This information is posted to offer the public a resource concerning the Legionnaires of Christ.  It is meant neither to endorse or reject the views expressed here.

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The Legion Of Christ Home Page
Regnum Christi - The Legion Of Christ
Required Reading - The Legion Of Christ
Statement of the Legionaries of Christ
Christ is My Life - Marcial Maciel
Legionaries of Christ

National Consultants for Education - Catholic vocations

Catolicos - New Scandal Over Paedophilia
The Abuse of Power in the Papacy of John Paul II
New emails against the Legionaries of Christ
John Paul II Receives Legionaries of Christ Members
Sex-related case block in Vatican

The KCRA Channel - Parishioners Rally Over 'Priest Problems'

Novices Accuse Catholic Order Of Intimidations, Pressure
Accused Priest is Synod Delegate
Pinecrest Academy
Holy Spirit Preparatory School
AJC.COM - School battle near an end
Growing Church: Woodmont Academy Prepares for Growth
Everest Academy Educates The Whole Child
Pope Appoint Accused Pries Father's Order Denies Molestation Allegations

Series Search Programs (Series 9 - Regnum Christi)
Religion -- Priesthood prep
Why hasn't Legion founder been defrocked?
A church without sanctuary
MEXICO: The Opus Dei amid the Legionnaires of Christ
New Shadow Report Details How Sexual Abuse Problems in Catholic Church Represent an International Crisis
The Legionaries of Christ/Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado
The Legionaries of Christ and the People of God
Letter to the Hartford Courant from Mr. Maciel Denying the Allegations
Editorial - Can Synod Survive Vatican Manipulation?
Unity Publishing - Test the Spirit Legionaires of Christ
NCR Online - Maciel Accusers Seek Accountability
NCR Online - Legionairies' Tactics Best Left In Past Era
NCR Online - Gerald Renner's response to an open letter that appears on the Legion of Christ web site
Christ or Chaos - Sept. 3-5

Mass, Thursday of the 5th Week of Lent, Women of Regnum Christi Convention

Holy Spirit Preparatory School - About Holy Spirit Search
NCR Online - Turmoil In Atlanta
NCR Online - Tactics Aside, The Legion Is Growing
Faculty 2003-2004
The Highlands School

Catholic Kids Net
Youth for the Third Millennium Mission
Regnum Christi Web Site
National Catholic Register - Web Edition
Catholic World Mission
Rick Ross' - Legionaires of Christ Page
Legionary "Facts".org( Typcial Legionary Propaganda and Omissions by Former Member
REGAIN - Religious Groups Awareness International Network
SNAP - Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests