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This is the Lee Press On Whole sale distribution website.  If you feel that you have reached this site in error, please check the list of links below that may guide you to what were searching for.  If you have a shit load of fucked up nails then you are at the right place.

Featured Item This Week: The History of Nail Care
The professional history of nail care is a long and colorful history- pun intended! - and you can read all about it in NAIL's History of Nail Care.  Find out more here!
Only $12.00
In Focus this Season:
Smartness, the New Orange

We never tire of faking having fabulous nails but pretending to thumb those acrylic beauties through books or multisyllabic word using magazines can be a real problem, according to jealous ugly people.  But we can fix that.  Learn how to read!  It's kind of cool! 
Only $59.95/minute
This model learned how to count to four!
Get a taste of summer all year long!
It may be fall where you are, but your hands can look stupid no matter what.  Here a nail technician who lives in a Hawaii paradise gives us a glimpse into her world- through her fingers!
view this month's nail art how to

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