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Webpage started on 06 December 2001
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September 2001-2002

Welcome and thank you for dropping by in our  little spot on the web.
I am one of the regular chatters in the  Who Wants To Be  A Millionaire Pinoy Chat room,
the wits  of the friends that I  meet and  the fun I have experienced in the chat room
inspired me to create this web page. 

The following  milestones  happened in the WW2BAM Chatroom :
September 2002  - WW2BAM  Chatroom  celebrated its First year Anniversary

December 14, 2002  -  A well attended WW2BAM Christmas Party

Monthly EB and Welcome  Home Party for Overseas Chatters

WW2BAM  Out Reach Program 

On February 28, 2003  the WW2BAM chatters  have successfully carried out an
out reach  project at the Pediatric Ward of San Lazaro Hospital, Manila. 
It was organized and managed  by the  chatters of WW2BAM who are based in the Philippines,
and with  some  financial  help  from overseas chatters who  supportted this very special  cause.

We  hope that you will have an enjoyble time browsing our web page.
And don't forget to join me and my co-chatters,
the room is open 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, see you there..
Updated 07  July  2005