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Hello! Welcome to our webpage! This page was last updated on November 3, 2001 so the only DJs
on the site were those who worked at WHOT at that time. Most of them have moved on, but we hope
to make a "Where are they now?" page or even an updated Disc Jock page soon. Check out our pages
on some of the former Hot Jocks and keep visiting in the future; we will get around to updating the site.
Thanks for visiting! :-)

You can e-mail us at:

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Here is some info about the hot jocks,
and where and when to find them:

~Hot Jock Schedule~
~Where You Can Find The Jocks~

~Brandon Kage's Profile~
~Brandy's Profile~
~Chase's Profile~
~Jay Kline's Profile~
~JC Simon's Profile~
~Jim Loboy's Profile~
~Kristen Slider's Profile~
~Matt Blade's Profile~
~Scott Adams' Profile~

Just incase there is a slim chance that anyone would like to know more
about us, the webmasters of this page, here are our profiles!!!

~Jen's Profile~
~Danielle's Profile~

Hot 101 of 2000

~Hot Jock Poll~

Here are some pictures taken from concerts:
LFO- December 17,1999
The Bloodhound Gang- April 30, 2000
LFO vs Hot Jocks Baseball Game- August 21, 2000
All That Music and More Festival- August 22, 2000
Backstreet Boys- February 8, 2001
Bon Jovi & SR-71- May 5, 2001
Backstreet Boys- June 26, 2001

Bored?? We've made a Hot Jocks
Wordsearch that you can do!
But you have to print it!

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~Amber's Hot 101 Webpage~

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