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June 5, 2007
Added Boys Like Girls lyrics - "Top Of The World" and "Thunder."

June 3, 2007
Added The Almost album - The rest of "Southern Weather."

June 2, 2007
Added Before Today album - The rest of "A Celebration Of An Ending."

May 31, 2007
Added Blinded Black album - "Under The Sunrise."
Added The Almost lyrics - "Say This Sooner."

May 27, 2007
Added 16th Avenue lyrics - "Motion Picture Ending."
Added Pathway To Providence lyrics - "I'm Fascinated With The Female Physique," "Good, Bad, I'm The Guy With The Gun," "All I Know," and "Flagler Boys."

May 24, 2007
Added 16th Avenue lyrics - "The Highskool Life."
Added Pathway To Providence lyrics - "Mess With The Fro, You Gotta Go."

May 22, 2007
Added A Second Chance lyrics - "Which Burns More" and "Our Work Of Art."
Added There For Tomorrow lyrics - "Addiction And Her Name."
Added Absinthe Glow lyrics - "So Let It Be" and "Time Away."

May 21, 2007
Added Before Today lyrics - "Enlarge Your Hearts" and "Pierce The Veil."
Added Boys Like Girls lyrics - "The Great Escape," "Five Minutes To Midnight," and "Hero/Heroine."
Added Senses Fail lyrics - "Stretch Your Legs To Coffin Length."

May 20, 2007
Added Senses Fail lyrics - "Still Searching" "Bonecrusher," "Lost And Found," "Bad Reputation," and "All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues."

May 17, 2007
Added Leftover lyrics - "Your Kiss Is Cocaine."
Added Senses Fail lyrics - "Suburban Heartache" "Hope Is Gone," "Sick Or Sane (Fifty For A Twenty)," "The Priest And The Matador," "The Rapture," "Shark Attack," and "To All The Crowded Rooms."

May 16, 2007
Added Senses Fail lyrics - "Choke On This," "Bite To Break Skin," "Bastard Son," "Cinco De Mayo," and "Every Day Is A Struggle."

May 14, 2007
Added Senses Fail lyrics - "Tie Her Down" "Slow Dance," "Irony Of Dying On Your Birthday," "Lady In A Blue Dress," "Martini Kiss," "Angela Baker And My Obsession With Fire," "NJ Falls Into The Atlantic," and "Let It Enfold You."

May 10, 2007
Added Just Surrender lyrics - "Tell Me Everything," "She Broke My Heart, So I Broke His Jaw," and "Our Work Of Art."

May 1, 2007
Added As Blood Runs Black lyrics - "In Dying Days" and "My Fears Have Become Phobias."
Added Senses Fail album - The rest of "From The Depths Of Dreams."

April 30, 2007
Added Senses Fail lyrics - "Bloody Romance," "American Death," "Steven," and "Dreaming A Reality."

April 18, 2007
Changed all web page names to lowercase.
Added Senses Fail lyrics - "Calling All Cars," "Buried A Lie," "Rum Is For Drinking, Not Burning," and "Can't Be Saved."

April 11, 2007
Added Sydney lyrics - "In Dreams We Believe," "Got Some Purple Stuff... Hey Sunny D," and "Jubert's Path Of Destruction."

April 9, 2007
Added Last Winter lyrics - "Don't Forget To Write."
Added Strike.Fire.Fall lyrics - "Verona Post."

April 5, 2007
Added Just Surrender lyrics - "Of All We've Known."
Added Quantice Never Crashed lyrics - "William Shatner's Powergun" and "Paper Airplanes."

January 9, 2007
Added Senses Fail lyrics - "You're Cute When You Scream."

November 13, 2006
Added Happy Campers lyrics - "Wave The Flags."
Added Bleeding Through lyrics - "The Pain Killer," "Return To Sender," and "Hollywood Prison."

November 10, 2006
Added Bleeding Through lyrics - "Kill To Beleive," "Stars," "Tragedy Of Empty Streets," and "On Wings Of Lead."

November 8, 2006
Added Bleeding Through lyrics - "For Love And Failing" and "Confession."

November 7, 2006
Added 10 Years lyrics - "Insects" and "The Recipe."

November 6, 2006
Added 10 Years lyrics - "Wasteland (Live Acoustic)," "Empires," and "Fault Line."

November 5, 2006
Added 10 Years lyrics - "Wasteland," "Waking Up," "Through The Iris," "Prey," and "Cast It Out."
Fixed the site so now it works on all browsers!

November 2, 2006
Added 12 Summers Old lyrics - "Break Up Letter," "Perfect Love Song," and "Phonebooks Don't Leave Bruises."

October 30, 2006
Switched the site to XHTML 1.0 Transitional =)

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