1.What happens to Piccolo if Kami dies?

2. Which is longer - A Namek year or an Earth year?

3. Why does Vegeta always call Goku 'Kakarot'

4. Who chopped off Vegeta's tail?

5. How many forms does Freiza have (Including his first one)

6. How many times have Vegeta and Goku fused?

7. Why didn't Vegeta fight Garlic Jr.?

8. How was Freiza's tail cut off?

9. Who is the legendary super Saiyan?

10. Which thought motivated Gohan to get the dragonballs during the Frieza saga?


1-2 - Idiot                  
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3-4 - Read up on DBZ

5-6 - Average, seeing how this is the intermediate section, you are as knowledgeable as most new fans

7-8 - Pretty impressive, although you should be aiming higher

9-10 - Now that's what we like to see! Try the higher level test, and see if you can achieve the same score.