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***Recipient of the 2006 Alara Rogers ASC Award for Best Author Overall***

***Recipient of the 2004, 2005, and 2006 ASC Award for Best TNG Author***

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Story Collection

  1. Let me introduce you to myselves...
  2. The Story of Whoa Nellie

    Captain's Desire NC-17

    Summary: A mirror version of Captain's Holiday.

  3. Oh, Risa! PG
  4. Parting is such sweet symphony. The unseen parting scenes of Picard and Vash's first interlude on Risa in Captain's Holiday as told by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

  5. While Waiting NC 17
  6. During the episode Qpid, ever wonder what happened after Vash was taken to spend the night in the dungeon with Picard?

  7. Double Entendre Universe
    Double Entendre NC17
  8. As the beginning of Whoa Nellie's 'Double Entendre' storyline, this story assumes canon up through "Generations." During the Enterprise E's final fittings, Vash comes onboard as the ship's Chief Archaeologist. The evil Alternate Picard from the mirror universe appears to steal the new ship's schematics when he spots Vash and decides to take her with him. Can Picard stop his counterpart, saving his ship and the woman he loves? pairings include: P/Vash, W/T, D/f

  9. Femme Fatale NC-17
  10. Vash alters the newest Dixon Hill holodeck program giving Picard a birthday surprise he will never forget.

  11. Beauty and the Q PG
  12. Q tries to persuade Vash to leave Picard and travel the universe with him. The entity places Picard and Vash in the "Beauty and the Beast" fairytale. Can Picard convince Vash to stay with him?

  13. Tour de Force NC 17
  14. A group of terrorists have taken the Federation's Archaeology Council hostage. As the ranking Federation representative in the system, Picard must resolve the crisis. The situation is further complicated by the Captain's relationship with one of the hostages.

  15. The Goose and the Gander NC 17
  16. With a little more than a month left until Picard and Vash's wedding day, Riker and LaForge plan a bachelor party for their captain. Not to be outdone, Beverly and Deanna throw Vash a bachelorette party the following week

  17. Here There Be Q-nicorns NC 17
  18. On the eve of Picard and Vash's first anniversary, Q shows up to bestow a gift. He changes Vash into a virgin and throws the couple into a medieval adventure complete with knights, castles, and dragons.

  19. Nocturnal Transmissions NC 17

    Winner of 'The Sacred Chalice of Riix IDIC Award' Summer 2004 presented for the best work concerning an alternate universe of reality. The evil Alternate Picard from the mirror universe returns for Vash. Can Picard stop his counterpart and save the love of his life?

  20. In the Line of Duty **A 2000 A.S.C Award Winner** NC 17

    With the Federation-Klingon treaty up for renegotiation, the Enterprise is assigned to escort the Federation's diplomatic envoy to Qo'nos. The Klingon High Council is divided between pro-Federation and pro-Romulan factions. The Romulans have decided to openly pursue a treaty of their own by sending their own ambassador to the Klingon Home World. The Enterprise crew soon discovers the only thing more perilous to the Klingon Empire than a vote for the Romulans maybe a vote for the Federation. pairings include: P/Vash, W/T, R/f

    The Wonders of Nature **A 2000 A.S.C Award Winner** NC 17

    Plot? What plot? Where we're going . . . we don't need plots! This little offering takes place in Whoa Nellie's 1st timeline about a week after "In the Line of Duty." Inspiration for this came from my favorite scene in the movie "Four Seasons" and Lori's TNG fanfic "Maneuvers in the Dark" from her Kerzoinky AU series which showed me it could be done - and done very well - in the fanfic format. pairings include: P/Vash, R/f

    Volte-face NC 17

    The most joyous time in the Picards' lives suddenly takes an unexpected turn.

    Baby Dribbles PG

    A series of 12 drabbles portraying scenes from the most wondrous time in the Picards' lives.

    Parturition PG

    Giving birth is hard to do.

    Babies, Babies Everywhere . . . but Nary a Wife to Lay NC-17

    Summary: One hot mama, one frustrated papa, two babies and a little pussy. Takes place in the Double Entendre timeline after Parturition.

    Reasons of the Heart Universe
    Reasons of the Heart **A 1999 A.S.C Award Winner** NC 17

    As the beginning of Whoa Nellie's 'Reasons of the Heart' storyline, this story assumes canon up through "Insurrection." While investigating a quantum fissure, the Enterprise E (from the canon universe) discovers a breach between their quantum reality and one other reality (the Double Entendre universe created by Whoa Nellie). While the ships work together to close the breach, the canon Picard notices things in his counterpart's life that are missing in his own. After returning to his own universe, the canon Picard decides to pursue his heart's true desire. [Author's note: This story does stand on its own. It is not necessary to have read any of Whoa Nellie's other works. Whoa Nellie was having so much fun that she decided one universe couldn't possibly hold it all. So she needed two. Ain't Sci-Fi grand!]

    Stolen Hearts PG 13

    This is the second story in Whoa Nellie's 'Reasons of the Heart' timeline. The story does stand on it's own. While Archaeology Councilmember Vash is participating in an archaeological dig on Nimbus IV, Romulans invade the site, taking the entire expedition captive and surrounding the planet with three warbirds. The Enterprise is ordered to proceed directly to Nimbus III for negotiations with the Romulans which will be mediated by the Klingons. However, The Enterprise is ordered not to engage the Romulans surrounding Nimbus IV in any fashion. Will Captain Picard be able to find a way to rescue Vash and her colleagues without disobeying orders?

    The Answer NC 17

    Plot? What plot? Where we're going . . . we don't need plots! This little offering is the third story in Whoa Nellie's 'Reasons of the Heart' timeline. This story takes place directly after 'Stolen Hearts.'

    The Answer PG 13

    Authors' note: While writing 'Stolen Hearts' our original concept was to follow up that story with the NC-17 version of 'The Answer.' However, since 'Stolen Hearts' is a PG-13 story and 'The Answer' is a sequel to it, we felt it was only fair post both the original NC-17 version and an edited PG-13 version.

    The Specter of the Enterprise NC 17

    This story takes place in Whoa Nellie's "Reasons of the Heart" timeline sometime after "The Answer." While starring in a shipboard production of Webber's 'Phantom of the Opera,' Vash finds herself ensnared in a real life version of the libretto.

    Brass and Brazen NC 17

    PWP - Plot and plot! What is plot?! This story takes place sometime after "The Answer" in the "Reasons of the Heart" timeline. However, it does stand on it's own.

    Carpe Diem NC 17

    A frazzled fiancee', a frustrated Frenchman -- what happens next is pure fun and folly, but a good time is had by all.

    Midsummer's Q NC 17

    While dropping in on crew of the Enterprise, Q gets a naughty idea for fun from the Bard himself. This little offering takes place after "Carpe Diem" in Whoa Nellie's 'Reasons of the Heart' timeline. The story does stand on it's own. pairings include: m/f, m/f, m/f, m/f, Telling anymore would spoil Q's fun.

    Kiss My Asp NC 17

    The Captain is summoned to service his Queen Bee.

    Perfectly Resistible NC 17

    A recent widow, Kamala of Vault Minor returns to the Enterprise. What happens if a metamorph *bonds* to someone they have no claim on? pairings include: P/Vash, Riker/Troi

    Incendiary NC 17

    The Enterprise is assigned to evaluate the final stage of a planet's application for admission into the Federation. When Chakotay becomes a last-minute addition to the sociology team assisting with the evaluation, Beverly and he enjoy a hot reunion. Meanwhile, is someone trying to sabotage the membership application? pairings include: C/Chakotay, P/Vash, R/T

    Spelunk This NC 17

    Jean-Luc and Vash contend with differing views on how to spend their shoreleave. This story takes place in the "Reasons of the Heart" timeline shortly after "Incendiary."

    Teacher's Pet NC 17

    PWP. Plot and plot, what is plot? Picard engages in some extracurricular activity with his favorite archaeology professor.

    Speaking in Tongues NC 17

    Someone is planning an assassination at the Daystrom Institute's Annual Science Symposium. The question is just who is planning to kill whom. pairings include: P/Vash, C/Chakotay

    Eye of the Beholder NC 17

    The crew of the Enterprise and some of Voyager's former crew join forces to find a missing Seven of Nine. pairings include: P/Vash, C/Chakotay

    Chocolate By Any Other Name R

    Three couples vacation together in a twenty-fourth century look at the eternal battle of the sexes. pairings include: P/Vash, C/Chakotay, R/T

    The Goddess FaQtor **A 2004 A.S.C Award Winner** NC-17

    During her adventures with Q, Vash tried to stay out of trouble. Picard finds out just how unsuccessful she was as well as how little help Q was.

    The Wolf with the Red Roses NC-17

    Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?

    Divergences **A 2004 A.S.C Award Winner** PG-13

    A mishap forces the Picards, Chakotay and Beverly to work with an unusual team of allies--SG1.

    Patterns of Behavior PG-13

    Old habits haunt Picard, Crusher and Chakotay with Vash an innocent victim. (Relationship/character-centered with elements of P/Vash, P/C and Crusher/Chakotay but no actual smut.) Just think of it as a clip show.

    A Brigand's Devoir NC-17

    Vash's past comes back to taunt Picard when a valuable artifact disappears sending them on a search through the shadows of the Federation.

    The Evil Within **A 2005 A.S.C Award Winner** NC-17

    There's an insidious new threat spreading throughout the Federation, but the source is a familiar enemy within the Federation. pairings include: C/Chakotay, P/V, R/T, Janeway/Bateson

    The Adventures of William Riker NC-17

    Out damned plot, out we say! Beverly Crusher Productions presents The Adventures of Don Juan starring William Riker. pairings include: R/T, P/V, C/Chakotay (Just for WillsBabe who asked so sweetly)

    Siren's Ring NC-17

    While excavating ancient ruins, Vash's team finds an alien piece of jewelry. Who could have guessed that one ring would cause so much trouble.

    The Temptation of Jean-Luc Picard NC-17

    Naughty Vash In A Tavern Wanting A Spanking. WARNING for mild, consensual BDSM. After receiving numerous requests for a story where Picard gives Vash a well deserved spanking the NVIATWAS challenge posted to ASC was too tempting of an opportunity to pass up.

    Many a Vash NC-17

    Vash solves an ancient riddle and the answer leads to more than anyone expected.

    Mithras **A 2008 A.S.C Award Winner** NC-17

    Very, very loosely based on some of the concepts in the movie Nemesis. A shake-up in the Romulan Empire threatens the Federation with the crew of the Enterprise as its only defense. Pairings include: P/V, C/Chakotay, R/T

    NEW Propositions NC-17

    After the destruction of the Enterprise E, the Picards must make choices about their future. This story is a follow-up to the Whoa Nellie TNG story Mithras.

    P/V Drabbles
    They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

    They take a licking but don't tick as long as they once did. This story was originally posted to ASC on June 23, 2005

    Silver and Gold

    Vash is treasure hunting. This story was originally posted to ASC on December 19, 2006.

    The Chair

    Vash makes an indelible impression on a certain Starship captain and his chair. This story was originally posted to ASC on May 3, 2007

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