Mike and Cushlas '63
Tony Jeff 390 62 Galaxie circuit racer
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New check out the fun I had at the fathers day drags 2007
Ben Boenish is also building a 631/2 Drag car with mighty 460 power you can follow his rebuild on his friends website click here for link
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Check out Bens real
Nice 351 powered Manual 63
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Check out the pictures of the Mighty Allison
V12 Nostalgia dragster currently being rebuilt
Mike Bartlett
My Favorite Links:
NEW there is some really interesting old articles on Galaxie on my second index page original 1663 and 1966 reports and tests what new owners thought click here
Thumb nail page for quick veiwing
check this out !!!!!!!!!!!!!
original video clip of 63 ford offerings
click here to view.About 3 minutes to download on dialup
Drag racing my 63 Galaxie good fun
Link to pictures of my car
link to New Zealand events
Click here for a better video link
Link to rebuild on my car
Link to info page on my car
Colin Olsens homepage
Link to original addvertising data pages
Check out Tony Jeffs 62 circuit racer
Link to large pictures of add pages
Fitting disc brakes to Galaxie
Click here for non car fun things to do on the net
Decode door pillar data plate
Parts and Catalogues at Dennis Carpenter
Link to families oldest ford (modelA)
Link to my nephews Ford (Escort)
A painting of my Galaxie painted by Grant Hughes of Gisborne a present from my wife
Click on painting for larger veiw
Heaps more galaxie info and
original reviews etc
this page worth a look
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