The Misanthropic Ostrich

Whether I am advocating hemp products, the use of hemp as an industrial resource for fuel and fiber, or calling out for marijuana law reform, writing about pet health, planning a rave, or whatever.

My life is not at all monotonous.  I am figuring out my place. I used to know so well, but gone are the days of false security and holding on to out-lived dreams.

It is a crysalis - not a new beginning where we start a fresh, but rather a different vantage point from where we are afforded a better view.

It is time for me to grow. Watch how these sites grow with me.

My Working Portfolio - all links are works in progress ;-)

Dope Sites of Dope Sites at Hemp-Products.Org

Paws'n'Claws Veterinary Hospital

Rhein-Nadel USA

Cosmos LA

I web therefore I am.

For the incredibly nosey with stalker-tendencies


Ana Niemass