Past Updates

8-27-09: Well I've had this website going for 10 years, but in one month most of it will go down with Geocities. My image gallery and character profiles shall still exist and whatever else I feel like keeping up. Till then, farewell oh geocities hosting and hello

3-24-09: Fixed most of the Fun Stuff pages problems. Need to work on the postcard section, only 2 of them currently work. I also need to find the paper doll image...well I found a copy of it, but I don't think it's as good as the one I had. I did find a good paper doll website that I'm going to link to. Must find files for the sound page and fix it... I hope I still have them. I'm changing the look of certain pages slightly.

2-10-09: Wow...3 years since I last updated. This site is going on 10 years! Don't worry peeps, I'll fix that fun section problem. I didn't update in so long that geocities deleted that part... I have that section backed up on a disk that I need to find so no worries.

2-4-06: Going through website to make sure everything still works. Fixed an error in the lyrics section. Got rid of broken links in the links section. I brought back the Team Theme (wonders if any of you remember that) to play on the opening page, so check your speakers. I am soon going to go through the character info section, fun stuff, and images. I do plan on finishing the image gallery, but goodness knows it's probably going to take me years -_-;