The Whyak Outdoor Club Photos

We are an outdoor activity club based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
This site has photos of our activities.
Click on the Whyak logo to link to our website. The website contains our current program, some general information as well as contact names.

The group on a hike to Capilano Canyon, and a photo of the historical mushroom. April 08.

Hiking on Seymour, Feb. 08.

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2007 Hikes

2006 Christmas Potluck

2006 Hikes

Reiffel Bird Sanctuary photos

Christmas 2005 brunch at Moxie's, followed by walk along False Creek

Winter sports photos

Hikes in Cathedral and Manning Parks (Aug. 05)
2005 Hikes
2004 Hikes
2003 Hikes
Summer 2002 hikes
Summer 2001 hikes

Christmas 2003 brunch at Enigma's
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