Mission Statement
One way or another the 20th Century has been one of the bloodiest periods in the history of the human species. Two world wars and countless 'smaller' wars have ensured that this will be a century to remember. It was also the century that saw the rise to power of the capitalist ideology.

With morality seemingly thrown to the side and global catastophe imminent it would appear that the capitlaists have decided to expand into the whole world with their 'new order'.

We, the people, are now being expected to believe that the same capitalist forces which have seen the enslavement of western humanity, reducing most people to little more than cogs in a machine, is by some 'miracle' now going to save the rest of the world.

Through out all of this 'philosophers' have sat in their ivory towers discussing life the universe and everything between one another......

With only a few notable exceptions, those who are idealy placed to dispell the rhetoric of the capitalist masters have sat idly by whilst the poor have suffered.

Little attempt has been made to argue against this madness and even less effort has gone into trying to raise the background level of 'rationality'.

We in the garden are determined to try to change this state of affairs....
and it is for this reason that this site has come into existence.
Little on it is new, most can be found in other places too, but that does not mean the venture is a waste of time, for every person who comes to seeing the folly that is modern life, is another person less easily influenced by those who would see us all enslaved.

It is hoped that this site along with its sister mail list will provide some of us with a forum which we can use to try to bring about positive change in the 21st Century. We obviously realise that our own contribution is of little significance but feel most strongly that we must at least 'try' for surely it is better to have tried and failed,  than to have not tried and suceeded.

Although committed to the changing of our society, we in the garden, see this being achieved by peacefull, non violent means.

The organisers of this site are all vegans and would not in any way consciously support the harming of other life forms, human or non human and although happy to debate all points of view we would ask our visitors to respect our right to choose peace rather than war.

To us, a world changed by violence, is no change at all, it's just more of what we've always had. The time has come for the reasonable to stand up and be counted, for if they don't, who will?

Whoopsie Lampa
Servant of the Garden

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