Brett's Cemetery Photos Hello, my name is Brett. Welcome to my no-frills collection of gravestone photographs I have acquired while researching my genealogy.  The majority of the subjects are my relatives, but not all.  With the intent of helping others in their search for ancestors, I am sharing these photographs and the bare-bones information regarding the whereabouts of the graves.  The images vary widely in quality, as does my knowledge of the individuals interred.  If they raise any questions in your mind, feel free to e-mail me and I will answer them to the best of my ability. 
Fairfield Friends Cemetery, Hendricks County
Henry Reynolds b.8 Aug 1787, d.1 Oct 1851
Mary Jones Reynolds b.28 Sep 1796, d.8 Feb 1845
Alpine Cemetery, Osage County
James W. Kenney b.1869 d.1959
   and Alice B. Ely Kenney b.1869 d.1955
Eliza J. Stokesberry Ely b.9 Jun 1836, d.18 May 1887
    and Lidda F. Ely b.Dec 1872, d.28 Oct 1873
Daisie D. Stokesberry b.26 Feb 1881, d.26 Dec 1885
Charles G.Reynolds b.1835 d.16 Nov 1909
John H. Stokesberry b.20 Apr 1841, d.22 Apr 1885
Sarah Barclay Stokesberry b.15 Sep 1843, d.13 Mar 1874
Sarah A.Massey Stokesberry Reynolds  b.~1843, d.17 Mar 1903
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Joshua Stokesberry b.3 Aug 1818, d.5 Mar 1882
   and Bethania Reynolds Stokesberry b.25 Dec 1813, d.15 Nov 1885
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Elmwood Cemetery, Gooding, Gooding County
Lyle Otis Clifford b.24 Mar 1917, d.4 Feb 1985
Edith Jean Stokesberry Clifford b.14 Apr 1924, d.1 Jul 2004
Golder Ashworth Clifford b.25 Jul 1912, d.2 Mar 1985
Ida E. Olsen Clifford b.24 May 1910, d.24 Feb 2001
Mark A. Clifford b.12 Feb 1923, d.24 Feb 1996
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David Pierce Vipperman b.20 Nov 1886, d.11 Dec 1950
Maggie Mary Wilson Vipperman b.15 Aug 1886, d.17 Aug 1967
Carl Monroe Vipperman b.10 May 1907, d.28 Feb 1923
Sidney W. Vipperman b.30 Nov 1925, d.22 Dec 1928
Clarence Edward Dalby b.13 Sep 1902, d.11 Nov 1988
   and Julia Adelia Homer Dalby b.23 Oct 1903, d.7 May 1982
John Jack Ferdinand Becker b.9 Dec 1911, d.14 Apr 2002
  and Marceline Burwell Becker b.30 Mar 1918, d.14 Apr 2001
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Philip F. Goicoechea b.15 Jun 1917, d.23 Oct 2002
  and Phyllis A. Knight Goicoechea b.5 May 1920, d. 31 Jul 1990
Rachel Ann Vipperman Williams Clifford b.9 Sep 1927, d.9 Apr 2004
Wiley Andrew Vipperman b.18 Oct 1913, d.20 Mar 1995
Orval E. Davis b.6 Oct 1911, d.13 Nov 1996
and Gladys Skaggs Davis b.28 Apr 1914, d.9 Feb 2001
Ross E. Vipperman b.25 Nov 1910, d.23 Sep 1973
Charles Neville Lang b.2 Nov 1894, d.3 Dec 1967
Florence B. Frahm b.15 Feb 1898, d.25 Mar 1971
   and Ida M. Frahm b.3 Nov 1894, d.4 Aug 1977
Naomi Ellen Smith Lang b.3 Jun 1899, d.23 Jun 1944
John Aspitarte, Jr. b.29 Sep 1927, d.30 Apr 2008
and Beulah Looney Aspitarte b.11 May 1917, d.7 Aug 1993
Lelah D. Powers b.23 May 1927, d.3 Jun 2008
Jerome Cemetery, Jerome, Jerome County
Charles Elmer Stokesberry b.22 Nov 1897, d.13 Jul 1974
   and Mattie May Gunderman Stokesberry b.29 Nov 1900, d.27 Jul 1980
Walter Leo Stokesberry b.17 Aug 1887, d.25 Jul 1961
Ethel May Stokesberry Davis b.29 May 1889, d.31 Jan 1943
(photo courtesy Mary Easterday)
James Wilburn Davis b.13 Jul 1884, d.Mar 1964
James W. Davis, Jr. b.26 Sep 1921, d.28 May 1942
Glenn Rest Cemetery, Glenns Ferry, Elmore County
Audrey Ann Clifford Powers b.7 Jun 1909, d.3 Mar 1968
   and Fred Ross Powers b.26 Feb 1906, d.30 Jun 1982
Mark Clifford, b.16 Mar 1882, d.20 Feb 1962
    and Margaret Elizabeth Ashworth Clifford, b.17 Feb 1887, d.27 Dec 1960
Karl Leimgruber b.13 Sep 1888, d.23 Jul 1967
Ketchum Cemetery, Ketchum, Blaine County
Delno Raymond Clifford b.3 Jun 1921, d.8 Jul 1984
   and Frances Ethel Brown Clifford b.6 Oct 1921, d.6 Jan 1982
Ernest Miller Hemingway b.21 Jul 1899, d.2 Jul 1961
Mary Welsh Hemingway b.5 Apr 1908, d.27 Nov 1986
Missouri Green Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Moniteau County
Casey B. (Casabianco) Coffelt b.17 Jan 1857, d.10 Oct 1936
   and Mary Melvina Bookout Coffelt b.13 Jun 1865, d.15 Jun 1943
William Joseph Coffelt b.2 May 1885, d.9 Jan 1961
Charles W. Medlin b.18 Aug 1872, d.25 Jan 1941
   and Lucinda Rebecca Medlin b.16 Feb 1858, d.28 May 1943
Thomas Jarret Medlin b.5 Dec 1863, d.29 Nov 1920
   and Hanorah Clifford Medlin b.6 Sep 1864, d.5 Jul 1943
infant son Medlin b.2 Oct 1885, d.4 Oct 1885
   and William A. Medlin b.2 Jan 1888, d.2 Mar 1888
William Hall Medlin b.17 Aug 1834, d.28 Mar 1911
   and Elizabeth Howard Medlin b.23 Jun 1833, d.1 Oct 1913
Jarrett Medlin b.23 Jan 1811, d.25 May 1899
   and Rebecca Allee Medlin b.14 Feb 1819, d.5 Mar 1883
James Patrick Clifford b.7 Mar 1910, d.31 May 1913
Missouri J. Fletcher b.21 Jul 1814, d.10 Jan 1883
James Nicholas Medlin b.Mar 1869, d.10 Mar 1943
   and Judith Ann Christian Medlin b.Nov 1867, d.16 Jul 1948
Lilbert E. Foxworthy b.23 Nov 1880, d.8 May 1956
   and Mary Elizabeth Hutchison Foxworthy b.30 Aug 1889, d.Oct 1976
Jesse Ray Medlin b.14 Apr 1896, d.21 May 1970
Jesse Ray Medlin b.14 Apr 1896, d.21 May 1970
  and Belva C. Medlin b.12 Oct 1895, d. Jun 1981
Herbert Reynolds and Hobert Reynolds b.6 Jan 1913, d.6 Jan 1913
Leslie Reynolds b.17 Jan 1891, d.25 Sep 1918
   and Mary Elizabeth Medlin Reynolds Alldredge b.21 Dec 1893, d.25 Jan 1997
Mitchell Cemetery, near Edgar Springs, Phelps County
Rupert Cordell Webb b.25 Jul 1898, d.11 Feb 1936
  and Martha Edith McGuire Webb b.3 Aug 1888, d.Jan 1967
Audes Ira McGuire b.3 Sep 1895, d.31 Dec 1982
    and Augusta E. McGuire b.12 Aug 1893, d.1 Jan 1939
William Howard McGuire b.31 May 1863, d.17 Feb 1929
   and Amanda Jane Mace McGuire b.30 Oct 1866, d.24 Mar 1947