Friday, October 15, 2004 Travel T45

Yakima Valley Wine Country

ZILLAH, WA - Tom and Wendy were in Yakima for Tammy's wedding, and for the brief time that they had free, Wendy wanted to visit a winery. On Tammy's recommendation, they traveled south-ish to Zillah, where they visited the Hyatt Vineyards and the Bonair Winery.
   The Hyatt Vineyards sat up on a hill and had a fantastic view of the Cascade Mountain range. Unfortunately the day was a little overcast, so the view of Mount Ranier was not very good, but they could see Mount Adams. The tasting room was open, so Wendy and Tom did a little tasting. Tom enjoyed their Late Harvest Reisling the best, while Wendy couldn't choose a favorite.
   At the Bonair Winery, a little more tasting was done, and Wendy fell in love with their Winter Solstice Mead - Honey Mead flavored with cinnamon and cloves. The buildings at this winery looked European, which made it quite quaint.
   Although Tom and Wendy enjoyed the views and the trip through the countryside, they were disappointed that they missed seeing actual harvesting and processing of the grapes, which they were told they missed by about one week.

   Pictures of the wineries are on page T46.
   Read about the rest of Tom and Wendy's trip to Washington on pages T47 and F19.

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