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092504: LipSync 04 Pictures up! (Thanks to Jonathan.)
091004: Updated the Events! GO JOIN LIP SYNC.
082104: Holy crap. It's been 3 months since I've updated. Sorry guys. :D Um. The inner council roster is updated! :"D
052404: Haha. Finally. One picture up of International Day. Enjoy.
051904: +1 Link up! This time it's a website. :D WOohoO! Fixed some codes also. Yay.
050404: +1 Link up! <3
050304: Class roster updated. A LOT of emails added. Wewt! :D Still not 100% complete. Please GO CHECK YOUR INFORMATION in the CLASS ROSTER because I might have made some errors. :D
040604: GUYS! PLZ PLZ PLZ VISIT THE events page and VOTE FOR A MOVIE. :D We will be doing a joint class activity with the super SOPHMORES so we will be needing YOUR opinion! :) Anyways...Class roster updated. Links (+2!) updated. Yay! Thanks to Taeyoung who has submitted pictures. Unfortunately, the bum (me) has not updated them Just a while more! ;) Someone also suggested putting up a roster of AIM screen names a long while back, and I will be getting to that as soon as possible ALSO.
032104: IC roster up! :) A little shabby, still needs work.
031904: Sorry for not updating in a while. Changes made in the class roster. +3 links up!
022504: Changes made in the class roster. +1 link up!
022104: New layout up, and class roster up!


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