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News Update: HUGE HOLLYWOOD UPDATE! Read below for further details on Hollywoods progress in the XFnW! Tormentor is made WAF Commissioner, and Davie J is taking time out Also the message board has been updated so check it out.
Message Forum!
No longer a message forum but more of a community. The message forum has completely changed. You can still talk the trash brother... if you're a member! CLICK HERE to enter.
Woah Brothers!
Hollywood defeats Nick Rivers on his XFnW PPV debut, totally outclassing the upstart. From there, the federation couldn't contain Hollywood anymore, and a heavyweight title match was set up against reigning champ Joekind. However, in an act of cowardice and fear, Joekind no-showed the match, leading the Prez to book a title match on PPV, November 2 Dismember, this November 21st! However, Hollywood is far from happy, and feels that the XFnW is trying to delay the inevitable. Will Hollywood overcome the jealousy within the XFnW ranks? Check it out here!
Wrestler Profiles:
You may as well call it the Hall of Fame. Their past and their present, find out the wrestling information you need to know about your three favourite heels.
Davie J takes a break
That's right, The Icon has reportedly decided to sit back for a while and sort out a few loose strings before returning. In an interview last week, Davie J had claimed that his love and motivation for the sport wasn't entirely there, and that he's going to be taking as much time off, igoring all the offers he recieves until he's ready to come back. We all wish Davie J the best and hope to see him soon, hopefully in a re-grouping of the Hollywood Icons.
WAF is reopening!
That's right, it has decided to reopen on the count that there aren't any decent efeds around anymore. Deciding to run on a newer system, WAF will once again be open for business. To check out the WAF, the link is at the bottom of the website.
WAF Closes Down:
Find out why it happened and what the WAF Co-owner Alec Fleming had to say and why efedding is dying out.
Tormentor is the new WAF Commissioner!
The WAF will never be the same again, Tormentor has the power to make the matches and make the rules under his belt. With that in mind, he's opponents won't be finding it easy to defeat him. CLICK HERE for more.
The ICON is not pleased!
The ICON Davie J could not hide his anger when he was cheated out of the WAF World Title by part time wrestler Phoenix Red. Despite clearly out shining his opponent Davie J was given the thumbs down by the owners of the WAF. We can only assume that the WAF felt the federation was not ready to have a true superstar as it's world champion yet. However by having a lackluster champion it should hide the cracks that are clearly there.
Got any funny Hollywood Icon pictures?
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