William Howard Stanley Gange

Hello Everybody!!!

Hi, my name is
 William Howard Stanley Gange

I am ten years old and
and am in grade five.
I attend John Diefenbaker School
in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

a line of dinosaurs

My Dinosaur Page
click on me for some dinosaur fun!!!I am a huge fan of dinosaurs. 
My favourite dinosaur is the T-Rex. 
I have a large collection of plastic dinosaurs and quite a library of dinosaur books.

My Artwork
My Sister's Page
Gange Homepage
Birthday Page
Favourite Websites:
national geographic kids
my dinosaur page
Club Penguin
Andkon Arcade

a line of dinosaurs

Grade four school picture

Spring 2006
Look at my toothless grin!!!


I love Spring!!! I love the lake!!!
Spring 2005 At the Lake

I hope you enjoy my site!!!
Grade 1 - fall 2004

Taken in the fall of 2003

Taken in the spring of 2004

Above are my kindergarten pictures

a T-rexFavourite Hobbies

swimming shark

Besides Dinosaurs I also love sharks, reptiles, bugs, , pirates and cars

roving ant

Dragons are also very cool!!!
I have quite a few mega block dragons.

I Love playing soccer!!

I love to go swimming!!!
Waterslides are very cool!!!

I play piano and saxophone

a line of dinosaurs

William's Birth Story:
(as told by William's mom - Twyla)

It all started May 31st, 1998. 
Michael (Daddy) and I  had been at a city band dress rehearsal
(a concert was to be held 7:30 that evening)
We were tired and didn't want to cook so brought home Kentucky Fried Chicken.
After eating I  went to rest on the couch, but soon into my snooze I woke
with a start and ran to the bathroom to discover my water had broken.

I really didn't know what was going on, I was expecting pain, but had none (Yet)
We phoned my doctor (who also happens to be in the City Band) and
told me he would meet me at the hospital.
Michael had been nagging me to pack my bag for quite some time,
but I had not yet done it, so we ran around throwing things I might need into a bag.

Once at the hospital our Doctor said it would probably be quite awhile,
and so he headed to the concert.  He told us we could go too if we wanted,
but Michael and I had other things on our mind, playing at a band concert was
the least of our concerns.

Michael and I roamed the hospital for awhile.  It still didn't feel quite real,
there was still no pain.

The pain finally did come at about 11:00 p.m.
They gave me some drugs and I was somehow able to sleep
in between the labour pains.

The pushing started just before 7 a.m. the next day - June 1st, 1998.
William was born at 9:19 a.m.

A funny aside to all this:
When William's sister Rebecca was born, would you believe
a band concert came into play again.  This time we made
it to the concert, although I was extremely uncomfortable and not feeling well.
Rebecca was born the next day!!!!

a line of dinosaurs


a line of dinosaurs

So Long!!!

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