Complaint on 1993 GMC Sonoma

On January 23, 2006, I drove straight home from work (6 miles). When I arrived home I discovered anti-freeze leaking. I parked my truck in the driveway called AAA and had them tow it to Dick's Complete Auto & Muffler, 6 Columbus Road, Mount Vernon, Ohio on January 24, 2006.

Keith at Dick's Auto told me that the Intake Manifold Gasket was the problem and needed to be replaced. I told them to fix that, the catalytic converter, (which they said was bad), and put new tires one it. I received a call on January 25th, the next day, was told my truck was fixed and ready to be picked up. I picked it up at 3:18 p.m. and drove 5 miles home. The truck was acting really bad and the oil pressure went down to zero. I called them immediately when I got home. They told me to bring it right back in. I did. The conclusion they came to was that the oxygen sensor was bad and needed replaced. They fixed it while I was there. I left at 4:18 p.m., January 25th, thinking all was well. The oil pressure started out at 40 then went down to zero as the truck warmed up. I thought this was odd but assumed this was okay as they said.

A day and a half later I discovered oil all over the floor of my garage. It seemed to be from under the motor itself, as I had the hood up trying to see where it was coming from. I called Dick's Auto again. They told me to bring it right back in and they would take care of it. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to have my daughter drive it in. A couple of miles from the shop, the truck lost all power and quit. She finally got it started and limped in. They checked my truck over and said the mechanic forgot to put the oil cap back on. Okay, fine, I guess it WAS possible that I didn't notice the cap was not there when I had the hood up.

I drove my truck to work the next day and told my boss about all that had gone wrong and that the oil pressure still went to zero. He knew this was odd and drove it about 5 miles. When he got back to work he told me I needed to get it back to the shop "immediately" that it sounded like a rod was knocking. I called Dick's Auto and they said bring it right in, they would take care of it. I got off work early and drove it there, one foot on the gas, the other to brake with, because it would quit when I slowed down.

Reminder: All this happened in one weeks time.

Dick's Auto had my truck almost a week this time. I got a call saying that it sounds like the main bearing was spun (still don't understand what that actually means except that the motor is screwed),that it was NOT their fault and they would fix it for a price. I said I can not afford it. A couple days later, February 8th I had it towed to Mike's Automotive in Utica, Ohio. Mike's looked it over and found anti-freeze in the oil.
This Website is intended to inform others of what happened to me and to encourage people to take a stand when it comes to some car mechanics.  I DO know how to check all the fluids, change a tire and use jumper cables, but like most women and some men, when it comes to fixing vehicles, that is completely out of my element.
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                                                 Complaint on my 1993 Cadillac DeVille

I knew I needed a new water pump for my car. I took it into Dick's Auto. Keith told me I needed a new water pump and radiator. I had them do the work. When I went to pick my car up, I was told that since the a/c compressor lines were not attached to begin with, they did not attach them. I did think this was strange, because I had air conditioning last summer and had it converted to the new hookups or whatever it is called a couple years ago, so I assumed it was something that really did not matter. I said nothing about it, paid $741.65 and went home. What I did NOT know was that I wouldn't have any heat either. I know for a fact that my heater was working very well! I discovered if I turned my defroster on, I would get heat. If I turned the heater on the "check air conditioner" light came on and it would switch to "economy".

The next morning, after picking the car up, I discovered a leak under my car that was not there before. I thought it was oil, I called Dick's and Keith told me to bring it right back in, they would take care of it. I did. I was informed that it was a transmission line leaking that had not been tightened. Fine they tightened it and took care of it.

I had noticed a noise coming from the left front tire area, so I asked them to check the CV joints while they had the car. This time my outer tie rods were bad. I said go ahead and fix them too, thinking the car was in good shape otherwise.

Thinking the car was fixed, it was then that I took the truck to them.

After I had the truck towed February 8th to Mike's Automotive in Utica, Ohio, I took my car in for them to check too.

Their diagnosis was that I, also, need inner tie rods, wheel bearing & hub on the left front, the dryer to the air conditioner is bad now, and the air compressor may need to be replaced too, not to mention hooking it all up. Oh yeah, it is leaking anti-freeze AND transmission fluid from the line going into the radiator. I check the transmission fluid everyday after I get to work while the car is running.

The mechanic at Dick's did give me two quarts of transmission fluid for my car the last time I was there, the wrong kind. I had put almost a quart of it in when I discovered it.

I still drive my car the 6 miles to work everyday, praying it will hold out.  If I need to go farther, I borrow a car.
FROM : DICKS BRAKE MUFFLER SHOP FAX NO. : 740-393-0228 Mar. 09 2006 09:28AM P3

Dick's Complete Auto &. Muffler Shop

Full Service Auto Repair
6 Columbus Road
Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050

To: Better Business Bureau of Ohio

RE: Complaint # 70012652

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in response to a customer complaint filed in your office by xxxxxxxxx. Ms. xxxxxx has had work completed on both of her vehicles during a time period of 12/12/05 through 01/27/06. During this period she has approved all work. Please read on to review all jobs completed by vehicle, date and type of work done.

In regards to her T-10 pickup she approved exhaust work to be completed on 12/12/05. For the same vehicle above, she approved a catalytic converter replacement, turn signal wiring repair, 4 new tires, an intake manifold gasket replacement, upper and lower radiator hose replacement, oil change, and an oxygen sensor replace on 01/25/06. Furthermore, on 12/27/06 she approved replacement of 4 shocks, front brake pads, front brake hardware, and 2 rotors.

Likewise, in regards to her 1993 Cadillac DeVille, she approved the following work on 12126/05: a water pump replacement, radiator replacement, cooling system flush, thermostat, and upper and lower radiator hose replacements as well. On 1/27/06 she approved a replacement of outer tie rods for both sides of the front end and an alignment.

As stated above, Ms. xxxxxxx has approved all work ahead of time. Also, as described above, both vehicles were not in very good working order when they arrived at my facility. This is proven by the fact that she had to tow her truck in to my facility which is indicative of the neglect of normal maintenance on these vehicles.

Notably, Ms. xxxxx had no complaint on our repair work until the engine rod began to make noise.  Ms. xxxxx blames us for this however, after she took the vehicle to Mike's Automotive, Mike called us to inquire about the work we had done. After conversing with Mike, it was determined that his technician found coolant in the oil. We found this to be strange as it was also determined, through careful inspection, that there was no leakage from the intake manifold gasket. During our conversation, Mike also disclosed that after looking at the issue, not only did he notice the coolant in the engine but that he didn't know where it could be coming from. Mike also proceeded to inform me that Ms. Lambert believed that this problem (the coolant in the oil) was my facility’s fault. He also informed me that after his review of the situation, he was certain1y able to conclude that this problem was not caused by any disservice of my facility and/or by my technician. he was certainly able to conclude that this problem was not caused by any disservice of my facility and/or by my technician.” This may be good explanation as to why Ms. Lambert decided to take the vehicle to another repair facility instead of allowing us to look at it again. <

Furthermore, the alleged engine that she had installed 5 years ago, that she put 75,000 miles on, has junkyard markings which means that it was a used engine when she purchased it. If antifreeze is in the oil it does not take long for it to damage a bearing. If one repairs a leak there is the possibility there may be a second or third leak. Simply because it does not show up at the completion of one repair does not indicate that the technician neglected to fully repair the problem. It is very possible that the second leak may not appear until well after the initial repairs done. So as such, to blame the technician for a second leak is like blaming a plumber who repairs your kitchen faucet for a new leak in the bathtub faucet that starts days later. Furthermore, if a system is weak and you repair one part of the system that certainly does not mean that the rest of the system can take the pressure. Additional1y, it is possible that a cracked block, a cracked head or another gasket may be at fault which cou1d only be determined by a complete teardown of the engine. This is a costly procedure and potentially ends in the conclusion that the repair could cost more than that engine may be worth.

As to the 1993 Cadillac Deville, Ms. xxxxxx was informed that the A/C compressor was not connected when we started work on it, which is on the invoice she received. Her statements regarding the that the compressor was in fine working order upon submission to my facility can be proven false by the documentation on her invoice. We determined that it was not in fine working order by noticing that the back line of the compressor was not connected and without that, there is no possible way this system could have functioned "just fine” with a disconnected back line.
Similarly, due to the fact that my facility does not have an alignment rack, we needed to outsource this portion of service upon completion of the installation of the outer tie rod ends. As such, the vehicle was taken for the alignment. If the inner tie rods and wheel bearings were bad then that would have shown up on the a1ignment rack which was not executed at my facility. To reiterate, since we did not work around the A/C dryer, how could this system have worked recently(which is what she claims in her complaint)?

Please feel free to contact me for further investigation of this complaint. I think that through this rebuttal there is significant evidence that my facility professionally handled Ms. xxxxx's repairs (which was also substantiated by another repair facility that stood to gain no benefit of approving our work). Please understand that I willingly participated in the investigation of this issue with a third party in which I was found to be absolved of fault. I did so in an attempt to provide the utmost in customer service which is what we strive for on a day to day basis at. Dick's Complete Auto & Muffler Shop.


Keith W. Jones
Dick's Complete Auto & Muffler Shop
                                               My Reply To The Better Business Bureau
                                                            Below Are More Pictures

To:  The Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio

RE:  Complaint #70012652

To Whom It May Concern:

Enclosed is information concerning my complaint against Dick’s Complete Auto & Muffler Shop.

I would like to state that I have never had any problem or complaint with anyone else that has worked on my vehicles. 

Just after Christmas I needed to have a tail pipe secured on my truck.  So, while I was in Mount Vernon I pulled into Dick’s Complete Auto & Muffler Shop.  As I talked to the owner, Keith, the mechanic came out and stated that I needed a catalytic converter also.  At this time I told them I could not afford a new one.  I discovered he had done business with my ex-husband (who had, just 2 weeks before, passed away with cancer).  I got the impression, too, that Keith was a God fearing, spiritual man.  Keith informed me that they did complete auto work.  I knew my car needed a water pump and asked him if they did that kind of work too,  he said they do everything, so I trusted him, as I knew my ex-husband was very up-front, honest and well liked when it came to business.  Dick’s Complete Auto & Muffler was only 5 miles away from where I lived which seemed like an added benefit.

Onto Keith’s rebuttal to my complaint:
Keith stated that my 1993 GMC Sonoma pickup with a W  Vin Code (which on, except for the very first statement for exhaust repair, all his receipts states that it is a “1993 Chevy Truck S10/T10 P/U 4WD V6-262 4.3L Vin Z”) and my 1993 Cadillac DeVille (pictures enclosed) were “neglect of normal maintenance”.  I have enclosed a print out from Valvoline, 1041 North 21st Street, Newark, Ohio, 43055 dating back until 2002, for timely oil changes, using the better Max Life oil, fuel injector cleaner, air filters, a general serpentine belt, transfer case fluid changes, and a complete fuel treatment.  As recent as last September 2005, I had wiper blades changed, oil change with Max Life oil, front and rear differential fluids changed, fuel filter, radiator system flush, transfer case fluid changed and fuel injector cleaner.   At Valvoline they suggest certain things be done every so many miles as preventive maintenance.  On December 6th, 2005, I had a complete tune-up done and starter assembly replaced at A-1 Performance Auto Service L.L.C., 42 Price Road, Newark, Ohio 43055.  If you notice on the receipt from there, the statement quotes my concern, “Engine is hard to start at times, the starter just makes a sound like the starter driver is going out,”  It doesn’t say that I waited until the truck wouldn’t start, I was concerned because there was a strange noise coming from my truck.  The truck is my pride & joy, just like a child.  Whenever I heard an odd noise that didn’t sound right, I always had it checked out and fixed if need be.

Keith, also, made the comment that “both vehicles were not in very good working order when they arrived at my facility.  This is proven by the fact that she had to tow her truck in to my facility”.  Since when, if a vehicle breaks down and you have it towed is that neglect?  If this is so, there are many, many people that “neglect” their vehicles.  I had it towed, not because it would not run, but because I realized something was wrong and I believe it is better to be safe than sorry.

Keith states that I had 4 new tires put on my truck.  Yes, I asked him to put new tires on it, but he failed to mention to you that I did have matching tires on it to begin with but his professional technician accidentally dropped some hot metal or something on the left rear tire and blew it out.  Keith did replace the blown out tire with another used unmatching one and told me that if I decided to get new tires he would give me a discount.  So, I requested the new tires so I would have a matching set again. 

I requested the brakes because Keith informed me that there was about 1/3 of the pads left.  Not knowing anything about brakes, it worried me, so I did ask him to put new brakes on.  Meanwhile, while looking through my receipts for the last few years of all the work done on my vehicles, I came across a receipt for new brakes put on my truck just 19 months ago that I had totally forgotten about. 
As far as the car goes, yes, I needed a new water pump.  I was surprised I needed a radiator too but if it needed it, do it, as the rest of the car was, I thought, in good shape.  Little did I know that his professional technician was going to cut the hoses in half instead of unhooking the fittings from the old radiator and put spacers in with clamps for the new radiator (picture enclosed).  One of these clamps is where my car was leaking transmission fluid.  As to my anti-freeze leak, the overflow hose was not connected to the reservoir, the tube was pinched off which built up pressure in the radiator.  I am still trying to figure out how my air conditioner got disconnected, I do not have an explanation for that.  I do have 2 statements for $292.82 and $69.83 (enclosed) for Johnstown BP Service Center, 265bbWest Coshocton Street, Johnstown, Ohio for repair and charging the air conditioner (I took the car there because that is where people I bought the car from had all their repair work done) and a statement from my mother saying that it was working last summer.   

Keith stated that “if the inner tie rods and wheel bearings were bad then that would have shown up on the alignment rack which was not executed at my facility.”  Is he then disputing Mike’s Automotive, of which I have 3 statements from, and an estimate of total repair enclosed?  Is he then “passing the buck” to another place of business that does his alignments?   Keith made the statement that he only used Firestone, 855 Coshocton Road, Mount Vernon, Ohio  43050.  I went to Firestone, they stated they did do alignments for Dick’s Complete Auto & Muffler. They, then, looked in their records for any alignment done on a 1993 Cadillac DeVille from Dick’s Complete Auto and Muffler Shop and did not find one. They even looked under my name, just in case Keith had given it instead.  Enclosed is a copy of the statement and business card from them to that effect.  Since I was worried about what Mike’s Automotive said, I took the car into Firestone to see what they thought.  Needless to say, the inner tie rods were very bad and so was the left front wheel bearing.  I had them fix it (Firestone Statement enclosed dated 3/20/2006).  Aside from that fact, anyone who would have driven my car (for instance, to the alignment shop) would have definitely heard the noise and felt the vibration from the tire.  I believe I was charged for an alignment that was not done and if Keith claims to have, by chance, taken it to another alignment shop, I suggest you find out the name of the shop, because there is some type of fraud going on here. I would definitely like proof of where it was taken. 

Keith also states in his rebuttal, referring to Mike’s Automotive that “he was certainly able to conclude that this problem was not caused by any disservice of my facility and/or by my technician.”  I called Mike’s Automotive and asked about this.  Mike stated that he did not say that and that he could not prove either way.  Also, if you look on the enclosed statement from Mike’s Automotive, you will see, in writing, “could not find cause of contamination at this time”.  Continuing, Keith states in his rebuttal, “This may be good explanation as to why Ms. Lambert decided to take the vehicle to another repair facility instead of allowing us to look at it again.”  In all honesty, I did take it back to Keith, over and over, 3 times within a week and the last time he kept it for a week before he called me saying the main bearing was bad and they could fix it for a price.  He gave me his final answer as to what could be done. Why should I have taken it back again? 

Keith states also, “Notably, Ms. Lambert had no complaint on our repair work until the engine rod began to make a noise.”  This is not true, as I had to, repeatedly, return to them for something they forgot to do or missed on both vehicles, as you can read in my complaints on the truck and car.

Keith states, “if a system is weak and you repair one part of the system that certainly does not mean that the rest of the system can take the pressure.”  I would like to know what part of the system was weak, aside from their repairs, as I have proven that I did take care of my vehicles, most especially my truck.  Enclosed are pictures of my garage floor, of which may I add, did not have any oil, transmission fluid or anti-freeze on it until Dick’s Complete Auto and Muffler worked on my vehicles.

In closing I may not be able to prove Dick’s Complete Auto & Muffler was to blame for the rod knocking in my truck without spending a lot of money to tear the motor down and I believe Keith knows this with a smirk.  I know too, the last time he had my truck for a week without contacting me, I assumed he was fixing it, since on all the other repairs he only had my vehicles a day and a half total.  A lot of cover up can happen in a week.  One thing is definite, I sure can prove something shady is going on at the facility and possibly fraud, I just happen to be the one that had enough guts to speak up. 

I have learned a lot about vehicles the past couple of months and am sure if I had more time, money and resources (auto parts stores and junk yard invoices of what Dick’s Complete Auto & Muffler has bought) I could prove more is going on there than with just my vehicles.  I ask you to consider the information I have provided and use your conscience to make a decision.  Enclosed is a total, which is now different than the original and I think is more than fair considering the circumstances, of what I should receive.


Needless to say, the BBB didn't do anything.  I sent all receipts, statements and pictures in a nice clear folder.
Continue on to Keith's Second Rebuttal and my Second Reply!
I put cat litter down to try & help but the car was leaking too badly.
Just one of the hoses that was cut.
My mother's letter about the car air-conditioning.
DICKS BRAKE MUFFLER SHOP            FAX NO.  :                                                                 Apr.10, 1006 03:05 PM  P2

                                                                 Dick's Complete Auto & Muffler Shop
                                                                       Full Service Auto Repair
                                                                             6 Columbus Road
                                                                        Mount Vernon, Ohio  43050

To:  Better Business Bureau

Re:  Complaint #  70012652

To Whom It May Concern:

      This letter is the second response to a customer complaint filed in your office by xxxxxx xxx.  I find nothing new in the second response that was not filed in the original complaint.  However I will respond again to complaints as listed.

      Complaint for the 1993 Cadillac Deville.  Ms. xxxx stated she knew that the car needed a water pump.  She did tell me this along with the statement that another garage had checked it out but she did not want them to do any more work for her.  In her statement she has never had any problems with another shop she was not telling the truth to us or to the Better Business Bureau.  We received the car with the air conditioner only having one bolt holding it on and with the air conditioner line not attached to the compressor if she didn't understand she should have ask me to explain it more however, I don't know how I could have made it any clearer.  Ms. xxx said her heater only works on defrost I don't not know anything about this as this is the first time this has been brought to our attention.  The water pump is in the engine compartment and has nothing to do with the heater controls, which are inside the car, of which, we did no repairs.  Ms. xxxx states that she had the air conditioner changed over a couple of years ago.  However on the work order she supplied the repair was done in 2001 this is 2006.  I cannot tellif she had a working system last summer I would guess this could be true I can only say that it could not have worked when it arrived at our shop.  The line was not connected.  As for the good picture of the repaired hose I see not oil dripping from the line or any oil on the ground below.  If the hose has a leak and you do not want to spend the money to replace the line you repair it.  This was the leak she returned the car to us for.  We repaired this at no charge for her.  As for the car being well maintained, $741.65 is not something someone commonly would have to spend for a well-maintained car.  Ms. xxxx now states that if she had it to do over she would not spend that much on this car.  She was given an estimate and approved the work before hand.  As for the outer tie rods they were about to drop out of their sockets, we notified her and again she gave her approval for the repair.  As to Ms. xxxx comments in regards to asking us to check out the front end, wither the technician not I recall such a conversation.  This too is a surprise to us.  Is it normal after all of this and no heat in her car in the cold months of winter if she was so upset with us would she have had her truck towed to us, for us to repair it?

     Complaint for the 1993 GMC Sonoma.  Ms.xxxx did return her truck saying that it was not running right and a check engine light was on.  We told her to return as soon as she could and we would fit her in.  When she came we ran a diagnostic check, which her computer told us that, the oxygen sensor was not responding.  We did the repair with her approval.  We did not charge for the diagnostic service, which is not common in the automotive industry.  There was no complaint of oil pressure problems at this time.  We would have addressed it at this time if there were a problem.  Ms. xxx did call about an oil leak; again we said we would work her in as soon as she could get in.  The problem was the PCV valve grommet had failed and allowed the PCV valve to pop out.  The grommet holds the valve in place.  We replaced it at no charge.  I don't know anything about a cap left off.  The next call from Ms.  xxx was after her boss had driven her truck and she informed me that he thought we had left a tool or something inside the engine.  We said we would check this out and told her that it was unlikely we had left anything inside the engine.  After checking the truck out I called Ms.  xxx and told her that that there was a rod knocking not a main bearing spun.  As said in the last reply there was anti freeze in her oil from a second leak.  None of the other three shops she has taken this truck to has found the intake gasket leaking.

     In conclusion Ms. xxx has a print out of oil changes not invoices, she shows a starter replacement with a tune up and a reason for repair is hard start.  This is consistent with a tune up that has gone well  beyond regular maintained tune intervals and put a strain on the starter requiring it to run longer than it should to start the truck.  Also would explain the catalytic converter failure.  A catalytic converter should out last the truck there is no moving parts to go bad only a chemical bet meant to convert spent fumes into gases that are less harmfull to the environment.  What causes a catalytic converter to burn up is when raw fuel is allowed to enter it for an extended time.  this causes it to melt and fail to do its job.  this can cause the vehicle to loose power and stall.  Damage can be done to the oxygen sensor, as it is its job to send a signal to the main computer for the fuel management system.  The invoice for brakes dated 2004 is a attempt to show repairs were done I guess, however this shows that the brakes were pad slapped as not attention was given to the rotors or brake hardware this is not in any brake manual for a proper brake job.  It would leave uneven rotors and reduce stopping distance, cause high pad temperatures.  As for the pictures of oil leaks on Ms. xxx garage floor there is old and new spots in this picture which very well could have been from an engine which has failed. we do not know if it had leaks before repair or from which vehicle it is actually from.  With all of the pictures and statements there are no invoices for the (new to Ms. xxx)engine of 5 years and 75,000 miles ago.  Does this engine have 175,000 miles or somehwere in between.  there is no one who has said the manifold gaskets are leaking and have caused the main problem.  There was anti freeze in the trucks oil when it arrived for the repair at our shop.  A small amount of anti freeze can and will wipe out engine bearings.  We flushed the engine with new oil and replaced the oil filter to test for bearing noise before we reccommended the repair of the intake gasket.  There was no noise at that time.  I do not know how long this truck was driven with the gasket leaking or how hot the engine gor before it arrived at my shop.  I do know that most customers who have trucks that run a little hot would let them cool down and then drive them to the shop.  Only customers who trucks have run very hot have them towed in.  No customers want to hear his or her engine has failed.  If four shops run a pressure test and cannot find the leak it is most likely there is a crack in the cylinder head or head gasket or block that only leaks uner the strain of driving and with the high cylinder pressures of running the engine at highway speeds.  But to  blame the shop for this wear and tear is not right.  I know this is a lot of he said, she said statements but the fact of the matter is that the intake gasket doesn't leak, and we did not have a upset customer until the ugly sound of the rod knocking.  We have done many intake gasket repairs, as this is a common problem with GMC cars and trucks.  We have no other complaint or any other engine failures.  As our business continues to grow we have hundred of satisfied cuatomers for every on customer who has a complaint valid or invalid.  I must say at this time I agree with the Better Business Bureau first findings that we have done nothing wrong in this case.  After spending a lot of time responding to Ms. xxx many times and to the Better Business Bureau twice I consider this book closed.

*  As I re-read the above it makes me furious again.   I have a witness to the fact that he said they      had left the oil cap off.
*  I did not put the motor in, I can provide the name of the person that did before I got the truck. *  I have a tape with Keith actually telling me about the bearings .
*  I have another receipt of a tune-up done within the last 5 years that I have owned the truck.
*  Even I am not so stupid to think that a "tool" could be left in an engine.  Come on now.
*  I never though about it until I re-read his 2nd rebuttal, but he happened to have an oxygen           sensor in a drawer at  the shop that would fit my truck.
*  If the oxygen sensor was so bad, which caused the catalytic converter to go bad, could it have caused everything to mess up in a month and a half from when I got the tune-up?  This I don't know but seems odd to me.
*  The shop fixed one transmission leak.  The other leaks started from where they had cut the hoses and put them back together.
*  I could go on and on but I can say I have learned sooooo much about vehicles in the last couple of months!
*Below is a
partial list of what I would like.  a lot of it will be explained on the "What I have done" page.
     1)  I want Keith to produce a receipt of proof that he had an alignment done on my car.
     2)  I want Keith to produce a receipt of proof that he put a new catalytic converter on my car.
     3)  I want Keith to explain why he told my daughter, in person, and me on the phone that his
          mechanic left the oil cap off, then in his 2nd reply denies saying that.
     4)  I want Keith to explain why his mechanic, not only blew out my left rear tire with the torch,           but melted the wiring with the torch, then when I complained about the electrical problem,            charged me for fixing it, when it wasn't fixed at all.
I want this place of business investigated.  I will not give up.  The more I learn the more determined I get!!
Re:  My Reply to Keith’s Second Rebuttal

So many words have been put into my mouth, which I did not say, by Keith of Dick’s Complete Auto and Muffler Shop, in his rebuttals to the Better Business Bureau.  If you ask, I will continue on with the “he said, she said” thing. 

I would not continue with this complaint if I did not truly believe Dick’s Complete Auto and Muffler was not responsible for the things that happened to my truck and car or would not expect him to pay for it, but I truly believe with all that I am, he is responsible.  The truck was my pride and I took care of it.

His second rebuttal was so ridiculous I am not even going to comment on it unless you prefer.  Do take note that he tried to explain things away but did not even mention the alignment of the car, of which I was charged for, with the inner tie rods bad, and I do not believe the outer tie rods were so bad “they were about to drop out of their sockets”.  This is the first I have heard that one.  As far as the transmission hose leak that they repaired because I didn’t want to put the money into a new hose, why in the world, if I was putting so much money into fixing everything else they said was wrong would I not spend a few more dollars for a new hose?  It was suppose to be, at that time, “my mechanic forgot to tighten the transmission line”.  Enough said, I am getting into the he said thing.   

I never realized that so much was wrong with both vehicles until he began telling me, as I had taken care of them.  But, when you trust a person, you believe them.

I am concerned that this may have gone on with other women too, as one of the times when I walked into his office he was talking to another woman telling her that the only thing he could do to fix her car was “get a used or rebuilt transmission.  My boss,
Steve Watts, owner of Watts Restaurant, Utica, had driven me there and heard this also.

I would like to hear from you, email me.