Page dedicated to the HP AmberineM/Asus A8AE-LE motherboard and bios tweaks and mods.

For any HP/Compaq users with desktops that are based on the HP AmberineM/Asus A8AE-LE motherboard using the ATI RS480/482/ SB400 (SR16XX, SR17XX , SR18XX, A12XX, A13XX )


Be wary of HP/Compaq, I see some mobos stated as using the Asus A8AE-LE yet the bios SP they provide is for an MSI, go figure (fwiw sr1617cl)




Update 5/3/2006

Click here for steps for swapping out the A8AE-LE/AmberineM VGA bios with the MSI-7093 VGA bios


Note: the link: Modding the AmberineM/A8AE-LE bios

Also shows how to enable hidden options in your current bios irregardless of adding the Raid capabilities.


Update 4/23/2006

Swapped the VGA bios in the v3.13 with MSI-7093 VGA bios

Results: Now can get full Aeroglass in Vista 5308.

Prior to this swap Vista builds 5270 and 5308 would come up to a blank screen, fully responsive but no video displayed when using the ATI driver builds for Vista. Question to ATI and MSDN forums brought no results other than ask HP.


Relevant files:

V3.13 and v3.10 HP VGA BIOS = br14086.bin

MSI Bios=W7093AMS.bin, VGA bios extracted=BR13593H.YT


Note the MSI bios is an older build but has identifier string of:

RS480- BIOS 300/14 (CRT/DFP/TV/CV/special)...(C) 1988-2003,

ATI Technologies Inc. BK-ATI VER008.041I.000.000.

yt300cv.isp v611.RS48PCIE????UN..OEM VER.000.00


This is the A8AE v3.10/v3.13 vga bios string (br14086.bin)

RS482- BIOS 30 0/14 CRT/TV BR#14086...(C) 1988-2003,

ATI Technologies Inc. BK-ATI VER008.043I.008.000

ytamber.hp v611 .RS48PCIE????UN..OEM VER

Update: 4/22/2006

Modifying the SiliconImage 3112A bios module for use in your RS480/RS482 mobo's bios.

Update to the latest available to your bios.

Use if your Si3112A bios module >=2.4.50, later generations from SiliconImage may not be compatible with older main bios selection items (e.g. your version <2.4.50)


Update: 4/21/2006

Solution found to PCI bus WS issues, forget the PCI bus card and enable Sata Raid in HP bios


Click here to see the detailed mods and info on adding the Raid bios

Click here for the Bios menu options available and added.

Ckick here to see new Sata settings in Bios (note 'Both' does nothing if chosen)


Note: There are two version of A8AE-LE on the HP website

This is the one I have, it does -not- come with Svideo or composite out

This one adds composite and Svideo out along with a side connector next to the last PCI slot


Click here the init screen for SiI3112 bios's

These are both displayed during boot, the top output is from the PCI card, the lower is from the raid bios in the A8AE-LE. I went the full route and modded the 4276.bin available from for inclusion in the mobo bios, all of <18 bytes mod</a>


Click here for the 'Advanced' menu, notice the warning message


Click here for the hdtune run on the stripe off the A8AE-LE sata ports.




Anyone have any insight on how to control the PCI bus wait states in an RS480/RS482 SB400 chipset?


I installed a raid-0 array using an add-in pci card based on the Sil3112A. Using the same exact board and drives on two different machines generate two radically different results.


Using the mobo based on RS480/RS482 and SB400 chipset I see a max of ~63MB/sec, with burst=max.

Placing the same array in a KT600 based system I see max ~100mb/sec with burst=~102.


If I change the PCI to 0 wait states on the KT600 system I can end up with the results for the RS480, e.g. ~60Mb/sec.

The RS480 mobo shows 3 PCI buses hanging off it(using SiSoft), with the 3 slots on the mobo all mapped to PCI bus 3 (verified by phsyically changing slots board was plugged into.


Is there any type of datasheet on the ATI chipset around? Any programmers refernces deaing with this level of detail?


I have looked at BIOS screen from other mobo's based upon the same chipsets but see no control over PCI bus wait states in them either, but also cannot tell if they force wait states or not.

No need to ask if a newer bios is available for the mobo I have, it is an HP proprietary AmberineM (Asus A8-LE), nothing to be found so far.


Click here for AmberineM PCI Sata Raid results

Click here for same pci card/array on different mobo



HP Compaq presario SR1600 series, SR1600AN,, R1601NX,, R1602HM,, R1602LS, R1603LS, 1603WM, 1605AL,, R1605LA,, R1606FR,, R1607AL, SR1607FR, SR1608FR, SR1608HL, SR1609FR, SR1609NL, SR1609UK, SR1610AL, SR1610IL, SR1610ND, SR1610NX, SR1610SF, SR1610TW, SR1611KR, SR1611NX, SR1614X, SR1615LA, SR1615TL, SR1616NX, SR1617CL, SR1617LA, SR1617NL, SR1618HL, SR1619ES, SR1619IT, SR1619NL, SR1619UK, SR1620AN, SR1620AP, SR1620FR, SR1620IL, SR1620LA, SR1620NX, SR1622FR, SR1625NX, SR1627NL, SR1629ES, SR1629FR, SR1629IT, SR1629NL, SR1629UK, SR1630IL, SR1630NX, SR1630TW, SR1637ES, SR1637IT, SR1637NL, SR1638FR, SR1638NX, SR1639FR, SR1639UK, SR1640AP, SR1640FR, SR1640TW, SR1647ES, SR1647FR, SR1647IT, SR1649ES, SR1649FR, SR1649IT, SR1649NL, SR1650AP, SR1650CF, SR1650KR, SR1650NX, SR1655CF, SR1657ES, SR1659ES, SR1659IT, SR1659NL, SR1660AN, SR1660CF, SR1660ES, SR1660FR, SR1660TW, SR1667IT, SR1669ES, SR1669IT, SR1670CF, SR1670KR, SR1675CL, SR1677CF, SR1677ES, SR1677IT, SR1680CF, SR1680TW, SR1687ES, SR1689ES, SR1689IT, SR1697ES, SR1699AN, SR1699ES, SR1700 series, SR1700Z, SR1701FR, SR1702FR, SR1702IL, SR1702LS, SR1703FR, SR1703LS, SR1703WM, SR1704CF, SR1705AL, SR1705FR, SR1705UK, SR1706FR, SR1707AL, SR1707FR, SR1707WM, SR1708AL, SR1708FR, SR1708HL, SR1709FR, SR1709IT, SR1709UK, SR1710AN, SR1710FR, SR1710IL, SR1710ND, SR1710NX, SR1710SF, SR1711FR, SR1711KR, SR1711NX, SR1712IL, SR1715AN, SR1716IL, SR1717AL, SR1717CL, SR1717IT, SR1717KR, SR1717LA, SR1718IL, SR1719ES, SR1719IT, SR1719ND, SR1719NL, SR1719SF, SR1719UK, SR1720AN, SR1720AP, SR1720FR, SR1720IL, SR1720KR, SR1720LA, SR1720NX, SR1720TW, SR1722IL, SR1722X, SR1725AN, SR1725AP, SR1725IN, SR1726NX, SR1727ES, SR1727NL, SR1728AP, SR1728IN, SR1729ES, SR1729IT, SR1729NL, SR1729UK, SR1730AP, SR1730IL, SR1730KR, SR1730T, SR1730TW, SR1730Z, SR1732IL, SR1734X, SR1735TL, SR1737NL, SR1738NX, SR1738TW, SR1739IT, SR1739NL, SR1739UK, SR1740CF, SR1740FR, SR1740TW, SR1745CF, SR1747FR, SR1747IT, SR1748CF, SR1749ES, SR1749IT, SR1750CF, SR1750KR, SR1750NX, SR1750UK, SR1755NX, SR1757ES, SR1757KR, SR1759ES, SR1759IT, SR1759NL, SR1760AN, SR1760CF, SR1760FR, SR1760TW, SR1765AN, SR1767ES, SR1769FR, SR1769IT, SR1769NL, SR1770CF, SR1770KR, SR1770TW, SR1779IT, SR1780CF, SR1780TW, SR1781CF, SR1782CF, SR1783CF, SR1784CF, SR1785CF, SR1786CF, SR1787CF, SR1788CF, SR1789CF, SR1789ES, SR1789IT, SR1790AN, SR1790CF, SR1791CF, SR1792CF, SR1796CF, SR1797CF, SR1797ES, SR1799AN, SR1799ES, SR1799IT, sr1800 series, SR1830NX, SR1834NX, SR1850NX, SR1800NX, SR1802FR, SR1802HM, SR1803FR, SR1803WM, SR1804FR, SR1805FR, SR1807CL, SR1808FR, SR1809ES, SR1809FR, SR1809IT, SR1810NX, SR1811NX, SR1815FR, SR1815LA, SR1817CL, SR1819IT, SR1819ND, SR1819NL, SR1819SF, SR1820FR, SR1820NX, SR1829ES, SR1829IT, SR1839IT, SR1839UK, SR1847FR, SR1869ES, SR1879NL