This procedure, which is more spiritual than physical, is made public for the first time in North America: it is offered for the benefit of those who wish to help others by practising healing, even if they have had no previous such experience.

It does not involve medicine - not even holistic medicine: it is quite simply HEALING. However, the knowledge imparted is considerably more than that required for healing alone. These Guidelines consist principally of information essential to a fuller understanding of disease and the healing process.

There are no pre-requisites for this course - other than the requirement that one first read "Understanding Life", although some understanding of the principles of wholistic health, as well as spirituality, would be found most helpful.

Everything is provided to enable an individual to start practising immediately: this process is the most effective and fastest means of eliminating disease, and at the same time the most economical way to start a healing practice. Unlike any other course, there are no 'upgrades' and lifetime support is included AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Some of the procedures involved have been in use for a long time, practised by a select few university professors and others worldwide. In this expanded format the combined principles have never been taught, although the Atomic-Harmonic- Time-Distance Spiral in Britain, and Spiritual Response Therapy in the United States, have been developed and taught for many years, and there are thoughts common to both these procedures.

This information has never before been put into print in one document, if at all, but the time has come to disclose the most effective way of handling ALL disease, without the side-effects of traditional drugs or ‘medicine,’ as attitudes change with the arrival of a new Millennium, and a different way of life beckons.

It could even form the basis for a new system of health-care, eliminating in due course much of the cost of present day medical/health plans, offering hope and a new outlook for patient care, for care-givers as well as for patients.

In the not too distant future, illness and disease will be unknown. In the meantime ….. this is offered to all as a means of clearing hindrances to enjoying life in full health, as well as imparting a fuller understanding of life itself.


were intended for the sole use of those who participate in the course

s... 21st Century HEALING ...s

and consist of guidelines for the practice of healing (including distant healing) as well as some background history to this therapy, administrative advisories, and advice on the general maintenance of health today and the unusual problems which are currently being experienced worldwide. The theory and practice of this procedure are learned quickly, and the instantaneous regression of disease is even faster.

USE of INFORMATION Participants agree to use the information obtained through this course of instruction, and in their subsequent dealings with those who practice this or any other therapy, solely for constructive purposes and for the general good of mankind.

CAUTION Participants are advised not to partake at any time of tobacco or any other habit-forming substance, on account of the negative effect of such products (clarity of mind and thought are compromised), and are warned that any client who so partakes may not enjoy regression of all disease, or may suffer from a subsequent return of the ailment which was regressed in the first place.

CHARGE FOR SERVICES Whilst there is no obligation to charge for this service, nor to standardize charges, the practitioners involved may among themselves recommend charges to be adopted for such services.

MEMBERSHIP Participants may, if they so desire, become members of MISSION ST MICHAEL, a non-profit corporation federally incorporated in Canada, and a religious order, formed to assist in the development and teaching of healing practices; or of a Corporation Sole. This is not however a requirement.

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