The love of my life, My Muse Patrick Star. Although he doesn't seem like much to you, he has inspired me to be the weirdest, most Bizzarre and yes, even the stupidest I can be. He's dumb, but there is no reason that he wouldn't have fun doing what he's doing. One of the key reasons I love him is becuase of this one time where he was playing a game with Spongebob (Not even they knew what they were doing) and he shouted "I LOSE!" and when Spongebob told him that he couldn't have lost becuase it wasn't Tuesday (why this is relevant I still don't know) but he pouted and said "tartar sauce!" He was not the sort of guy to complain when he lost. From under his Rock by the pineapple in Bikini Bottom, Patrick guides my ideas. He alone helps me with my Role playing and even my Story writing. That is why I am madly in love with Patrick.
          It seems odd, mainly because all the other men n my life are not just scholars but are truely very intellegent. But Patrick in his Glorious pinkness, is just... different.
          Patrick has won an award for doing nothing for the longest time ever. This out of work, creative, Idiot of a starfish is my Muse and I am Proud to have him.
Favorite Patrick Quotes Patrick's number one Look "I don't know"
         So you mean they've taken what we thought we we think and make us think that the thoughts we been thinking are thoughts we think we thought? I think....
Spongebob: So, you were an alien all the time
                  and you didn't even tell me!

Patrick: I didn't even know.