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Welcome to my first homepage. I hope you like what you see.

I was born in and currently live in Southwestern Connecticut. I would like to share some of my interests with you.


Community Action

 I currently work for a midsize Community Action Agency. Our primary mission is to help our clients become self-sufficient. I work in the Administration Dept, so I am exposed to all aspects of the services we provide.

I use a non-profit accounting software named Fundware if there are any other users out there please contract me, I would like to talk about Fundware.

I am also involved with a 12 month drug rehab that is run by my employers that treats up to 12 male residents at a time. Please visit

My Community Action links Page



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Family and the Afro-American Community is also very important to me.  I will expand this section soon, but will start out with some links. Please visit.

My African American Page




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