The Vision of Ezekiel by Raphael

About the Prophet


Ezekiel was the prophet for the exiles in Babylon. Before being transported to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar in 597 BC, Ezekiel was a priest in Jerusalem. After moving to Babylon, Ezekiel was called by God to become a prophet. His first task was to prepare the exiles in Babylon for the destruction of Jerusalem because of its past sins. During the ending years of Ezekiel's life, he spoke of the great majesty of God. He spoke of a renewed covenant with God, a covenant that would not come until the New Testament with Jesus.


Outline of the Book of Ezekiel


The Book of Ezekiel is divided into five sections:

I.               Call of the Prophet

II.            Before the siege of Jerusalem

III.         Prophecies against Foreign Nations

IV.          Salvation for Israel

V.             New Israel


-Courtesy of the New American Bible

Why Ezekiel is important to Salvation History

Ezekiel was the first prophet to receive God's call out of the Holy Land. Ezekiel's book prepares the people in Babylon for the destruction of Jerusalem. During the second half of his book, Ezekiel prepares the people for God's new covenant in Jerusalem. He also promises a new land and rule under God. Essentially, Ezekiel prepares the Babylonians for Jesus.


One Great Quote


One great quote from Ezekiel is when he is speaking with God:

"For them, you are only a ballad singer, with a pleasant voice and a clever touch. They listen to your words, but will not obey them." (Ezekiel 33.32)






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