Let's talk about Cooking!
Hi!, I am Don. 

I love cooking.  How would you like to join me and help me make some CUM Pie!

Cooking Instruction: Do you enjoy?:
Gently massage 2 balls and stroke the shaft nice and slow until cum starts to build around the base of balls.

When ready, let cum slowly move up to the shaft to the base of mushroom head.

Let it sit for 2 min and let cum simmer and slowly letting juices to overly toward the peehole at the opening of the head.

Let the cream cool for 10 sec as it thicken.. 

Of course, check to make sure  PIE is done by letting your tougue gently lick the head.  Make sure you have creammy thick consistency.

Yummm.. dig in ladies.

Good food,
walk in the park,
Moon light jogging and
of course fucking fucking fucking:
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