Sunday, October 17, 2004 Travel T47

Seattle, Washington

SEATTLE, WA - After Tammy's wedding, but before the flight home, Tom and Wendy did a little sight-seeing in Seattle. Wendy had done some internet research to try to find several things that might be interesting to both of them, and was, in general, successful.
   Upon arriving in Seattle, their first stop was the Museum of Flight. There, they saw many airplanes, and took a special interest in the exhibit on World War II aircraft. Tom had hoped to see a Marauder, which was the aircraft that his father helped to produce during that war, but there weren't any on display. They got to walk through the only Concorde on the West Coast, but since it had rained, they couldn't walk through Air Force One.
   The next stop was the Pike Place Market. Tom's ex-in-laws recommended it to him as a place to visit, so that helped to cement the decision of another place to visit. When they arrived, they had lunch at a deli, and then walked though the area with vendors. They were very impressed with the bouquets of flowers being arranged and sold right there. The seafood being sold was quite impressive as well - huge fish, king crab legs, and shrimp. The vegetables were bountiful and looked wonderful. They had a nice time browsing through the market.
   The final stop was the Space Needle. Tom wasn't interested in going up, so Wendy went by herself. She enjoyed the view, even though it was quite windy, and even had a Café Mocha while she was up there.

   Pictures of the places Tom and Wendy visited in Seattle are on page T48.
   Read about the rest of Tom and Wendy's trip to Washington on pages T45 and F19.

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