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HEALTH DANGERS in the New Millennium

How to combat the unique dangers which we face at the present time

It should be borne in mind, above all things, that those who keep their vibrations on a high enough level will not succumb to illness of any kind or any of these other dangers.

Originally we acquired our energy principally from the air - it contains 98% of what we need to function physically, but over time we got into the habit of eating things that we could see (and which were attractive to us) in order to provide energy, rather than just breathing. Those today who have regained this status are known as “breatharians.”

Health is maintained by avoiding all negative emotions - anger, fear, jealousy and the like; by maintaining the immune system; by clearing all blocks and negative programming from the past, or past-lives; and by keeping a smile on one’s face.

Having cleared the health problem, it would be sensible to ensure that there is no return to ill-health by being aware of both general problems as well as those that are distinctive in these present times, even if they are not generally or officially recognized as such, and taking appropriate action. This applies both to the practitioner and one’s clientele. Here are a few examples:-

Germs are brought into being by certain actions of the mind on the chemicals of the body. You have built your own body; you brought physical life to yourself; and you will bring death to yourself (or rather "change").

There are many practices, procedures, herbs and other medications which one can usefully carry out or take from time to time. If a client is persuaded that only one specific procedure will resolve a health problem, then the health problem will remain until that particular procedure is carried out. The mind must be in tune with the healing.

One little known theory is that there is a series of energy levels on the surface of this planet. Walking is good exercise - this is universally recognized - but it is much more beneficial if one walks over hilly terrain. This is not because it requires more energy, but because one passes through a series of levels of energy ….. there was at one time a ”Vivaxis Society” in British Columbia which called this ‘walking on the beam'.

Anything that will improve or maintain the immune system and help to ensure physical, mental and spiritual health should be practised or taken on a regular basis. A brief summary of some beneficial substances follows:

Vitamins: A (especially Beta-Carotene);
B complex (for stress) plus Phosphorus;
C (an antibiotic) together with Zinc;
E (an anti-oxidant) used externally for many skin conditions
Pure Rosehips: 2 grams every few hours at the onset of a sore throat, cold or flu
is often more effective than using just Vitamin C
Garlic: a blood purifier - a healthy bloodstream goes a long way towards maintaining
a healthy body. Should not normally be taken raw, as it is too strong
for the intestinal linings;
cooked unpeeled, it leaves less of the odor on the breath
Chlorella: provides oxygen to the blood
Chaparral: One of the best non-toxic blood purifiers;
one of the most amazing herbs ever found in the plant kingdom,
long suppressed because of its wide-ranging healing properties.
Honey: raw and unpasteurised, a source of energy as well as general benefit;
use also on burns
Siberian Ginseng: aids the hormonal balance (500 mg daily)
Niacin: assists the assimilation of higher qualities of oxygen into the blood
(100 mg after breakfast)

Ingesting food and drink that is compatible (that is to say, on the same frequency) with our body is very important, as is other practices such as food-combining.

It is also important to drink at least a gallon (4 litres)or more of liquid a day as this enables the Light to flow more freely through the body: water constitutes an electrolyte, which is an electrical conductor in which current is carried by ions rather than free electrons (as in a metal). Electrolytes include water solutions of acids, bases, or salts; certain pure liquids; and molten salts.

Proper breathing oxidizes the bloodstream, burning up the toxins.

There are several methods of ensuring that food and drink is converted to the right vibrations for each individual. This is the origin of “Blessing the Food” carried out by the clergy (to no avail: this is something which each has to do on one’s own). Choose whatever method you are comfortable with ……..

  1. The LEFT hand receives energy; the RIGHT hand imparts or dispenses it. Placing both hands over one’s own portion of food or drink, and holding it for about 12 seconds, creates an electrical circuit which allows the vibrations of the individual to flow from the right hand to the object and back through the left hand. This converts anything in the space between the hands to one’s own vibrations.

    (The Russian Rasputin was reportedly able to counter the frequent attempts to poison him by understanding and implementing this knowledge)

  2. The other circuit which can be activated is the RIGHT hand and the EYES. Pointing the index finger together with the third finger of the RIGHT hand close to the drink, or other item, and fixing one’s gaze on that drink for the same period of time, has the same effect, and may be less noticeable in ‘mixed’ company.

    [The extraordinary power of the eyes was the subject of an article in the January 1922 edition of Popular Science entitled “Mysterious Rays from Human Eye move Solenoid” ……….]

  3. One can ask for Higher help in the matter: request your Spiritual Guides to “995” your food and drink. This is an important mathematical or numerological combination.

  4. For those who prefer gadgets ….. there is a Pen Energizer which can be carried around. It looks like a pen, fits in the pocket like a pen, and can be used to stir drinks, raising the energy level to the maximum that a human body can normally withstand.

The energy in a room or dwelling can also be heightened by the use of high-energy photographs or paintings. This would also enhance the immune system. These should be used with care, as they should not be used for instance in places where one wishes to rest or sleep. A range of such photographs is (or soon will be) available on the Internet at Energy Photographs or by sending an e-mail to this address.

One other aspect of life today has to be taken into account: it cannot be classified as one of the 'dangers' mentioned above, but its impact can be just as great, and it is constantly increasing in intensity. That is the evolvement of the physical body and its cellular transformation (see the article Understanding Life - which is prerequisite reading for this course). This causes a great deal of discomfort: inexplicable weight gain or loss, sluggishness, disruption to the digestive system (stomach-ache, bloating, gas), headaches, altered sleep patterns, and feeling more tired and fatigued than usual.

There are other signs which can be disconcerting - a change in the pigmentation of the skin. As the blood cell membranes are enriched with oxygen, allowing them to move in greater numbers and greater velocity through the capillary system closer to the surface of the skin, a slight darkening of the skin will occur, even in those with very light coloured skin.

Every little helps in these trying times. Practise now for the even more trying times ahead ………

"If you are experiencing physical difficulty of ANY KIND whatsoever, it is in part due to an out-of-balance condition within you that has allowed you to ignore the ever building warning signs until such a point that physically perceived pain results. You are responsible for your condition, and for what you will or will not do about same.

"There ARE "miracle" cures. However, the "miracle" comes about as a result of personally achieved BALANCE, and paying attention to the clues and Guidance offered to achieve same. With inner balance achieved, the body will naturally come back into proper functioning. Many simply doubt that such a cure is possible, and with the doubt comes the justification for not allowing yourselves to feel the personal responsibility for your condition.

"Genetic predisposition to an illness is no excuse. The power of the soul to regulate the physical body is such that it can, if allowed, regulate and rebuild ANY bodily function. Again, only if inner emotional balance is achieved will such regulation be possible.

"With the maintaining of a truly balanced emotional state, the Higher Self (soul) will naturally balance the body - regardless of what pollutants you put into the body. At the same time, a truly balanced emotional state will not have need for the many ‘feel good’ vices such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, and there will be no resistance to the idea or suggestion of giving them up." ............................ Hatonn

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