My name is Warren, and I've just started a degree in computer science. As I study hard for my degree, I also need to get various certifications that display my computer knowledge to future employers. The first and foremost of these certifications is CompTIA's "A+ Certification". This certification encompasses all of the basic aspects of computer science, and is the minimal requirement for attaining any sort of job or career in my sought-after field. This test is going to cost me roughly $250 US dollars to take. This price will be charged up front, whether or not I pass the test. It is, of course my full intention to pass the test, and in order to do so, I must purchase a study guide and study hard for 1-2 months. This will probably cost about $30-$40 USD. Obviously, this is going to be an expensive venture! About $300 USD so far, which is quite a chunk of change for me. Currently, my jobs (three of them) just barely pay my bills, and I am struggling to raise the money for the A+ Certification tests.
     Would you please help me out? I would appreciate a donation more than words could possibly describe! If you'd like to help me with this financial roadblock, please feel free to send a small donation to my paypal account. Any amount is welcome, and I will forever be grateful to you! Please simply click the paypal link ("Make a Donation", located above) in order to send funds to me, or else email me:
     Thank you for taking your time to think of me, and thank you VERY much for your donation!
A+ Certification
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CompTIA's Website
Southern Polytechnic State University - My College
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