This is an offer to train staff in hospitals and clinics or practitioners working under a corporate, regional or national health scheme, in quickly resolving problematic diseases and even many physical disabilities.

This proposal should drastically reduce the operating costs for a number of areas in any health plan, and this offer is made on a world-wide basis.

In view of the ever-increasing incidence and severity of disease occurring in this 21st century, it is important to fully understand the cause in order to effect a remedy, and this is not being addressed by allopathic practitioners as (through no fault of their own) they have not been trained to really understand what is happening in today's world.

Special terms available to groups at national level, or ongoing training can be negotiated under favourable terms.

As an extension of this plan, a clinic or spa may be established to increase tourism by offering through such a facility the (instantaneous) regression of disease. This could be a significant attraction, especially in an area where tourism may be declining.
The Fountain of Life
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