Wedding song list


Andrea and Rudy:

Here are some samples of the songs I have come up with of so far. Most of these samples are short and poorly recorded, but they will give you an idea about what the song is like. Let me know what you think, and if changes need to be made we still have some time.

Over the next few days, decide which song you would like for the bridal party entrance so I have enough time to practice it. Also, if you would like more music during the service (ie. hymns) or if I have forgotten anything, let me know soon.

I have a quick question about the microphone/piano set-up at the church. Because Lisa and I will both be singing It's your love, we need two microphones. We also need an elbowed microphone stand (bends in the middle) so I can sing and play piano at the same time. Will two mics and an elbowed mic stand be available?

Talk to you soon,


Selection of music



Bridal party entrance

One of the following:
Wedding March



Bride's walk down the aisle

Bridal March



Signing the registry It's your love
(sung by Lisa and William)
Exit down the aisle Exit March
Postlude Selection of music