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It is helpful to know something about who you are, what you are, and why you are here, before considering any problem related to actually being here.

Here we shall deal briefly with WHAT you are …..

The vessel which one uses to experience on this plane is the PHYSICAL BODY, designed and created by the soul (which is the real you, and exists for ever). From ONE cell of this physical body a complete identical body can be built, as it contains all the DNA of the original [cloning, which appears to have started during the Hitler era, takes only 48 hours these days]. This physical body must be nurtured or properly maintained at all times in order to provide a fully functional vehicle for the entity throughout its sojourn upon this Earth plane and to complete its purpose here.

The energy which is that entity results in an aura or spiritual body surrounding the physical body. An illness, which originates in the spiritual body and reflects in the physical through the exhibition of certain symptoms indicating the nature of the ‘illness’, must first be dealt with on the spiritual level, where the unbalanced energy exists. If the spiritual body is not healed first, the physical body cannot recover completely.

Each entity creates a footprint of energy on this Earth which spirals vertically, up and down, without apparent ending, and which can be tracked by the ‘Hosts of Heaven’ as well as high-tech facilities used today by ‘the Forces of Evil.’ This footprint is approximately three feet in diameter and consists of all the elements in a spiral pattern - this constitutes the ‘spiral of life’ or ‘atomic double-helix’ which scientists have long tried to understand.

So long as the polarity of these elements is in balance, the body is healthy. An imbalance results in the disruption and change in the polarity of one or more elements: this can be detected and corrected. An illness may be discovered prior to its actual appearance in the physical body by use of this energy footprint chart.

The pattern of the unbalanced elements reflects also the cause and type of disease, although one person may not react the same way as another to the identical situation, and may therefore experience a different disease.

Prior to birth, each entity decides on the parents who would provide the most suitable start and environment, after taking all other factors into account, and thereby inherits the genes of these parents, which may cast an influence on the health pattern or stability during this particular lifetime.

These genes consist of the pattern built up over the last seven generations of parents, some of which will tend to be prominent, overriding others. This genetic pattern is held within the ligaments of the body, but is passed on through body fluids. It can happen therefore that sexual partners of one of these parents, not necessarily a spouse, will pass on their genetic traits without the necessity of marriage, causing a surprise gene to make itself known some time in the future when children are born.

The SOUL - sometimes known as the HIGHER SELF - operates the physical body by the most sophisticated computer ever created: the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind, as well as all the cells in the body, constituting the databases (the ‘hard-drives’) where information is built up or stored, from both this lifetime and previous lifetimes. The soul, in fact, retains all knowledge from the very beginning of time.

The SOUL experiences in the higher frequency state of the 9th octave. The inert gas of that octave is Niton as it moves on from Argon as the transition manifests. The BODY works on the carbon-based facility of the 4th and 5th octave, where Helium and Neon are the inert binding gases. And then moves on into and through the 6th, 7th and 8th octaves, using Argon, Krypton and Xenon respectively as the foundation inert gas.

There is also a group of Spiritual Guides, who provide guidance throughout this experience. The number and nature of these Guides, or Group of Guides, varies from time to time, depending upon the knowledge that one has to take in and the help or protection that one requires. A guide, helper or "Guardian Angel" is assigned immediately to every human being on coming to the earth plane. One usually starts off life with Angels as our Guides. As we grow in knowledge, they leave and are replaced by others from a higher plane who can provide an enhanced level of understanding. We can ask at any time that they be ‘upgraded’ or replaced, to help hasten our enlightenment.

There (almost) always remains however ONE Guardian Angel for each and every one of us, as well as other groups of Angels, who may be called upon for assistance, or who may more likely take action to help an individual who may not be aware consciously of impending danger. This has been popularised through the ongoing TV series “Touched by an Angel” - although it should not be presumed that every Angel and Leprechaun is Irish ……

It is helpful to know just who your Guides are, therefore it is suggested that you take time to ask questions in order to establish their identity, then ask every morning whether anyone else is there other than the Guides as you understand this group to be constituted. If the answer is “yes”, ask whether this is a new Guide (sometimes there can be even more than one added at a time), and also whether anyone has left your group of Guides, identifying each one. Keep an up-to-date written list.

There may be different ways of establishing their identity, but one could start by asking on which continent they experienced last, in which country, in which field of expertise, at which time, or whether they are a relative ….. and so on. Often a name will crop up in an article which is read, and imprint itself in your mind: stop and ask whether this is a Guide. Knowing who they are helps to address a question specifically to one especially knowledgeable in a particular field.

Some Guides come for a short time to help one in a specific situation: others may be there for years.

Is your Guardian Angel a past relative? Or are there relatives amongst your Guides?

The CONSCIOUS MIND is the lowest form of mind and lacks vision, focusing on physical reality: it dies with the death of the physical body.

The SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND is where most of our programs are stored (cells also store programs): from ‘automatic’ reactions to beliefs and pre-planned events, especially those carried over from previous lifetimes. We are not conscious of this programming, nor of the information contained in this databank, but it has a very significant effect upon our lives. For instance, the physical body is built to last 1,000 years but we have been conditioned to think in terms of living just 70 years, and as that is programmed into the subconscious mind, that becomes our average life-span. Today however we find that many of those who plan to continue into the 21st Century will on average live in excess of 120 to 200 years - some very much longer. We have predetermined our own life-span (ie, prior to birth), yet we can re-program it if we so desire. It does not ‘die’ with the death of the physical body.

We ask permission of the client SOUL to clear imbalances, and if there is a problem in obtaining that, we ask our HIGHER SELF (Spiritual Guides) to contact the Higher Self of the client to explain that there is no danger to the client in allowing this to be done. Sometimes this takes a little persuasion, but obstinacy is generally an indication of lack of knowledge. No harm in waiting a little to see if this obstacle can be overcome.

It is important to realise that we ourselves do nothing other than ASK: it is the Higher Self/Spiritual Guides that wield(s) the power to do anything that is constructive and permissible.

The CELL also has memory. As mentioned earlier, the cell contains all the DNA for the construction of that particular physical body to which it belongs.

All things exist in more purified form in the etheric realms than in the physical atmosphere.

It is important to realize that many of the uncomfortable conditions felt today are caused by "The Changes" - planetary frequency uplifts. The symptoms vary: from headaches to body pains. The planet is mutating, and so are the humans on board. This is also referred to as cellular transformation. Transmutation is the change going on inside the body that puts together the combination of parts or chemical elements, groups or simpler compounds, or by the degradation of a complex compound, so as to form a whole new combination. During mutation, this new combination may be constructed by the body from diverse conceptions into a coherent whole body that may be different from previous bodies.

As we are high-energy transformers, the huge infusions of Light currently coming to the Earth plane cause the intensity of electromagnetic energy around us to increase.

When a message is sent to one telepathically, there are no waves coming out of the brain, no actual waves - but these energy waves which are three-dimensional, which come from the brain structure, act as a kind of central field or core, and from this core the force will control or align the molecules in the ether. The ether - not the atmosphere. The atmosphere is as nothing.


When we request healing, God always releases a sacred fire sphere of healing light. It is deposited deep within our sub-conscious. As this light begins to flow and cycle through the planes of being, it pushes out to the surface unwanted conditions.

For this reason one may find for a season more problems than one had before, making one wonder whether or not one is on the right path.

When praying for health, ask for perfect health - not to be healed from a sickness, as the latter is focusing upon the vibration of sickness rather than well-being . The subtle difference is important.

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