.We are the Hollow Men.

A little of myself and my life
Name: Meg

Birthdate:9/23/80 (Libra-Virgo balance)

Dwelling for the time-being: Milwaukee

Jobs I've held: Sales clerk at a farmer's market (you really run into interesting people there) and an associate at TJMaxx. I worked as a cashier at Stein Gardens and Gifts (name explains all), where I brought my own personal sunshine to the store. Academic Student Resident for awhile in Chicago at, DePaul University, and then back to Milwaukee, going to Milwaukee School of Engineering and now I'm focusing on my nursing curriculum and slowly letting school kill me. Hehe.

Me, January '02

.Assorted Photos.

.The Bad Touch Photo. - 1983
.My 21st Birthday Picture. - September, '01
.The Bitch Series. - Fall '01
.The DieForm Series. - Summer '01
.Fire Dreads Series. - Feb '01
.Fishnet Recyclery. - March '02
.The Friday Series. - September '01
.Obligatory Goth Picture. - Feb '00
.Meow. - December '01
.New Haircut. - Oct '01
.The Redhead Series. - Jan '02
.Saturday Blah. - Summer '01
.Transition. - Summer '01
.Ubergoth Series. - Oct '01
.Old Webcam Stills.
.Sister Wedding Photo. - August '98
.Wire Hair Prototype. - Summer '01