This is a general, uncluttered page we can use to keep track of game days without too many confusing threads going willy-nilly. I'll also post events of interest such as conventions and cool movies so we can all plan accordingly. I'll maintain the site and be the gatekeeper for this little endeavor. If people want to send me campaign specific documents I'll post it but I won't be putting up any of my notes on a consistent basis. This is more for scheduling, planning and announcement purposes.
JAN 2005
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Pirates of the Spanish Main
-DRAGONS (March 20th, 8:00pm)
A very kewl dragon "documentary" on Discovery channel.


-KUBLACON (Friday May 27th to Monday May 30th)
I will likely be attending (Job is paying the reg fee!) and since it is a Jesse weekend I will have to do a trade which will impact my presence at the game. See the May Calendar for more info. If the game can be changed to the weekend of KublaCon I will gladly sacrifice the saturday afternoon at the Con in favor of playing the regular game with the group.

Jeff and Heather plan to leave the 6th and come back the 10th. Ray is planning on attending. Anyone else?
FEB 2005
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