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To HEAL or BE HEALED ..............

You may attend this course either to learn the instantaneous removal of any manner of disease, regardless of whether the client is with you or not (distant healing), or to be healed yourself and understand how to remain that way.

Registrants receive a copy of the article "UNDERSTANDING LIFE", which is the only pre-requisite for attending this course: read it through more than once before your course commences. This is important, as it contains many deep spiritual truths which you may not have come across before, and it might just take your breath away ........

The more you understand this article, the easier it will be to take in further information during the one-day course.

Course participants receive lifetime support at no extra cost. No upgrades, advanced levels ..... where else have you seen such an offer? This IS the advanced level! All necessary materials provided.

Each course will preferably not consist of more than four to six participants and be held privately in VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada. Consideration may be given to holding this course elsewhere.

Interested? For instructions on how to make payment for this unique course of instruction contact: Wholistic Healing.

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