The Well Hung Cowboys Stables

WARNING/DISCLAIMER - If you are an adult, a poofter,a person likely to complain (not saying any names), a teacher that goes to eddies, a cop, a little person hurt by bad launguage or just anyone do not go past here cause it is offensive to most people. If you go any further you are agreeing to view at your own risk and cant do any legal thing to us or any other viewer becuase you are agreeing to my terms of our agreement to view this info. Also you may not take any of this site seriously cause its all bullshit and jokes and is all too do with people from canada with similar names to people you may know. Wow legal studies has helped me in life.

Hello all,

Hey, I have finally got bored enough to update this site. I just want to re-itterate the fact the Matthew Hales is a FUCKING WANKER

What the fuck are you going to do now Halesy???? Get me suspended from school??? It doesn't and never did have anything to do with school you dumb fat cunt. FUCK YOU.

WE ARE BACK people. Good news we are back We won't be updating the site. It is just here for old times sake. It mostly still works. Don't forget to read over the old lyrics. They are so Funny.

Terrence Clarke -

This is the genuine site of the famous Well Hung Cowboys (WHC). We are a band with three proper members so far W.H.Teza(bass) also known as banana man to Fewsta (the dancer from get some standards), W.H.Phatony (dont know yet) and W.H.Lango (guitar and vocals). We also have a few crappy members who do nothing but want to have there name here so a drink to you, Melissa, Mattp, Little K (who wants more beer), Ben L, Ben A, Nash, Greg and the rest that I cant remember cause I have spent to long on this computer. We are a band from Near Brisbane in Australia (not Ipswich) and we are really good - but nobody can play there instruments and we have none + we have no drummer and no drums (If you are a drummer and wanna drum for us, Tell me and we will think about it). The only good thing about us is the songs we write - they fucking own.

I would like to say hi to get some standards - Our sister band from Perth - When we are both famous we will do a gig together. They have a topless drummer, a dancer, a basser with a $2000 bass and talent ohh and a CD.Go here to there site after viewing ours. Damn they are hot too - but unfortunatly no pics of the topless drummer topless.

"If you think you can, you cant" (Terrence Clarke, From his general bullshitery, by Terrence Clarke)

This is W.H. Lango, it is now time for ...
W.H. Lango's JOKES OF THE WEEK!!!.
Apparently, 1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese.
And there are 5 people in my family, so it must be one of them.
That means it's either my mum or my dad
Or my older brother Colin.
Or my younger brother Ho-Cha-Chu
i think its colin.
What do you do if your girlfriend starts smoking?
slow down and use a lubricant.
what do you do if a homosexual jumps on your back?
leave him there or pull him off?
A guy walks into a doctors office with a strawberry on his head
"i'll give you some cream for that" said the doctor
its nice to know when people care, for example i was complimented on my driving today, they left a little not on my windscreen sayinf 'parking fine', wasn't that nice
A guy walks into a doctor's office
what a wanker, didn't he see the wall?
well thats my joke for this week. and terrence mate, stop asking me to finsh the songs, i will when i get time.
W.H. Lango
Go here to see our enemy band in all there shitness.

"In case in doubt, just tie up ****** ********* and cut off his nuts and shove them down his throat untill he choaks to death the fagot" (David Langford, From his novel, Inspirational Words Of Wisdom, by David Langford)

And also remember David is a dick, and Im not even going to go through that fixing up all the fucking mistakes, I did half and it took me 5 minutes. To think you are doing better than me in english

Yo its Tony here...W.H.Phatony to be more accurate. I am doing some writing on this site because i haven't contributed anything to it so far. I did however come up with the idea for Wanker of the Week. I have to say though that I am a pretty massive wanker. So anyway, i have made my contribution. See ya around boys and girls........and miscellaneous.

"Dominic Costello is going bald.....and that is weird" (Tony Cervetto from his incredibally crappy book of crappiness)

Nice Phatony well done - You didnt completely fuck the page up this time.

If anyone is rich or something and wants to buy me a domain name i would be very happy with you. I know its not going to happen but hey its worth a try. For more info about money go here.

Our skool has turned into a fucking prison. If we have too much gel in hair, shirts untucked, socks down, talk funny - we get a fucking saterday detention. MotherFucking grade 10 cheap cunts decided they would beat the fuck through a kid - 4 vs 1. Gave the kid a broken face, double vision and made the fucking skool go nazi style and that dean wood kid is going to fucking die for kicking the kid in the head when he was down - everyone wants him dead now. That is all.

Updates and News

Saterday Night (27th October) - Site Made but really shit
Next Few days (28th,29th,30th) - Site made but better
31st of October - More shit done - more songs, profiles and David has spoken some shit.
1st of November - Today I got to school to be quite suprised by a certain unnamed person who made threat to me - If you dont get rid of it I ill call the cops. I dont know why but hey. So I talked to my legal advisors who told me that the police cant do anything. So I have decided to leave everything up there until I get a written email telling me to remove it. But then a certain unnamed teacher madr me get rid of it. I suck so I did but hell we can live without it.
2nd of November - Today I have added the hate mail section - now we want some so if you hate this site - email me and tell me so - We have also got the Wanker of the Week awards put in so vote away.
3rd of November - Today I have done shit all but I have a pro making a good looking site, but I have been to his house for like 20 hours and we havent even got the first page made yet, so it might be a while. Keep those votes comming for the wanker of the week and remember to sign the guestbook if you havent yet.
4th of November - More Midgets.
5th of November - More Shit everwhere like 3 legged dog fuckers.
6th of November - Money shit put in and our names taken off wanker of the week cause they were getting too many votes. Also we have got a new guestbook - old one was fucking up - too many entries - most of the old ones are still there tho.
7th and 8th of November - Not much cause i have run out of ideas - if you got any give em to me.
11th of November - Got some semi pics up.
12th of November - Got some more semi pics up.
14th of November - Got some more semi pics up. They just keep comming (none of undies yet)

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And our Hate Mail
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The Well Hung Guestbook
Our message board where you can talk as much shit as you want. If you have any song suggestions put em in here.

This is a midget, He sucks - Some people have request more pictures of midgets.

This page was first created on the 27th of october by W.H.Teza with the help of Little K got over 100 hits in the first two days pretty good for a band from ipswich. Then it was fucked up again by someone (Phatony) fucking with it using pagebuilder and I had to remake it on the 1st of Nov.

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