Who da Perv?

Itís ME!


What to expect from this page and why itís not on my other pages:

I didnít put it on my main homepage because I like to communicate as a perv but I like my family to see the non-perv so I keep a lower profile so that I can speak my mind more freely and I donít have to walk on eggshells (except to appease my Yahoo overlords who eschew profanity and indecency.The profanity and indecency are also available on other domains but letís take one step at a time.


Thank you for your interest in the PERV known as



*      There are some frank discussions about coming outÖ my own coming out stories (since I came out on TWO distinct occasions)

*      And an interesting take on ďSchwinnngĒ (which is the term for what trips your trigger, puts lead in your pencil, floats your boat and generally gives you a spontaneous rise in your levis).

*      And one of my most delightful ďpervĒ suggestions is that tall, phallic buildings are actually beacons which spontaneously attract gay cruising activity.Iíve seen it for myself and if I went to a new city somewhere in the world and saw a building in the shape of an erect male organ, I would certainly be inclined to hang around to see if my theory was valid.So far, it holds up very nicely.See for yourself.


If you would like to write to me, please write to perv (at) hotbears (dot) com

(I typed it this way to make it more difficult for bots, but if youíre a human being who really wants to contact me youíll have to type it manually).