What is this boring page?

     I apologize for the spartan look of this page, but I am just learning html. While I could always use one of Geocities cookie cutter pages, I figured that until I learn more I'll settle for this blank ole space. Considering I'm not likely to get many hits anyway, it probably won't matter. Just in case I DO gather an audience, I am working on finishing html and moving on to java- so hang in there!
ps. For those of you who just can't handle this look, click here , and you can see the cookie cutter Geocity version of this page w/ a few little extras that I don't feel like putting on this page just yet. :(

Ooo I am in an ambitious mood right now, so I'm adding a few little extra's. (with my same spartan look) Check out my ultra L33t links (or not so L33t, whatever) and my random internet quiz results!!


This is my first update in almost a year...Not that I haven't been busy! I'm a whole year smarter, and a whole year in debt with student loans, but I still haven't bothered to learn much more HTML. Sorry... But, I have updated goodies anyway, so feel free to peruse my new spiffy site. :)


Whtzitallabout's Xanga
~Semi-Daily Journal

Wandering Gypsy's Blogspot
~Philosophic Musings

Whtzitallabout's Live Journal
~Random Stories

Dreams of Twisted Reality
~My Dreams

My *Other* Blog
~Pop-Culture things trapped in my head



"Baghdad Without A Map" : A Review
"Without Reservations" : A Review
There and Back Again: A people sized tale


Souls, Truth, and the Interconnected World
A Treatise on Modern Utopianism

Note: These papers are copyright me and have been submitted to Turnitin.com

     I know, I know, it's a terrible page. I probably should wait until I know more- but if I do that, I'll never start. At least now I have motivation! If you would like to contact me, please send me, "Ash Kane", an e-mail.

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