Ever seen a really weird guitar in a shop that you just know no-one's going to buy? (Apart from Prince if he just happens to be passing by) You know the sort, spikey bits where there really shouldn't be spikey bits, handles where you just don't need a handle... Well you needn't feel alone in your bewilderment towards these travesties of guitarmakery.

Welcome to "Who'd Want That?!" - An exciting new site illustrating all the badly designed, weird and wonderful guitars in this world (mainly badly designed though). Admittedly, we've designed some ourselves but sadly, some are real.

WE WANT YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS! If you have any photos or ideas for designs of your own, please email us (See above)! Or if you are one of the few people in this world who WOULD "Want That", then please, please email us with photos of your guitars! Of drawings of your dream guitars. And no contributions from Prince thank you very much! Remember, the more preposterous (and therefore cool), the better!