I got my first ring at 12 yrs. But only in my ear. Got my first tat at 18. I got hooked on tats until I got my tongue pierced. That opened up a whole new world of pain and pleasure!!! My nipples were a lot of quick pain but long lasting pleasure. My chin was a snap. The last ring was different, a wounderful pain thats hard to explain. They said no sex for 6 weeks, ya right.  I got my eyebrow and 2 in my ear over the summer.   but so sad i had to take out my eyebrow cause it wasn't healing rightWhat's next

I've worked every where, and done it all. Well,  close to it

Don't be a waste of skin get up and do something. Remember life is fast if you go to slow it will run you the fuck over.

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just another party
Yep I have 10 piercings in my body!!!!
It can get worse.  But you always have a new day to start with. I hope!!
   That's all for now so screw off!!!!!
                  It's not so bad
       The chin is for looks
        The tongue is for fun
         Be naughty and give it a try
                 Love it or leave it
my buddy Twist. Hes gone now
   Thank god for 4 wheel drive
Some of my toys