ROBERT WILLIAM CARTY JR. 2/24/80-8/10/97

SCOTT RYAN CARTY 12/19/82-8/10/97


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Have you ever noticed many things seem so trivial at the time of their occurrence, but later on their importance and significance kick in; leaving us  changed?   There are many little things change our lives everyday, in ways we can't even begin to comprehend. Every person that we meet/know and every event that happens, mold us in to the person that we are. We often wish certain things hadn't occurred or had ended differently, but then we wouldn't be who we are today. It's sort of weird, we rarely think of it like that.  But everything happens for a reason, rarely do we understand why it happened.  And despite our wishes and lack of understanding it still happened, we can't change it. We spend time pondering the age old questions "why?", not always realizing we are doing so; we also wonder what if anything we could have done to prevent it, but all the while knowing nothing will bring it back. And knowing that we will never be the same...we are forever changed.

It's weird how the people who come and go in your life, can make such a huge impact; but why some left so soon we will never understand. We also will never know their true level of greatness; what they might have been able to achieve if given the chance.   But one thing we know for sure, is that they are special, and meant the world to someone. It has been almost 9 and a half years now, since Rob and Scott Carty died; but they have yet be forgotten, nor will they ever.  They will forever in our hearts, our memories, and this site.   Behind, the young boys left friends, family, and acquaintances all full of grief. It has been a time full of grief, tears, sadness, depression, healing, and even happiness for a lot of people. My brother played ball with Rob, talked of him all the time, but I didn't know them.  But it still hurt me; just realizing, that two boys slightly older than me were dead, shocked the hell out of me.  It scared me more than words can begin to describe. Now, all these years later, we definitely can't help but wonder, who they'd be today and how the last several years would have treated them. But we know all the thinking and wishing will never bring them back, they are gone, but they never truly left.


On August 10th, 1997, Rob Carty was driving his little brother Scott, to a family reunion; their mother was in a car right behind her only sons. Unfortunately, the family never made it to the reunion, or back to their house in rural Indiana as a family. At approximately 7:15 am, Rob came to a stop sign, somehow ended up in the middle of the intersection, (I have been to the place where the wreck occurred and there was one cornfield one year, and if you know corn in Indiana in the end of summer its hard to see around, so that could have been a factor, its also kind of hilly, but I don't know, its hard to say) and a pick-up truck hit the car, killing Scott instantly. Scott was only 14 at the time of his death, he wrestled and played football, but after that day, he will never get the chance to play again. Today he would be in his twenties and should be having the time of his life, but instead he is laying in a coffin in Fairmount, Indiana. They took Rob to the Wabash County Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 8:08 am. Rob was a mere 17; he was 6'9". He played basketball and was really good. He practiced all the time and was getting better and better everyday. Rob would be in his mid twenties and probably having a great time, but he is laying in a coffin, next to his little brother, in Fairmount, Indiana.


On August 11, 1997, my father called to tell my brother what had happened the previous day to his AAU teammate; then George (my brother) screamed and screamed and screamed.  Then he SCREAMED to me who had just been awakened by the screams, "ROB'S DEAD, ROB'S DEAD."  All these  years later that still sticks out in my mind, I don't think I can or ever will forget it. My response was "Rob?" He said yes, CARTY. I said "are you sure?" maybe it was a different one. He said, no, it was the same one and that Scott was dead too. I still didn't believe him, not really something you want to believe or hear at fourteen.  So I got on my scooter and bought a newspaper, and on the third or fourth page there it was BROTHERS KILLED IN WRECK; I couldn't believe it, it couldn't be true.  It was a smaller article then my brother's wreck, (ten days earlier George totaled his car on a different country road) I lost it, one of the first times I ever really remember crying. It couldn't be true I had seen him play ball last month and George talked about him just the other day. WHY? HOW COULD IT BE? I started crying and soaked the paper. Later that day on my way to my friend's house I heard the song AMERICAN PIE and I lost it again because it reminded me of what had happened. (I don't know why but it did, I still can't listen to it without thinking of it) 


Rob and Scott Carty are deeply missed by all who knew them, and even a bunch that were not fortunate enough to know them, myself included. It affected me so much. It meant more to me then anything that I had or have experienced in my life. I had watched Rob kick ass in basketball. How could it be true: just the month or so before he was alive and playing great in a tournament in Indy.  I will never forget that last game I saw him play, their coach, Mitch was late and he had the uniforms, so my mom bought them t shirts from the place the games were at, and they had to write numbers on them with magic markers.  The boys had to use their own shorts; well Rob, Brad Manning, and Bryan North were all wearing these big jean shorts, and didn't have a pair of basketball shorts, so they played the first half in those jean shorts.  It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen, but they played GREAT, and I will never forget it.  I think the other team didn't really take them serious at first because of their lack of uniforms, but MVP Untouchables, were definitely untouchable that day.  I still remember going to that Arby's in Indy that day after the game..

George trying to score on Rob :).  Rob is the tall one in black #54. This picture was taken at JV grant four basketball tournament in January 1997

This was taken Rob's 10th grade year (given to me by their Aunt Gloria)


  I watched Scott wrestle once.  For some reason when I was in 8th grade me and my brother went to a Madison-Grant Middle school wrestling meet.   When he saw the roster he said I bet that's the big Carty kid from MG's little brother, he hadn't met Rob yet.  Then he saw Rob there.


This was taken the summer that the boys died (given to me by their aunt Gloria)

My best friend, Nicole and I decided a year later, August 10, 1998, to go pay our respects to my brother's AAU teammate and his little brother, who was our age. We searched the cemetery for an hour before giving up. As we drove our scooters down Fairmount Avenue, on our way to get some food while we were in town, I looked over and all of a sudden I saw it. I stopped in the middle of the road and I froze, tears were rolling down my face. Even though all we could see were the letters CARY, we knew it was them. So we went over there and there it was, a marker for Robert William Carty JR. and Scott Ryan Carty. A picture of each of the boy, their numbers 54 and 75, engraved, and the words "REST IN PEACE MY SONS" all are on their tombstone.  Beside and on their grave there were stuffed animals and all sorts of other stuff. Then we left to go get some food. On the way back we saw some girls, who were about Rob's age, sitting right next to his grave praying and probably telling how much they missed him. How hard it was when they realized that they wouldn't see him anymore. I know seeing that whole thing, where the bodies lay, where their mom and family left stuff, where their friends had came to say goodbye, hurt me, made me cry, and made me so sad.

To this very day I still have no idea "why it was them?" I still don't know if the driver made any attempt to move and not hit them. If he didn't I would like to go and kill him myself. Why was it someone so young and so new to the world? They had just just begun to experience, the real life, the real world, what their lives would've turned out to be. If only, they had been wearing their seat belts maybe they'd be here today and I wouldn't have had to make this page, but someone else would've made one about someone they once knew, until a fatal mistake took their life. Death sucks. I wish kids wouldn't die. It is not fair. I think maybe I am starting to understand how my mom feels, she lost her brother years and years ago in a car wreck and like 30yrs ago she lost what would've been my sister due to heart problems.

I guess this is what growing up is all about, but if it is I don't want to grow anymore. I want to go back to being a simple minded KID!! I want to enjoy the meaningless things of life. I want to have fun, and not be trapped in my mind. I want to be free, I want to do what I want and think how I want to think, without people telling me I can't think that, its wrong. I want to be a LIL' KID AGAIN!

I would like to thank everyone who comes here for coming here. I also would like to thank all those that have helped with this page. I really appreciate it.

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