settles abuse lawsuit for $965,000

Satanism journalist's imprisonment raises alarm

Video: Mystery surrounds Knights Templar

Sexual violence survivors speak out in Congers

Occult classic

Channeling John Lennon: Give creeps a chance

An open letter to Katie

Scientology Silent Birth: 'It's A Natural Thing'

James Morrow's top 10 books on witch persecutions

Tom's placenta plans

Two Gypsies Shot in Central Russia

Minuteman Founder Said to Tolerate Neo-Nazis

Neo-Nazi rally planned for Lansing

Neo-Nazis force clash of agendas

Germany plans new moves to fight neo-Nazis after attack

Kin tried to steer son away from neo-Nazis

Neo-Nazi rally planned for Lansing

Chat Transcript: Home Remedies

Religious Scholars to Debate 'Da Vinci Code' Issues

Da Vinci Code' tale affects Christian beliefs in N America

`Don't worry archbishop, it's a conspiracy theory'


Wednesday April 19, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Religious beliefs a factor in Robinson trial jury selection

Priest’s murder trial starts; potential jurors quizzed in nun’s slaying

Lawyers whittle jury pool for priest |

Landmark murder trial of priest to start Monday; Toledo nun was ...

Satanism coming to classroom: MP

Row over TV psychic's bid to contact Lennon spirit

Day 14 for NYC cat: Pet psychic shows up

Sympathy for the Judas

War, death and myth in the flow of history

Astronaut Armstrong gets piece of moon rock

Eye gets its 'Ghost' guy

Bigfoot gumshoe hangs shingle in Yukon

René Remembered

Spooky resident likes to potter

He sees ghosts

Wetzel Kangaroo Beer

Pacific cult hails second coming of its wealthy US messiah

Hen turns into a cockerel

Former Military Air Traffic Controller: 'Comet will collide with Earth on May 25, 2006'

Russian Researchers Claim to Have Solved Mystery of Crop Circles

Man killed in cigarette accident

Tight squeeze as man survives being run over by a train

Biologist claims to have World's largest shrimp

Luring, child porn explodes with Internet accessibility

Caffeine, Green Tea Intake Decrease Risk of Type 2 Diabetes


Tuesday April 18, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Possible Satanic basis to murder of Ohio nun by priest

Priest 'murdered nun in ritual'

Priest faces trial for ritual murder of nun 26 years ago

No shortage of drama as priest's trial opens

Jury Selections Starts For Father Robinson

Sex Abuse And Catholic Priest Trials

Head of St Lucias Roman Catholic Church survives assassination

Age to play deciding role in Waterkloof case

Witches Organizing Major Spell for Peace

Catholic Church Attacks 'The Da Vinci Code' ... Again

Opus Dei Wants 'Da Vinci Code' Disclaimer

''Da Vinci Code'' Tale Affects Christian Beliefs In North America ...

Mussolini's granddaughter runs for mayor

Rev. Moon's Conjugal Visitations

Nationalist party appeals registration ban in Moscow court

Yesterday's witches are today's social activists in Jharkhand

Tom Cruise has shelled out some serious dough on a private ...

It’s Scientology all the way for baby Cruise!

Tom Cruise Says Scientology Better Than Depression Drugs - Again

Key prosecution witness takes stand in Aryan Brotherhood trial

Former Aryan Brotherhood gang member tells of plot to avenge ...

Ex-member tells of Aryan Brotherhood plot to avenge assault on mob ...

Witness at Aryan Brotherhood trial says leader ordered killings

Harvard dean accused of anti-Semitism

Are 40 Percent of All Swedes "Anti-Semites?"

Upsurge in Russian race killings marks run-up to Hitler's birthday

Anti-gay church hounds military funerals


Monday April 17, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Priest Headed to Trial Over Nun's Slaying

Priest's trial gets under way today in slaying of Toledo nun in ...

Ohio Priest To Begin Trial For Nun’s Murder

Priest up for ritual murder

SNAP protests Robinson trial

Some critics SNAP to judgment

High drama in court

Ghostly gathering planned

German Easter Customs From Pagan Rites to Today

Da Vinci Code spawns new believers

From nuclear crisis to The Da Vinci Code - churches' messages for ...

Superior churches tackle 'Da Vinci Code' claims

Yeti Yes, Corwin Hardly Bearable

'Weird California'

Ghostly Tourism On Oregon's Coast

I can cure anyone, says 'bhagat' Redka Jadhav

That ol' black magic doesn't fly with airline

New Books on Folklore Detail Mythic Ties of the Old World to the New

Ghost Triggers Camera?

Couple devote lives to studying iconic Shroud of Turin

Spooky Tales of Abe

Easter Stunner: Tom Cruise Says Katie Holmes No Longer Catholic

Key prosecution witness takes stand in Aryan Brotherhood trial


Sunday April 16, 2006

(Happy Easter!)

It's Easter: time for the annual conspiracy theories

Indian Catholic archbishop concerned by Hindu reconversion

Catholic students among 14 charged in drug sting

Tom Cruise nizes Roman Catholic baptism for Katie Holmes' baby

Catholic priest deported after Saudi arrest

Pilsen Procession Marks Catholic Holy Day

Conspiracy theory not to be sniffed at

Mahony: Cardinal Sin

The 'Gospel of Judas'

Opus Dei wants disclaimer on 'Da Vinci Code' film

Group close to Vatican says disclaimer on 'Da Vinci Code' film ...

Papal preacher decries Da Vinci Code

Rapists, witchcraft and the law

In Three Weeks, Witch School Plans to Cast a Spell over the World

Holmes May Follow Scientology Birth Custom

Cruise, Holmes to raise Scientology baby

No Catholic baptism for Tom's baby-to-be

'The Devil and Daniel Johnston'

Battle to keep pedophile in jail a legal first

Pedophile testing new laws

Two gypsies killed in apparent race-hate attack in Volga area

Bernard-Henri Lévy Warns on Anti-Semitism, Stage 6

Aryan Brotherhood members indicted

Aryan Brotherhood witness offers insider's glimpse

Russia's `blacks' targeted

How to age well


Saturday April 15, 2006

(Alternative Science Saturday)

Has Tom Cruise damaged Scientology?

Cruise, Holmes to raise Scientology baby

Los Angeles Times promotes “cult apologist” recommended by ...

Doctors Sound Off About TomKat 'Silent Birth' Plan

Travolta son's diagnosis: Science vs. Scientology?

Scientology coming to Plant City

Scientology buys into Plant City, with more cities to come

Scientology purchase has some in Plant City worried

]Is Scientology preventing Travolta from son’s autism treatment?

Tom Cruise is a giver and a helper

Cruise Is Going Public About His Baby And Scientology

Intelligent design belongs outside science class

Intelligent design of evolution

Academic worry grows over "intelligent design"

Intelligent Design opponent blocked by federal council

Cornell offers first class on Intelligent Design

Attempts to Misconstrue Intelligent Design in Kentucky Fail


Friday April 14, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Easter Bunny, eggs hatched from pagan tradition

Setting us straight over Da Vinci Code

'Da Vinci Code' debate

What's wrong with "The Da Vinci Code"?

Noted Theologian Sheds Light on “The Da Vinci Code...

Thunderbird Spotting

Who you gonna' call? Ghosthunter

Folklore dignified lie or from truth?

A daily chat with Jesus' mom

Brain Worlds

Near-death enlightenment

Precursor to a Weird Summer?

Ghost hunters hold class to teach curious

Survival of Death

Two-headed ducks and blood-filled monkey masks

Learning Channel turns camera on hotel for segment on property 'flipping'

Leap The CryptoHaiku Carnivorous

Image of Jesus on Easter egg?

Making a fast buck from info on Bigfoot


Needed: Useful Info From Johor

Sleep Aberration May Play Role in Near-Death Experience

Uganda: Doctors Embrace Traditional Healers

Supernatural experiences fuel his novels

Florida neighborhood a hot spot for Santeria

Jersey Devil and Ivan T. Sanderson

See The Jersey Devil Here!

Cancellation of Dracula Park hailed as victory by Romanian church

John Wayne Gacy's - "the Summerdale Dig", is now available!

Judge refuses request to free high-risk pedophile, for now

Serial pedophile pleads guilty to 18 counts


Court upholds registration ban against National Bolshevik party

The Legacy of Dan Curtis (1927-2006)

Mr. Donald Yung teaches successful magick

Talking to psychic gets cop in trouble

Tom Cruise's psychic powers!

Conman psychic jailed after will scam rumbled

Key witness at Aryan Brotherhood trial says he was told of murder

Comment: Why German public prosecutors are barking up the wrong ..


Thursday April 13, 2006

(posted 9:00 AM ET)

Pedophile in Department of Homeland Security Caught In Internet ...

FBI Arrests Alleged Pedophile In Birmingham

Church of Scientology Is Coming to Plant City

Travolta son's diagnosis: Science vs. Scientology?

Cruise on childbirth: Silence is golden

Dr. Tom Cruise Prescribes Scientology, Not Medicine

Da Vinci Code Themed Challenge On The Amazing Race

The Da Vinci Code rapist was caught after DNA left on drug

Da Vinci Code, Cannes Film Fest, Grand Prix entice passengers

'Da Vinci Code' said to fit conspiracy fixation

Brown faces another Da Vinci code plagiarism claim

Da Vinci Code to open in Malaysia on May 18

Paranormal research and discussion reaches new heights.

Choose your paranormal podcast online

France’s Jewish community fighting anti-Semitism: CRIF president

ADL audit shows decline in anti-Semitic acts, but concerns remain

Footage of mysterious lights hovering over West Country crop circles

Royal Society attacks teaching of creationism as science


Wednesday April 12, 2006

(posted 9:00 AM ET)

The Scientology Freezone Expands

Will Katie Holmes Mom Invade the Scientology Silent Birth?

Katie Holmes baby talk ban

Exclusive: Tom Cruise Talks to Diane Sawyer

Swiss Mystery Park Needs Savior to Materialize

Information on Bigfoot Comes at a Price

Sleep Aberration May Play Role in Near-Death Experience

Drug Firms 'Inventing Diseases'

Skulls, Tornadoes & Insects - Bizarre Modern Astronomy

Cold Case: Why Did the Iceman Cometh?

; Strange Shape In Saturns Cloudtops

Pastor's exorcism manslaughter verdict overturned

US team explains near death experiences

Poison plant fuels suicide bids

Footage of mysterious lights hovering over West Country crop circles

Are we alone? UFOs the topic ...

Harvard Telescope Will Search for ET Light Signals

What the Russian papers say

Omega-3 protects retina

Omega-3 moves into medical mainstream


Tuesday April 11, 2006

(posted 9:00 AM ET)

First Knights Templar are discovered

Cop Suspended for Psychic Consult

Yoga's growing US popularity attracts cash

Probe makes encounter with Venus

Scientists meet for maggot talks

Prehistoric Bones Unearthed in Everglades

Drone Swarm for Maximum Harm

The Glowing Kittens of Los Alamos

Commitment hearing ordered for pedophile priest

Catholic group fights image given by book and movie

Online game features crucifixions, offends Catholic group

Elvis’s ex-wife supports Tom Cruises’s Scientology friendly ...

Skinhead suspect in Senegalese student murder case arrested in St. ...

European Jews discuss anti-Semitism, Iran


Nonprofit is at work to save the unwanted

Sex attack on mum in front of child

Left wing conspiracy theory: Zarqawi and bin Laden are myths



Monday April 10, 2006

(posted 5:00 PM ET)

Hindu Monks Arrested for Cannibalism

Psychic Impressions or Psychic Impressionists?

Jersey Devil & Ivan T. Sanderson

UFOs: Concealed Publicity, Marketing & Information

Probing the supernatural

Stephen Kings 1408 Movie Coming


Canadian police arrest five in biker deaths

Spirits at Eastern State Pen?

Police prepare for Apple Chill crowd

Andrew Crumey: In the multiverse, novels are all true

'Dateline' Pedophile Sting: One More Point

Classifying music? It'll send you on a genre bender

Abuse cost churches nearly $467m in '05

Catholic Bishops Say 783 New Abuse Claims

Audit says archdiocese botched abuse inquiry

Cardinals Scramble To Defeat Abuse Bills

Lionel seeks psychic help in search for lost dog

Costco relists omega-3 seal oil capsules saying removal ...

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Victim shows Satanic rapists 'the finger'

Rare collection of Dracula related books given to Dublin library

Da Vinci Code Movie To Be Banned In Korea?

'Bathtub Marys' trace roots to European Catholic culture

Cyclops kitten bought by museum
to promote Creationism

Vital lessons at orang-utan 'Oxbridge'

Book Bound In Human Skin Found In Street

Alarm over shopping radio tags

Huge Block Of Ice Falls From Sky In Oakland

Lightning 'may have killed man'

Everest Expedition Uncovers Exotic Species

Urn-usual find reunites brothers

Bid to ban Da Vinci Code movie in South Korea

Hunt for karate legend goes cold

Moreon the Judas gospel find

The Orwellian Origin and Development of the Term Anti-Semitism ...


Sunday April 9, 2006

(Religion and Culture Sunday)

Local Wiccans ordained for weddings

Ranchi tribals launch campaign against witchcraft

Book of Shadows #1

Former 'Vampire' companion sues district

Being goth rarely equates to evil

Katie Holmes having a Girl?

Pagan 'Da Vinci'

Opus Deis response to Da Vinci Code allegations

Tom Hanks Promotes 'The Da Vinci Code' in Japan

Bestseller posts record sales of Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code' Author Fights For Privacy

Spirituality in Medicine

Project SERPO could be small part of a changing world

Nepal ‘s Hindu king orders protesters shot on sight

Hosannas from the Basements of Hell

Religious basket case

E pluribus unum?

Enthralling Play Captures Life of Swami Vivekananda

Father Cantalamessa on Christ's Suffering

The passion of the Christ

Clergy”s order in doctrinal tussle with Roman Catholic Church

Falwell touts Christian college debaters

Protest in Nepal turns violent; one killed

Diana's pal rubbishes Fayed's conspiracy theory

Burke: Ballot snafu was conspiracy

European Neo-Nazis Plotting Anti-Muslim Actions on Eve of World ...

Support Those Arrested for Protesting Neo-Nazis in Toledo

The Race and The Media

Prosecutors order arrest of 4 suspects in TV producer assault case

“Racistâ” shoots African dead in Russia city

From Chavez’s Alleged Anti-Semitism to the Threat against ...


Saturday April 8, 2006

(Alternative Science Saturday)

Katie is just taking it one ‘ Stepford ’ at a time

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Wed This Summer

Katie Holmes' Scientology Childbirth Experience

More support for Cruise's silent birth method

Article misinterpreted Scientology

Silent Katie

Tom Cruise's love display

Katie Holmes' big dummy

Tom's girl Katie is looking really swell

Holmes' passive behaviour stuns interviewer

“I Can Create Who I Am”

Victory for intelligent design

Miller: Intelligent design is not science

Latest Fossil Find "No Threat" To Theory of Intelligent Design

Speaker finds flaws in ‘Intelligent Design,' discusses details ...

'Da Vinci Code' publishers win plagiarism case

Bid to ban Da Vinci Code movie

'Da Vinci Code' Author Fences-In Home

Court clears Da Vinci Code author

'Da Vinci Code' judge slams lawsuit

Three nations unlock code to capture Da Vinci tourists

Excerpts from ruling on "The Da Vinci Code" lawsuit

Psychic readings surprise some students


Friday April 7, 2006

(posted 9:00 AM ET)

Teens Promoting Satanism Burst Into Churches

'Gospel of Judas' to be revealed

Judas Cover-up: Only 4 of 26 'Gospel of Judas' pages released

Police Arrest Man Who Promised Resurrection of Beslan Children

Chinese police probe skulls find

New pictures of 'living fossil'

Hunt For Real Life 'Were-Rabbit'

'Dead star' erupts for big show

Skydiving thrill for 91-year-old

Stone age man used dentist drill

Researchers find that alcohol helps your houseplants

Chainsaw fury of magazine browser

Previously unknown species of hammerhead shark discovered

Arctic fossils mark move to land

The Bird that Devours Men

Nature Myths, Debunked

Viewpoint Creative launches psychic John Edward on WE

Hate Crimes Commission creates divisions as Louis Farrakhan spews ...

The Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Baby Conspiracy Theory

ACLU Targeting Boy Scouts Again

Philosopher tackles truth of DaVinci code

Additional Charges Expected Against Man Caught With Explosives

Ambassador fields questions on French anti-Semitism

Two Hell's Angels Arrested Hours Before Shooting

Hell's Angels Targeted In Roadside Shooting

PA Catholic Teacher Jailed for Child Porn

Conference addresses child sex abuse

Confessed pedophile sentenced to prison

Pedophiles in Our Midst

Green Tea, Body & Mind

Omega-3 aids against degenerative disease

The Omega-3 Question

Omega-3 fatty acids inhibit growth of liver cancer cells


Thursday April 6, 2006

(posted 9:00 AM ET)

Rooster crows inside man after hooker's spell

A different magic

`Da Vinci Code' paperback sales soar

New Da Vinci Code & Talladega Nights Posters

Battling 'Da Vinci Code' in the Philippines

Da Vinci Code Controversy Hits The Lowcountry

Psychic TV: Employing the Dead to Connect the Living

New Twist to Psychic Readings -- Soul Sensor Psychic Life Coach

When numbers align, things add up, psychic says

The Black Vault Launches Massive Encyclopedia Project

Did Jesus walk on water or skate on ice?

Study to solve sparrow's decline riddle

Ancient pyramid found in Mexico

Spider at M & S

Man dying after falling into Hawaii's sewage-infested water

Artic fossil missing link between fish and land animals

Are you Allergic to Electricity?

Around the world in 14 years. Or that was the plan until the Russians nabbed him

Swifts do push-ups to get flight fit

Sat navs steer drivers down Crackpot route

Sailors in deep S**t

US scientists have successfully grown fully functioning bladders

New Dinosaur Resembles Large Turkey

Teacher loses hand squishing bug

Santeria Hotspot in Florida

Dinosaur Tumor Studied for Human Cancer Clues

Need a lover or a house? Call on the cosmos

Fightstar - They Liked You Better When You Were Dead

Something for Holmes

John Travolta & Kelly Preston Defend Scientology Birth Procedures


Bart scientology dig

San Francisco's 'Anti-Catholic' Resolution Prompts Lawsuit

Catholic university allows gay film festival

Many Catholic Women Abused By Husbands, Research Findings Reveal

Catholic bishops claim church is under fire at Capitol

City, activists at odds over anti-Nazi activities

European Neo-Nazis Plotting Anti-Muslim Actions on Eve of World ...

Diet can help ease inflammation woes

Nutrition Wise: Green Tea, 100-Calorie Cookies, Calcium


Wednesday April 5, 2006  

(posted 5:00 PM ET)  

The Ouija Debate

Rape of faith

Hidden Symbols in Art are Bad for the 'Soul'

Tarot's Popularity Pushes Reader Ed Hubbard Out of Retirement

Monk's 'Uncorrupted' Corpse to Stay on Display

Mysteries of Iceland's Elves

Linthwaite Mum: 'I Can Talk to the Dead'

Link Between Nuclear Weapons Tests & UFO Sightings

Psychic TV: Employing the Dead to Connect the Living

Wrapped Up in God... or ET?

Magician Priest Experiences God's Miracle After Accident

Healing land is her business

Satanic link probed after Italian family slain

Bigfoot seen at UC Berkeley

Yeti Officially Joins Animal Kingdom

Bigfoot sightings - exclusive pictures!!

Inventor develops digital tombstone

Skull find illuminates 9,000-year-old dentistry

(posted 9:00 AM ET)

1991: Orkney Satanic 'abuse' children go home

'Vampire killer' dies in prison

Forecasters predict busy hurricane season

Two men detained after walking from the US to Russia

The Strange Case of the Man Who Took 40,000 Ecstasy Pills

North Pole Marathon Coming Up

Underwater cocaine plot

Dog multilations shock town

'Do Not Eat Colored Snow'. But what if it tastes like watermelon?

Russian church blames liberalism for racist murders

My Great-Great Grandfather Was an Anti-Zionist

'Da Vinci' And Opus Dei

Breaking the Da Vinci Code: Professor Weighs in on the Controversy

If You Love Your Country, You Should Question 9/11

Policeman shot by colleagues after 'rampage'

Selfridges to offer psychic services

Eating Omega 3-rich salmon can lubricate the mind

Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Reduce Spread of Prostate Cancer

Launching into Alzheimer's territory

Bishop from Boston chosen to lead Cleveland Catholic Diocese

Police: Two Hell's Angels members arrested in Enfield may have ...


Tuesday April 4, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Controversial Documentary Film 'Rape of the Soul' Expands Into ...

Study: People who attend church live longer

Banned from laughing in woods

Cane toads, Beer and preparation'H'

5 Saudi women change sex

Spider has fiery revenge on nudist

'Mr Baldy' to change name

US civil rights group: Campus anti-Semitism a serious problem

Israeli Broadcaster Says Anti-Semitism Is Spreading

Severe storms pound Midwest; at least 23 dead

Autism Epidemic Doubted

Byzantium Treasures From the Hermitage Dazzle in London Show

Why is a woman's brain smaller than a man's

Clues lead to a shared past

Buddha image's hand back in Japan

Fujiwara researchers surprised by findings

Meeting Doctor Doom

Blaze claims rare artifacts

Cockroaches live in a democracy

Fifteen 1,900-year-old tombs unearthed in SW China

Coming to the Americas

Five paranormal sightings reported in area

Looking for local hauntings in Bradford County

'Neo-Nazis pose World Cup threat


Monday April 3, 2006

(posted 5:00 AM ET)

No Satanism here-Headmistress

Of April, witchcraft and small towns

Another woman fall prey to 'witchcraft' in Nepal

Nasa releases new maps of Jupiter

Heat-loving bug find in Antarctic

Unexpected warming in Antarctica

Chips are down for sleepwalk chef

Man Crashes Car After Snake Attacks Him

Wrong airport blunder

Muslim rejects 'sleeping divorce'

Chupacabra to Congress: Without Us, Who Will Drink the Blood of Your Goats?

All you need is love - and a clairvoyant?

Intelligent Design supporters say idea in 'infancy', but gaining ...

‘Vampire’ author turns to Christ

Praying Can Make You Worse

Religion often the problem, not the solution

PM 'attends Catholic Mass at No 10'

Don't Be Fooled By Omega 3 Scam

Haunted Places in Australia

Jesus and Mary are not in objects

Nessie and Hunt the Gowk

Top 10 April Fools Day Hoaxes of All Time

Tracking a tall tale


Sunday April 2, 2006

(Religion & Culture Sunday)

Satanic link being probed after Italian family slain

New Satanic Panic Puffed on WND

U.S. Catholic Bishops Report on Sex Abuse Costs and New Claims

What's behind today's epidemic
of teacher-student sex?

Religious Views Inform Immigration Debate

Cracking start for Da Vinci Code film

Catholic writer to discuss 'The Da Vinci Code' April 5 - 6

The Da Vinci Code factsheet

'Da Vinci Code' tiff spawns a new rivalry

Noted author to point out 'errors' in "Da Vinci Code"

Don't judge Jake by the cover


How the Gibe of 'Anti-Semitism' Is Used to Stifle Legitimate ...

Muhammad cartoons spurred anti-Semitism in Arab, Muslim press

Editor hits back over Israel row

Skinhead thugs “get licence to kill” as racism runs riot in ...

Sudden Deaths in Office

Halbach family: Avery's not telling the truth

Evolution of Faith

U.S. Catholic Bishops Report on Sex Abuse Costs and New Claims


Saturday April 1, 2006

(Alternative Science Saturday)

Scientology Leader to Tom Cruise: Make Nice With Katie Holmes Dad

Is Scientology triangulating San Francisco’s mayor?

Holmes to keep quiet giving birth

Scientology’s top ten tips for having kids?

Celebrity Death Match: Scientology vs. Kabbalah

Holden befriends Scientology

Fans Push To Get Scientology Episode To Re-Aired

Intelligent design lawyers tout views

“Brilliant” Professor Denied Tenure for Support for ...

Week's Lessons: UNM tuition; Laptop program; Intelligent design

Attorney in 'intelligent design' case speaks at Duke

Why the intelligent design lobby thanks God for Richard Dawkins

Why intelligent design will change everything

YOUR VIEW: Is intelligent design intelligent?

FHSU Faculty Senate rejects intelligent design

Imagine an intelligent design research database. . .


Friday March 31, 2006

(posted 11:00AM ET)

Weeping Madonna Copy 'Sheds Tears'

Extra-Terrestrial Experiences, Scientific Dating

ET's Flown Home – Chased Off By the Internet

The Search for Old Spacecraft

Study Challenges Prayers for the Sick

Early Farming Communities Often Ate Weeds,

China puts 1,000-plus cultural heritage sites

Terra-cotta statue

Vessel Measures Record Ocean Swells

Archaeologists unearth Pharaonic hall in Egypt

A lost city hides in the sands of Guadalupe

Sweden returns ancient coins to Greece

Pompeii silverware on show

Bones from huge dinosaur found on Chathams

Freshwater Creature May Be Several Species, Not Just One

Beached whale report is fuel for sonar battle

Cyclone hits remote area of Australia

New Little Skulls

Italy celebrates 'Culture Week' with free access to museums,

Old Delhi abuzz over discovery of stone with Jama Masjid map

Europe's first pyramid?



Thursday March 30, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)


(PRN) Controversial Documentary Film 'Rape of the Soul' Opens in ...


The Chomsky/Blankfort Polemic and the philosophy of conspiracy ...

Pop notes: Psychic Fair, Pat Kessler, Britney Spears

She Who Debunks Witchcraft Shall Face Toil and Trouble

Pedophile to test sex offender laws

If Anyone's Satanic It's Pat Robertson

Exorcism film unlike its genre

'Palace of Ajax' found in Greece

Dutchman builds modern Noah's Ark

Handsets Taken to the Grave

First dinosaur traces found in South Pacific

Emotion sensor 'detects boredom'

Hormone could cut spider phobia

Lobster liberation claims probed

Bizarre baby born in Dolakha

Doubt cast on 'ancient asexual'

'Severed Hand' Carried by Dog Was a Paw

When Crazy Cats Attack

Bumper Sticker Sparks Bomb Scare

Green and black aurora over Norway

Eclipse prompts meditation at Egypt's pyramids

Cockerel spared after 'crowing 'Allah''

Robot scientists control live mouse

Liverpool, alien orgasms and dead footy stars... Kop that!

Former catholic school teacher accused of molestation

Drinking tea to protect the brain

Cloned pigs to be used in omega-3 study


Wednesday March 29, 2006

(posted 11:00 PM ET)

Religious leaders split on Jesus portrait

In publishing, one medium looms large

Ghost of Gem Theater is haunting the DKA offices

Reincarnated dog subject of Oshkosh alumna's book

Eclipse prompts meditation at Egypt's pyramids

Superstitions eclipse reason

When solar fears eclipse reason

Solar Eclipse Makes Siberian Politicians Cancel Session

Solar eclipse calls on dragons and spirits

Ely Footage Is Back

Muslims flock to see 'miracle' fish

Iran Cracks Down on Bloggers

Reed's wrist not broken after all

Easter bunny part of pagan legend

City urged not to help Metro Ministries

Alleged pedophile is arrested

Judge finds chief's conspiracy theory unfounded

Pedophile belongs in jail Psychiatrist

Ancient treatment acts as emotional Clorox

The Lighter Side of 'The Sopranos'

DPP seeks bail from neo-Nazis' families

Neo-Nazis Attack Anti-Fascists in St. Petersburg, Jewish Student ...

Anti-semitism surges among African French

Heart benefits of Omega 3 in doubt

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Rape of the Soul Film Review

Satanic stars found on death pact pair

Suicide pact girl 'indulged in Wicca, self-harm'

Court TV Announces A Slew Of Reality Shows - Investigative Drama ...

Toronto Psychic Betsy Balega Accurate Again

Use your psychic powers to find your iPod

Psychic says missing man is dead

'Ho Sakta Hai' is all about witchcraft

"The Da Vinci Code" Goes Paperback

International Da Vinci Code Posters

Satanic ate Crime Hits Special Needs Playground

Religion and Politcal Affiliation

Pedophile who molested girl admits he's still a major risk

Another Member of Aryan Brotherhood Arrested

Police check neo-Nazis in Fla. stabbings

Synagogue attacker gets 13 years in jail

Omega-3 goes condition-specific

Green Tea Prevents Mental Decline


Tuesday March 28, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

'Satanic' art in Catholic Church exposed

Physics World Buzzing Over Faster-Than-Ever Particles

Doctor Verifies Healing ‘Miracle’

Funds for Hunting Extraterrestrial Life Restored by NASA

The Mysterious Coral Castle: A Fanciful Myth

Evolution of Improbable Creatures

Mice testicles act like stem cells, may cure diseases

Budgie predicts tsunami?

Lecture makes ghost stories real

30 ghost hunters converge on Tamaqua Elks building

Funds for Hunting Extraterrestrial Life Restored by NASA

Biologist Studies Elusive Worm

Aliens gave me psychic powers

Inner Awareness : Are spirit possessions and exorcisms true?

Omega 3 Health Benefits not Clear

Omega-3 fats


Monday March 27, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Paganism in Our Churches

Go camping with Cruise? Stuff readers say 'no, thanks'

The death of Chef

Scientology on the cheap

Divination Community Redefined - SunSigns.org a New Forum on ...

Online exclusive: 'Psychic at Large' TV review

Oxford's first Catholic theology lectureship since Reformation

Stephen Baldwin & Catholic Group Fight Against Porn Shop

Trail blazed by 'Da Vinci' shows no signs of cooling

Decoding Da Vinci; Lecturer breaks down novels facts and fiction

Da Vinci Case Awaits Verdict

Scientology's influence grows in Washington

Spooky venues ghost into medium's book

Sixth sense can come from within

Making ghosts of mysteries

Lecture makes ghost stories real

Ghost hunters take their spirits seriously

A mountain of mystery

Some Baptists believe gift of tongues remains

Spirit of the coin

Conspiracy theories stand test of time


Bigfoot Songs

Madonna Images Reported In Two States

'World isn't ending'

Horror Show

Priest says reported miracles in U.S. and China could bolster sainthood case


Three From WBC to Present Psychology Papers

VA to decide on use of Wiccan symbols

Moussaoui says he was to hit White House




Sunday March 26, 2006

(Religion & Culture Sunday)

Between Science and Religion

Kidnapped Peace Activists Rescued in Iraq

Iraq: Sectarian Clashes Continue; President Makes His Case

Medical marijuana issue returns to court

Christian Convert on Trial in Afghanistan

Afghan court drops case against Christian

Rice accepts DJ's apology for racial slur

Size of L.A. march surprises authorities


Saturday March 25, 2006

(Alternative Science Saturday)

'South Park' vs. Scientology

What is Scientology anyway?

Hey Chef, these guys are killing free speech


South Park vs Scientology War Latest: Chef Is Dead

"South Park" Scientology Battle Just A Stunt To Make Us Watch?

Cartoon attacks Hayes and Scientology

Scientology question surfaces in 121st poll

Guest Column: Exploring the relationship of Narconon and ...

First Scientology Now Paedophilia, The Curse Of The Chef

‘Intelligent design’ case lawyers to speak

'Intelligent design' not only a 'religious' issue

Move Over Intelligent Design, Here Comes Bhartiya Creationism

Attorney in Landmark 'Intelligent Design' Case to Speak at Duke ...  law


Friday March 24, 2006

(Posted 11:00 PM ET)

"Da Vinci Code" case ends, ruling by early April


  The Da Vinci Code Movie Preview

  Plot rivals the Da Vinci Code

  Anti-Semitism and the New "Jews"

  France searches soul over anti-Semitism

  Sacks: We need international response to anti-Semitism

  Don't Deliver Us from Evil: Uncut Special Edition

Animal brutality shakes up suburb

Satanism rocks Bandawe Sec School

The New Paganism

One US Catholic diocese bars altar girls

Kurdish quest for independence and prospects for statehood

War on Christians?

Horror Geek Speaks: The Rape of the Vampire

Don't Deliver Us from Evil: Uncut Special Edition

Halloween fiend pleads insanity

Rostov Neo-Nazis Hold Shooting Contest Using Pictures of ...

Evidence for omega 3 fats less conclusive than we thought, say ...

What Are Fish Oils, Or Omega-3 Fats?

Benefits of Omega-3s Seem Fishy

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Bishop Says Bleeding Host Not Miracle, But Fungi

Bleeding Dallas Communion Wafer Deemed 'Miracle', with Pic

Researchers Look at Prayer & Healing

zoo Museums Worldwide

Kolkata tortoise, Clive's pet, dies at 250 years

Armless man caught speeding

Russian Researchers Open UFO School for Lovers of Paranormal

The Lynx Effect? Big Cats in the UK

Panda painted onto single hair

Budgie Hoarder

Hawaii Kava Bar Closes

Pentagon's Animal Kingdom

Interview with a cryptozoologist

Vegas Ghost Compels Man To Murder

Mind Medicine: What Proof?

Mom had decoy child in carpool lane

Whales Have Their Own Syntax

Zimbabwe 'cash for mermaids' con

Two Headed Turtle found in China

Are 'pro-choice' Catholic politicians heretics, bishop asks

Catholic Charities reviews its gay adoption policy

Arson at Jewish agency fans anti-Semitism fears

Jailed pedophile, prince draw media attention to Island

'South Park' Depicts Chef as a Pedophile, Kills Him Off in Latest ...

A pedophile's brain, a mother's pain

House drops mandatory minimum prison term for pedophile rapists

Some sex workers in Kasama resort to adverts

Savannah-based Evoca allows users to create online recordings

Eat fish for mood disorders

Omega-3 Oil Prevents Prostate Cancer From Spreading


Thursday March  23, 2006

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Bigfoot footprints destroyed

Ancient Astronauts - The Search for the Truth

Paranormal Investigator

Head of Quagga Project Dies

New Ely Footage

Bigfoot footprints destroyed

'Virgin' on tree draws crowd

Mystics in Great Falls

Image Of Jesus In Hurricane Damaged Drywall?

Yoko rages over 'tacky' TV seance to contact Lennon

Bigfoot almost made me lose my baby


A 'Secret': It's no 'Da Vinci Code

Opus Dei website booms thanks to Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code Character Quads

Bush urges 'civil debate' on immigration

Jury Clears Teenager Of Killing Tajik

Neo-Nazis threaten World Cup 'massacre'

Cancer sufferers back green tea tests

Green tea extract may help oxygen flow to tissues

Drink up: White tea is good for you — really!

Why take supplements?


Wednesday March 22, 2006

(posted 9:30 PM ET)



Man and four children beheaded in India over 'witchcraft'

Five beheaded for witchcraft in India

Tom Cruise Visits Yahoo!

South Park-Scientology battle rages

Scientology revealed! Or: What the fuck is wrong with Tom Cruise?

South Park 'declares war' on Scientology

Guest Column: Exploring the relationship of Narconon and ...

"Da Vinci Code" Controversy Questions Biblical Truths

"Da Vinci Code" Controversy Questions Biblical Truths

Opus Dei called 'complete opposite' of 'The Da Vinci Code' ...

Shun 'The Da Vinci Code'

Unlock The All-New Da Vinci Code Movie Trailer

NY loophole may free Internet pedophiles

Mullighan looks for pedophile links

Neo-Nazis threaten World Cup 'massacre'

Neo-Nazis Attack Journalists in Tyumen

Neo-Nazis women march

Militias and manifestos

Anti-Semitism reports high, B'nai Brith says

One in three French 'are racist'

The Prison King

French thinker opens happiness fest

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Best-selling thriller author on Satanism Douglas Preston entangled in probe of ...

Defense Intelligence Agency Explores Weird Science

Aliens gave me psychic powers

Graceful Desperation

Comics Review: Return of Star Brand

Wanted: haunts and ghosts

Bogus Healer Convicted in Mermaids Case

Spirited search

Defense Intelligence Agency Explores Weird Science

Dreams Can Give Insight into Conscious Life

Ely Sasquatch Video

'Buddha Boy' emerges, then vanishes again

In land of the free, we're home of the peculiar

Pilgrims flocking from all over the country to a blood-exuding icon

Conspiracy Thinking

Nepalese Buddha Boy 'reappears'

Cold War Bunker found in Brooklyn Bridge

Crowd kills man for hammering on diety

Zimbabwe 'cash for mermaids' con

Cat Survives 80-Foot Fall From Tree (with video)

Flock of crows terrorise street

Floating Aussie Car Photo

The Truth Behind Big Cat Sightings

Decline in migrating bird numbers

Indian 'witchcraft' family killed

Tornado carried teen 1,300 feet

Psychic detective Noreen Renier sued

Cryptozoology Action Figures - Bigfoot and Mothman and Nessie, oh my!


30% of French people 'racist'


Tuesday March 21, 2006

(posted 8:30 PM  ET)

Holmes Stressed About Tom Cruise, Scientology & Post Birth Life

What Scientology needs most is to be ridiculed

South Park 'battling' Scientology

Tom Cruise, Blasted In New Anti-Scientology Ad

Is 'Da Vinci Code’ on Vatican radar? Little said of book

Da Vinci Code Case Ends

Judgement of Da Vinci Code trial reserved

Christians ready to refute 'Da Vinci Code' movie

Jesus De-Coded vs Da Vinci Code

God and history

Germany's mean streets

Animal rights groups decry bear wrestling

Religion and science: a reply to a right-wing attack on ...

Bottled water sparks poverty debate at forum

Indian Catholic priest stabbed to death

Conflicting media messages: How ads for pharmaceuticals and ...

Ontario's alleged 'pedophile clan'

Ohio Democrats Block Removal of Pedophile-Sympathizing Judge


Neo-Nazis plotting World Cup violence: repor

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Lesbian couple falsely accused of Satanism

The politics of witchcraft in Ghana: The case of Madam Yaaya-Dam ...

Conspiracy Theory

Closing arguments begin in 'Da Vinci Code' case

Art historian calls ‘Da Vinci Code’ museum of errors on ...

Da Vinci Code causes a stir on campus

Da Vinci Code causes a stir on campus

'Da Vinci Code' judge asks tough questions

The Da Vinci Code TV Spot

Woman with perfect memory baffles scientists

Archaeologist works to solve 700 year old mystery

Ancient Sarcophagus Unearthed in Cyprus

Church that reveres Flying Spaghetti Monster finds growing following

Snake Kissing Feat

Goths actually on the bright side of life

In land of the free, we're home of the peculiar

Don't mock goths: future's bright for the men and women in black

Former Aryan Brotherhood Member Testifies On Gay, Mob Killings


ONC aims high-DHA Meg-3 at young mothers

Oily fish may reduce prostate cancer spread: study

Martek introduces DHA in powder form

Firm creates new Omega-3 product

Monday March 20, 2006

(posted 7:00 AM ET)

Witchcraft protester laid to rest

Family accused of witchcraft beheaded

Black cats (and dogs) still shunned

The mechanics of a conspirac

The Yowie of Australia's Blue Mountains

Bigfoot Contactees

Beyond the Canyon

Not ghostly or loony


Flowers From Hell: A Satanic Reader

Five people lynched on suspicion of being witches

Miraculous Crying Marble Statue, Blessed by the Pope

Miracle in Cathedral of St. Joseph

No one interested in hunt for Bigfoot in Malaysia's protected forest

'Ghost Hunters' back with more thrills

The Serpent and the Lady of the Lake

Talking to Brad Steiger

Is this a bleeding miracle?

Horror Films Rise From The Grave

Thais look to the stars to solve political mess

A ghost investigation

Happy St. Cryptids Day

Fascinating look at near-death experiences

Did the Holy Grail Exist

Bionic muscles that run on alcohol

Six-legged lamb in Belgium

Cat delivers mouse/cat hybrid

Is this a bleeding miracle?

Flying Cow Leaves Two Police Cars in Flames

Missing boulders mystery deepens

Babies Found Toxic While Still in the Womb!

The Yowie of Australia's Blue Mountains

Man severs own penis, throws it at officers

Bitter fight over sweet pot treats

'How William Shatner Changed the World'

Ghosts spotted in optical museum London

Flying Cow Leaves Two Police Cars In Flames

Nude nonna in roadway romp

One person missing as volcano erupts on remote New Zealand island; five staff evacuated

How many big cats are on the loose in Britain?

Woman With Perfect Memory Baffles Scientists

Mayan Underworld Proves Researchers' Dream

'UFO' Mystery Still Haunts Some

Opinion: They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There...

Ailment in Chechnya is Blamed on Mass Hysteria

Mother Teresa statue creates friction

Inner Awareness : Spirits may be behind the unexplainable

(posted 11:00 ET AM)

SouthPark -vs- Scientology: Round 1

South Park vs. Scientology, round two

Scientology battle is raging

Tom Cruise and the Wacky Cult of Scientology

Tom and Katie's secret wedding

Scientology 'not a once-on-Sunday religion'

Does Scientology Spoof Cross Chef's Lines?

Newspaper is obsessed by Scientology

Scientology, Again

'Da Vinci Code' copyright case winds up

'Da Vinci Code' Closing Arguments

Women speakers denounce as distorted 'Da Vinci Code' depiction of ...

'Da Vinci Code' trial intrigue

Da Vinci Code trial sees book sales rocket

Ron Howard needs to run Da Vinci Code disclaimer

Multimedia Response to "Da Vinci Code"

Indian 'witchcraft' family killed

Proposed gathering law an affront to Pagan rights

Haunted Inns Of Britain & Ireland

BBC comedy show mocks belief in the supernatural

Psychic weighs in on disappearance


Psychic Edward at home with live, dead people

Vampire killer’s cell death could have been prevented™

Elephant Emerges As Possibility In Loch Ness Legend

Catholic priest murdered in Goa

Oldest Catholic cathedral returning to its glory

Catholic group calls for update in outlook

The Catholic Church a longtime political player in Massachusetts

Archbishop removes beloved Black priest from the oldest Black ...

Religion is natural, universal

Prince Charles wins judgment on diary

Stranded in the shadows

Swedish "black/death/thrash" metal act SATANIC SLAUGHTER have

Police prepare for biker gang warfare

Fringe Adorns Citizenry

Rumsfeld: Iraq exit like giving Nazis Germany

Motherland Party Recruits Neo-Nazis

Former Aryan Brotherhood member says defendant talked of killing

Chilling testimony at Aryan Brotherhood trial

Ex-Aryan Brotherhood Member Testifies About Gang's Motto

Russia's Chief Rabbi concerned about anti-Semitism

An example of leftwing anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitic attitudes in Sweden

Woman to wed 'Boys Don't Cry' inmate

 Blake works as ranch hand, plans comeback

Trout: A Recipe For Good Health

Go Girls!

Pilates conditioning at center in California benefits all agees


Sunday March 19, 2006

(Religion & Culture Sunday)

Anti-war protesters rally around world

Iraq War Anniversary: Sectarian Violence Intensifies, New Parliament Meets

Gay Issue Prompts Catholic Group to End Adoptions

Cosmologist Wins 2006 Templeton Prize

Psychics Go for Lennon's Spirit in TV Séance

St. Patrick was Scottish, not Irish

Widow mourns in Pagan community

'Da Vinci Code' author Dan Brown to speak in Portsmouth

Book Review: Flowers From Hell: A Satanic Reader by Nikolas ...

Sleuths seek to stir Civil War spirits from their slumber

'South Park' battle over Scientology heats up

Cancellation of Adams Visit Quentioned

Don't hurt me, Bishop Skeleton!

'Ghost Hunters' back with more thrills

'Free speech' can be a cowardly excuse

Anti-Semitism widespread in Sweden

Debunking The Da Vinci Code

Controversial 'patriot' speaks on illegal immigration

Security tight before opening of Aryan Brotherhood trial

Former Aryan Brotherhood member says Mafia leader sought hit

Prosecutor says Aryan Brotherhood case about control in prisons

St. Patrick's Day parade chairman compares gays to neo-Nazis

Aryan Brotherhood Tried for 40 Years of Prison Mayhem

Trials seek to crush Aryan Brotherhood

Witch’s tale and wonder in Hampton

Anger as rabbi claims anti-Semitism benefited Jews over the ...

Pro-Israel Lobby determines US Policy, says Harvard Study

Five of family beheaded

Back pain? Try Yoga




Saturday March 18, 2006

(Alternative Science Saturday)

Tom Cruise Doesn't Want You to Laugh

Author Entangled in Tuscan Killings Probe

Make Magick: Spells for the Curious - Penny Good Luck Spell

Vatican Scientist to Lead Dialogue on Intelligent Design

The Daily Dose: Intelligent design meets postmodernism in Great ...

Intelligent Design, or Unnatural Selection?

Schism Emerges in New Intelligent Design Theory: Competing Books ...

Evolution vs. intelligent design

Intelligent design and educational stupidity

The evolution of intelligent design

Three die in tsunami

Ancient marble trade

In Search of Noah's Ark

Doubt cast on Venus catastrophe

Wales 300 million years ago

Wales used to be a tropical jungle - honest!

New exhibition explores Balnagask, Tullos and Torry's past

Doubts over 'extinct' woodpecker

Fossil ruffles feather evolution theory

Awakening pinch from a mysterious new crustacean

'Kennewick Man

Downtown tours promise ghostly chills

BBC chief is 'most powerful Catholic layman

Russian Orthodox Patriarch hopes for resolution with Catholic ...

Prison service slammed over 'vampire' stab killer's suicide

Admitted Pedophile Avoids Prison, Makes Home In Tri-State

Habitual pedophile locked up for 12 to 22 years


Friday March 17, 2006

(posted 4 PM ET)

The UFO Abduction Problem

Overlooked photo reveals Swiss UFO-contact case genuine

Nessie: It’s the World’s Greatest Practical Joke

The Spell-Breaker

'Spirituality' is related to depression among young physicians ...

Astronomers Watch the Skies for Threat of Deadly Impact

Ancient Astronauts - The Search for the Truth

E.M. Cioran

Uncovering the "Cosmic Watergate'

Two-Headed Turtle Found in Qingdao City

Video: Irish author on pubs, potatoes, Bono

France student protests lack the spirit of '68

The Omega 3 Explosion

James Martin backs new heart health campaign

Swiss company derives DHA and EPA from algae

(posted 9:00 AM ET)

Vatican exorcist Amorth speaks on Satan's smoke

Miss. Diocese Settles Sex Suits for $5.1M

End to limits in abuse cases urged

Brown's wife a mystery force at 'Da Vinci' trial

Was mysterious sound result of supersonic jet flight?

Haunted Places in Canada

Bigfoot research team investigates the evidence in Blackfeet country

Unexplained monster mysteries from the sea

Myths of meaning

What Could Life Beyond Death by Like?

New Age Mumbo-jumbo

ABC Sightings on the rise (with
video clip)

Frenchman cremates frozen parents

Doubts over 'extinct' woodpecker

Proof of the Wild Panther?

Tennessee Bigfoot Video

Vampires, ghosts and mermaids under one roof

Pushing the Internet Into Space

A Hippo and Tortoise Tale

'Stored odours' nail China felons

Nanotech Makes the Smallest Map of the Americas

Kangaroo Leads Austrian Cops on Snow Chase

Man's New Penis Built From Cousin's Skin

Pope John Paul Miracle Investigated

Man sues himself for vehicle damage

Man Forced to Eat Pizza at Knifepoint

Conspiracy Theorist has elaborate explanation for why he's single

Makers defend Lennon TV 'seance'

Big Cats? Every village should have one

Choosing Foods by Color?


Thursday March 16, 2006

(posted 11:00 PM ET)

The smoke of Satan in the house of the Lord

Teen says slurs led to graffiti


High Spirits With Shirley Ghostman



Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise: No Scientology Wedding, Due in April

Tom Cruise is not weird or short: Simon Pegg

Isaac Hayes quits South Park after it satirises Scientology

Mental illness is a reality

Bush reaffirms pre-emptive use of force

Abu Ghraib officer defends use of dogs

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: the evolutionary origins ...

Friend's religion touchy topic

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: the evolutionary origins ...

German Crackdown on Neo-Nazis Does Little To Stall the Movement

Anti-Semitism Seen Rising Among France's Muslims

National Bolshevik Activists Detained After Protest at Bank

The Hell's Angels Have A Bone To Pick With Disney

Common ground despite differences

Let us not deny, devalue the aging process

New study will tell us if tasty green tea can head off the big C

World's First Vegetarian Omega 3 DHA EPA Launched to Natural ...

Omega Farms rolls out Omega-3 dairy line

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Protect Against Inflammation And Bone Loss

 Ghost hunters come up empty

Literally a miracle?

'Keep up momentum on Bigfoot'

'Witch' teacher sparks riot

The Legend of Kay's Cross

Vampires, ghosts and mermaids under one roof

Some Chinese Ghosts

Spectral secrets of Royal Court may be revealed

Image spooks mobile phone owner

Irish Site Ready for Millions of Leprechaun Watchers

Leprechaun Sighting

Cat Gives Birth To Mouse-Like Kitten?

Lost Thunderbird Photo Found?

High school student recites 8,784 digits of Pi

Egypt Pharoah find "not a tomb"

Flesh-eating aliens were chasing me
when I caused fatal car crash

Pentagon plans cyber-insect army

A Continent Splits Apart

Professor challenges Mayan calendar opinion

Animations Reveal How Dinosaurs Might Have Walked

Pub has to pay a fine for murder from 1664

Giant DNA Double Helix Nebula Found in Outer Space

Rare Chinese frog uses ultrasonic communication

Russian Scientist Blames Global Warming on Tunguska Meteorite

Bush sees Iran as possibly greatest threat

Man Sentenced For Fatal Halloween Accident

Medicine may soon let people live beyond 120

Influencing Inflammation?

Healthy Aging Tip: Eating Well for a Healthy Mind

Supplements for Strong Bone


Wednesday March 15, 2006

(posted 9:00 PM ET)

CHURCH arsonist went to Satanism Summer School

Namibia: Determined to Keep “Witich Women”  Off the Streets

Hiett Prize goes to exorcism expert

Catholic group: no adoptions to gays

Creep of the Week: The Catholic Bishops of Massachusetts

N. Ireland Catholic bishops agree to undergo child-protection ...

Film spoof of 'Da Vinci Code'

Dan Brown acknowledges 'reworking' passages for 'The Da Vinci Code ...

'Da Vinci Code' spurs corporate scavenger hunts

South Park Star Leaves After Scientology Episode

Tom And Katie Marry

All that glitters is not good policy

Is there a conspiracy?

Aryan Brotherhood prison gang trial begins

Gotti sought help from Aryan Brotherhood: prosecutor

Aryan Brotherhood members to testify Wednesday for prosecution

Ex-Aryan Brotherhood leader says members must kill

Aryan Brotherhood Members to Testify

Prosecutors try to secure death penalties for Aryan Brotherhood

Pedophile on fraud charges

News Conference on Local Nazi Rally

The Faith of an Atheist

Hugo Chavez' Alleged Anti-Semitism

Anti-Cancer Compound in Green Tea Identified

Rooibos, Just the Facts

Epax lowers dioxin, dioxin-like limits in omega-3

DNA-shaped nebula spotted in space

(posted 10:00 AM ET)

Satanic images and Swastikas Painted On Homes, Town Structures

Doherty hit by Satanic vandals

Second Forensic Report Founds Nun Died Because Of Exorcism

More time for Satanist Hamlin to fight sentence

Readers exorcise satanic BMW

Image Spooks Mobile Phone Owner

Stargazing Google heads for Mars

Nanotech helps blind hamsters see

School's WWII bomb polished off

Burned Man Would Have Been Better Off Naked

Whale Who Was Dead Chief, Dies

Star particles made of fire and ice

The Unusual Suspects

Blondie, Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Miles Davis and Sex ...

What the Russian papers say

On first day, Ryan jurors talk for over 6 hours

Anti-Semitism, Scott Baio Worship, On the Rise in France

A clash of civilisations or an _expression of hatred?

Religion Today Summaries - March 14, 2006

Hell's Angels rumble with Disney

How do animals migrate without getting lost?

New omega-3 rich superfood discovery (preview)

YourHealth® Co-Brands With MEG-3®

Oily fish helps cut inflammation


Tuesday March 14, 2006

(posted 5:25 PM ET)

Psychic's Journey In Search For Martin

\SCI FI Channel Now Casting For THE GIFT - New Psychic Reality Show

Book Review: A Witch's Notebook by Silver Ravenwolf

To Sleep, Perchance to . . . Walk

Greenhouse Theory Smashed by Biggest Stone

Intact Monk’s Corpse Seen as ‘Sign of God’

Prison Service Slammed Over 'Vampire's' Suicide

March Poll - Greatest Ufologist Ever

Issue 4

How Many Pterodactyls Did You Kill In the War, Daddy?

Journey to Mars

Overlooked Photo Reveals Swiss UFO-Contact Case Genuine
Evidence Mounts on Climate Change

Elephant theory restarts Nessie debate

Trials begin for white supremacist prison gang members

Jury continues deliberations in Catholic brother abuse case

re abuse suits filed over operation of Catholic home

Gay Adoption Causes Latest Rift in Catholic Church

On Pace: Don't fight aging — adapt lifestyle to it, Weil says

(posted 9:30 AM ET)

Another 'god' found, 'Buddha Boy' untraced

New Bigfoot Books

A Stakeout for Civil War Spirits

Visions of the dying

Conspiracy theories often offer people way to cope


Gorbachev's Gaia Graphics

Milosevic's Son Says Father Was 'Killed' (AP)

New satellite photos of 'Noah's Ark'

Creamy Pink Snow Covers Russian Region

'Creative plumbing' delivers beer

Hawaii Mystery Wind

Prisoners Killed for Organ Harvesting

The 'butter-side-down' school of science

British Rail flying saucer plan (now with pics)

5000 year old recording discovered... maybe

Man survives death-ride

U.S. faces test in Aryan prison gang trial

Europe shrinks from health-religion research

Influencing Inflammation?

Ghostly coral bleachings haunt world's reefs


Monday March 13, 2006

(posted 8:00 PM ET)

Seriously. This place is haunted. Seriously.

Spooky encounters!

Exploits of a Den of Psychic Spies Make for Gripping Tale in World ...

Psychic joins missing man search

A Seance to Contact John Lennon

Hayes quits South Park for Scientology

The important, the ironic and, sometimes, the idiotic from around ...

'Da Vinci Code' author offers peek inside

Verbal fireworks as Da Vinci Code case nears end

Bishops post Web site disputing "Da Vinci Code"

Rosemary Kooiman, 77; Performed Pagan Wedding Ceremonies

Widow sues priest, Catholic Church after husband commits suicide

Satyricon Sign North American Deal with Century Media

Witchcraft Case Resumes

A Stakeout for Civil War Spirits

Creamy Pink Snow Covers Russian Region

The Next Saucer to Shoeburyness Leaves from Platform 5 ...

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

Gospel of Judas has Church worried

Carving of 'northern god' found

British Rail's Atomic Flying Saucer

Teenage 'Buddha' Missing

Scottish wallabies caught on camera

Pakistan nabs 1,000 for kite flying

South Korea gets rare yellow snowfall

Internet blows CIA agents' cover

Scientists discover swimming ants

Compassion for priapic burglar

CIA bought 'Animal Farm' movie rights

Cat comforts grieving orangutan at zoo

The sun is going away, but don't panic...

Mastering Portion Control?

(posted 7:00 AM ET)

Villagers beat up woman for practising ‘witchcraft’

Fantastic tale weaves together Newton, witchcraft

Nessie theory making splash

A pet psychic comes to our area to reveal your pets feelings

Evidence said lacking in psychic case


Unbelief and Bad Belief

UFO May Have Been a Meteor

Scientists & the UFO Phenomenon

The graveyard shift

Spirit of Lord Clive on the prowl

Investigators Keen to Present Bigfoot's Footprint Cast

Bigfoot Rendezvous

The Scotsman: Intelligent Design Evidence-Based

Authors enjoying 'enormous' sales boost from Da Vinci Code case

Lawyer says unfair to suggest 'Da Vinci Code' copied from earlier ...

Author who says `Da Vinci Code' is copied to be questioned

As 'Da Vinci Code' film looms, Opus Dei tries to explain itself

Catholics launch pre-emptive strike on 'Da Vinci Code'

St. Patrick: The man vs. the myth

Ghost Story

Docking with the evil

Gay Issue Spurs Catholic Group to End Adoptions

Breakaway church gains local Catholic adherents

Lay people shift foundation of Catholic Church

Catholic leaders increasingly take immigrants' side

Online Casino Golden Palace Buys Virgin Mary Sheet Metal

Mystery Dust Blamed For Power Outage

Our Lady of Good Counsel, Genazzano

Serpents Reveal Links Between Myths in Australia, China

Hell's Angels sue Disney over 'Wild Hogs'

Police union gets behind gangs bylaw

More ancient goddess statues found in Egypt

Vitamin Primer: Zinc

Spontaneous Remissions Do Occur

The Role of Rolfin


Sunday March 12, 2006

(Religion & Culture Sunday)

Church Arsonists tied to Satanism

Three Arrested in Alabama Church Fires

Martensville Satanism saga ends

Satanic Symbols Scrawled On Budding Church

Secular View of Exoricism

Medjugorje, Fatima 'secrets' figure in local author's novel

Catholic Bishop Accused of Sexual Abuse

Nepal's 'Buddha Boy' vanishes

A False Messiah in Miami

Skull and Bones Designed US Supreme Court House Worships Death

Is God real?

Psychic fails to convince skeptic despite several uncanny ...

Writer insists in British court that 'Da Vinci Code' borrowed from ...

'Da Vinci Code' trial winds down

What do you say to a Da Vinci Code Believer?

'Da Vinci Code' puts shadowy Opus Dei in the spotlight

US bishops go online to battle Da Vinci Code

Adam Gorightly on Midnight Bookworm Tonight

Faith-Based Program Grows

Poll: Half of Americans Negative About Islam

Welcome to NZ - beware, you're now in a logic-free zone

Grandma enters plea of not guilty in pedophile slaying

Prosecutors try to secure death penalties for Aryan Brotherhood

Doctor targeted by anti-Semitism flyers

Historian: Anti-Semitism is on the rise among leftist UK academics

Intellectual Thuggery in Anti-Semitism Charges

Speaker warns of 'torrent of anti-Semitism'

Health Tip: The Power of Green Tea


Saturday March 11, 2006

(Alternative Science Saturday)

New Theory On Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness monster nothing but a pachyderm?

Loch Ness monster actually circus elephant

Cult Expert Rick Ross Responds: Scientology & The Gay Community

An Australian behind Scientology?

FIRST-PERSON: Cities shun Scientology church rights

Scientology & ADHD

Scientology group finds support in Legislature

Law would stop Scientologists from buying SF building

John Travolta In Drag Has Gotten Scientology Watchers Attention

The art of Scientology

As school prepares to expand, 'intelligent design' on table

Clergy Here Confront Intelligent Design

Plantinga on Dover and Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design is a Concession of the Inferiority of Faith

Majority favor intelligent design

Calcium may cuts pregnancy complications

All tsunami signs point to Hawai'i

Two die as storms slam South

Down Syndrome and the Pressure to Abort

Brave New Skies:

Solar eclipse no cause for rioting, Nigerians told

'Dead Sea scrolls' may be missing link in Buddhism

Turning Darwinian Evolution Upside Down

Brain swapping comes of age

Archaeological digs at centre of village fest

Loch Lomond wallabies caught on camera

Don't ruin our Roman heritage

Author insists 'Da Vinci Code' was copied from his work

Mass extinctions

An Ancient Cultural Claim

William Shatner explores world of 'Trek' tech

Vandals desecrate ancient Indigenous sites

Rodent Discovered in Laos Represents 'Lazarus Effect'

Archaelogists take up research on Essaouira Island

'Mental typewriter' controlled by thought alone

Historical lecture features Civil War lore

Easter Island Settled Later,

View of Easter Island Disaster All Wrong, Researchers Say

Missoula man makes living sleuthing plundered, looted archaeological digs

Artifacts reveal distant past

Petrie's Egypt

Inca row reaches the White House

Archaeologist cool on Mahogany Ship claim

Belizean archaeologist publishes guidebook to local sites

Balancing development, history

What's inside Tonga's ancient tombsgrave

Two-headed snake gets no bite, will stay here

Satellite Sleuth Closes in on Noah's Ark Mystery

Record Set

Stone Eggs Born Every 30 Years on Guizhou Mountain Cliff

Brain Blindness


Friday March 10, 2006

(posted 5:30 PM ET)

Top U.S. Bishop Accused of Sex Abuse

Dublin priests accused of abuse since 1940

More Abuse Allegations Against Catholic Priests

88 plaintiffs in Catholic clergy lawsuits settle

Deadline for Catholic abuse claims Friday

Arbitrator to Decide Awards in Boston Church Abuse Cases

Connecticut Official Asked to Resign Over Catholic-Morning After ...


French Catholic bishop urges eating chicken during Lent as ‘ ...

Rosemary Kooiman; Championed Witches' Rights

Social worker is a witch

From Baptist to Wiccan

Evil Aliens

Farewell to Flying Saucers

Vance Orchard (1917-2006): In His Own Words

Saloon to Host Bigfoot Hunt

Christopher Columbus mystery nearly solved

Drinking may have fueled Alabama church fires

Ghost Hunters Go on the Prowl

Brain Swapping Comes of Age

Satellite Sleuth Closes in on Noah’s Ark Mystery

Strange Beast Seems to Have Relatives

Gizmodo Ink

Researcher investigates the deaths of Canada’s ghost towns


Professor challenges JFK conspiracy theories

Godless Church

Calls for protection from UK anti-Semitism

UK cited for 'obsessive' anti-Semitism

How the Green Party Slays Their Own

Scientology & The Gay Community

John Travolta In Drag Has Gotten Scientology Watchers Attention

Law would stop Scientologists from buying SF building



Drawing from Scientology, Corea's music an 'Adventure'

Neo-Nazi Signs Upsetting Local Residents

Should we have argued with Irving rather than jail him?

German Music Concert Cancelled Under Pressure from Right

Priests plan jumble sales to help save Nazi church for posterity

In Rusty’s Corner; Random Thoughts

Neo-Nazi Signs Upsetting Local Residents

New study boosts the slimming benefits of weight training

Cod liver oil

Skittish about Saunas?

Nutrition and Lifestyle News: Acupuncture for Migraine Prevention

(posted 8:00 AM ET)

Psychic Healer, Author Gordon Banta to Appear at The Doggie Door

Exploits of a Den of Psychic Spies Make for Gripping Tale in World

Psychic sees bright future for region HOBART, PORTAGE ...

Panel Submits Final Report Indicting Hindu Fascists for the ...

Deal in Martensville Satanism case

CHINA: Despite new Regulations, religious policy still under ...

Team to do DNA test on Bigfoot’s footprint

Egypt police change tactics in Brotherhood crackdown

Revealed: the real reasons Crash won best picture at the Oscars

Is John Travolta right for a role made famous by openly gay actors ...


Trying to take the Catholic pizza magnate’s university seriously

Miss. Appeals Court hears appeal in lawsuit against Catholic ...

Rogue doctor’s rampage was not caused by Catholic medical ethics

Catholic taxi drivers warned of death threats

Former Elder HS Principal Defrocked By Catholic Church

Ireland's Catholic archdiocese acknowledges hundreds of sex abuse ...

Atheist teacher wins landmark case over Catholic school

Fr. Richard McBrien and Others Mislead Catholic Public: Allege ...

Catholic priests face child sex claims

Catholic Brother’s Trial Adjourned

CULTURE DIGEST: Catholic Dems issue statement touting faith; poll .

Catholic utopia poor idea

Boys' Prank On MySpace Leads To Pedophile Arrest

Prosecutors Target White Supremacist Gang

Biker Legend Sonny Barger Brings His Own Beer Brand to Arizona

Arrest on eve of council summit on gang violence

France Feels the Fallout From Grisly Murder

The Factory of Light, LLC Launches Innovative Website to Help ...

Getting the smarts about fats

Healthy Aging Tip: Mid-Life Transition

Fish oil aids cancer treatment

Oily Fish Fosters Healthy Blood Fat


Thursday March 9, 2006

(posted 9:30 AM ET)

'Da Vinci Code' trial back on

Sales boom for 'Da Vinci Code' court case authors

Writer insists in British court that Da Vinci Code borrowed from ...

Da Vinci Code plaintiff crucified

'Da Vinci Code' puts shadowy Opus Dei in the spotlight

'Da Vinci Code': Compromising with evil

About UFOs: The aliens among us ...

What we don't know

Islamists Fooling the Establishment

Last bastions of paganism tell all

Goddess Earth and the New Age Church

Signs and Omens

North America's 'Loch Ness Monster' Spotted Again

Sideshow chapter closes

Stirling - Author gets inspiration from psychic

Lourdes Moots "Miracle Lite" for Sudden Healings

102 Irish priests suspected of abuse

Priest Advises a 'Brokeback Lent'

The Daily Dose: Putting religion under the microscope

SCOTLAND'S top dinosaur expert has stunned the science world by ...

Cloth image draws visitors to P.E.I. church

Elephantine Theory Stirs Misty Waters of Loch Ness

Witches return to German forests

Miracle Tree Sold on eBay to Online Casino

No one interested in hunt for Bigfoot in Malaysia's protected forest

Lourdes moots "miracle lite" for sudden healings

Miracles from Mary

Cold feet over hunt for Bigfoot

Weirdness deep in Ohio's roots

Paranormal Happenings During Pregnancy

The Werewolves of Britain

Truth or Myth?

Goddess Earth and the New Age Church

Signs and Omens

Prone to PMS?

Antioxidants for Health


Wednesday March 8, 2006

(8:00 AM ET)

Police suspect teens of satanic crime spree

How the drug war is being lost

On the trail of big cat

Weirdness deep in Ohio's roots

A quiet archbishop shows colorful side

Suspect says he meant to kill

Members challenge Communist Party on religion

Gospel of impotence

WITCHCRAFT Added To Holland's ROADBURN FESTIVAL - Mar. 7, 2006

The Family that walks on hands and feet

Indian school teaches pupils to write with both hands simultaneously in different languages

Unusual Fish Found in Scotland

No Charges Filed Over Mummified Woman

Indian cult kills children for goddess

Nuke Defense: Sticky Foam

California girl's prosthetic leg stolen and returned - again

China's ice swimmers splash their way through winter

Pravda: Behold the Bird Flu Apocalypse

RIP: Ivor Cutler

Sex fiend escapes checks

Police called in to quell gang violence

FBI agent: U.S. knew of al-Qaida in '90s

Isaac Asimov's Super Quiz

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Influence Mood, Impulsivity And Personality ...

Eating fish keeps mind as well as heart, happy and healthy

Omega 3s and Your Mood

In a Bad Mood? Eat Your Fish


Tuesday March 7, 2006

(7:00 PM ET)

Author Suing 'Da Vinci' Publisher Admits Exaggerating Claim

Still Evolving, Human Genes Tell New Story

North America’s 'Loch Ness Monster' Spotted Again

Faithful Flock to See Jesus Image at P.E.I. Church

What Can History Tell Us About Jesus? Essentially Nothing

Genitals ‘Disappearance’ Rocks Patani Community

Scientologist John Travolta to play woman in camp film

Miracle Tree Joins Online Casino's Collection of Divine Items

Party warns Chinese Communists against professing a religion

Religion of Rationality Ordains Ministers for Free

Islamic Conservatives Get Polluted

Got Jesus?

A different kind of witchcraft

Human quadrupeds discovered in Turkey

Plot thickens in Da Vinci Code case

Korean Christians Want 'Da Vinci Code' Movie Pulled

"Did you know that Anti-Semitism is a disease? Yeah, you catch it ...

UN: A front for anti-Semitism

3 Jews Are Attacked in a Paris Suburb

Pictures of American Nazi Party members too much

Saskatchewan government settles final two lawsuits from bogus sex ...

Dual Disc reissue of Morbid Angel's classic 'Altars of Madness' ...

House Democrats issue 'Statement of Catholic Principles'

Connecticut Bill Would Force Catholic Hospitals to Give Morning ...

Priest shortage will shift power to Catholic laity

Mass. Gov. Promises Catholic Church Exemption To Gay Civil Rights .

German police raid 119 suspected neo-Nazi haunts

Sun's next 11-year cycle could be 50 pct stronger

Planets light up our skies

Students create plant that glows when thirsty

Professor gets dirty

Neighbourly trade shaped Pitcairn's past

4,000-year-old shipyard unearthed in Egypt

Psych Drugs Used To Manufacture Insanity

Still Evolving, Human Genes Tell New Story

Mystery Dust Blamed For Power Outage

Mound unearths building dispute

Ancient war goddess statues unearthed in Egypt

What does "healthy aging' mean?

(posted 11:00 AM ET)

Dozens report seeing face of Jesus on cloth in Canadian church

  France Sikhs must remove turban in ID photos

  "Face on Mars" appeared in 1958 comic book

Giant Footprints Found in Bua

Huge impact crater found in Egypt

Vesuvius Could Destroy Naples, History Suggests

Court Orders Fisherman to Apologize to Eagle
Rabies transferred by organ donation

Distillery to Revive 184-Proof Whisky

9/11 Trial

  Court says oral sex law violates rights

  A plant that glows when thirsty

  Hemingway bar to showcase Cuba cigars, rum in Moscow

  Most U.S. high school dropouts regretful - study

  Healthy Goal: Reducing Sugar Intake


Monday March 6, 2006

(posted 7:00 PM ET)

Thompson & Askam-Schwartz Families On Wicca Wife Swap

No freedom of religion for Wiccan soldier

Witchcraft no reason to commit an offence

Here, Witch is Just Another Word for Victim

Tom Cruise wanna call his kid 'Hubbard'!

Ray Wallace Debate - Part IV

Kendall Woman Claims To See Jesus, Mary In Rock

Princess Diana 'died by accident'

Stop Cashing in On Satan

Secrets of the Cosmos

Epicurus in the Enlightenment: Mode d'emploi

New Online Radio Show Explores the Frontiers of Science and the ...

Red rain could be alien microbes

Oddest Book Titles

Couple Cited in Bizarre Fake Penis Case

Jailed killer's magic books ban

Woman Fakes Death to Evade Tickets

Cannibal film banned

Psych Drugs Used To Manufacture Insanity
Golf in Space

Judaism makes demands

Plants eavesdrop as defense mechanism

Accusations of anti-semitic chic are poisonous intellectual ...

Not enough done to combat gangs - Laws

Teen: I helped uncle kill woman

History of the Aryan Brotherhood

Aryan Brotherhood targeted in one of largest capital cases ever

Female pedophile numbers reported

Nutrition Month – Getting Your Folates

Omega 3 fatty acids influence mood, impulsivity and personality ...

Decas fortifies cranberries with omega-3

Omega-3s Inhibit Bone Loss

Do 73% of Americans Die from Just One Actual Disease

(posted 2:30 AM ET)

Indian Cult Kills Children for Goddess

Hooked on Online Psychics

Nessie Has Been Born at Last

"People Who Don't Know They're Dead"

Jerry E. Smith on BoA : Audio

The Manifestation of the Demonic in Massachusetts

Hosanna Secret Satanist Church may reach trial in '06


Red Rain Could Prove That Aliens Have Landed

The Face on Mars

Alien' Eyes Australia

Did 'Da Vinci Code' break British copyright code?

The Antichrist and The Da Vinci Code?

Catholic gay adoption ban hurts donations

Visionary delivers message from Virgin Mary

Catholic leader: Men, rule roost - and your gals

Catholic bishops in US say they will break immigration law


Alarm at spooky car fault

Black leader warns vandals of curse

Indiana Ghost Trackers hold final vigil at Porter County Home

The science behind why we love conspiracy theories

Using Conscious Creation To Improve Your Life

Indian cult kills children for goddess

Are Christians Being Groomed to Accept The Coming Antichrist?

Bigfoot hunt a step in the right direction for us all

Our Lady of Lourdes  Miracles

10 minutes with Vincent Chow: Driven by close encounter with creature

Straight from the the horse's mouth

Was Jesus married?

 Isaac Asimov's Super Quiz

God, this conspiracy is getting bigger

History of the Aryan Brotherhood

Aryan Brotherhood targeted in one of largest capital cases ever

Key defendants in the Aryan Brotherhood case

Jews, neo-Nazis on same page?

Accused Pedophile Hearing Officer In Sex Case

Online pedophile prompts warning



Sunday March 5, 2006

(Religion & Culture Sunday)