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My fanfic: working on a trillogy for Highlander, but it's not done yet, ergo I can't post it.
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I suppose the purpose of a site is to inform all the potential stalkers out there of my personal business, of at the very least boost my own ego....but far beit from me to not follow the perverbial crowd.
Name: Hannah P. Braxton

Born: May 7, 1983

Job: Archaeologist in waiting...mostly for a degree.  Currently a CNA (Certified Nurses Aid) for Healthcare Associates of Kentucky. Other than that my professional job experience is nil, but I have tons of odd job experience..from babysitting..(typical female steriotype) to drywallng a house..
I will be working at Spring Hill camps as a cook this summer. And I am probably going to quite my job as a CNA (Psychological reasons...thought I could handle it...turns out I can't....and since I don't have to ...why torture myself?

Stuff I like: Paintball....sadly I have neither the time nor the money to pursue this.....even on the rare occasions I can get together with my friends who play. Reading--fiction, science fiction, fanfiction,etc. Hanging out with friends and talking. Coffee.....mmmmmm good. writing fanfic..highlander...though I have others roving about in my head thats the only one I have been able to squeeze out..well three...more on that below. Drawing....sporadic and morbid at best....none posted here..perhaps later. Watching movies/TV....confession....HUGE affinity for B-rated Sci-fi movies....the lame ones with the perdictable plot lines....granted my tastes over all are better than this..but it's like an addiction I can't shake. Hiking---no tresspassing signs are only a suggestion...guns however.....truly I enjoy a nice walk/clim/crawl/ till I come to some place with a good view....which for some reason people like to fence in those types of places.  Swords/Knives/Guns/Sharp Pointy Sticks...another habbit of mine that costs too much money to pursue to the degree I would like. Kittens.

School: Graduated High School, made rather good grades...sucked at sports...did not pursue them. Now I am a sophmore in college.. Got CNA at KCTCS.  I guess thats it.

Other: There is probably a lot more I could write, but I shall save it for another time.
Paintball is about the only sport I have been able to stomach....or be somewhat successful at.  So far as adrenalin rushes go I rate it at a 7 on the 10 scale.  Granted your life is not even marginally at risk like with skydiving, or bungee jumping...and the self preservation gene in me likes that.  It leaves bruses though.... but is well worth it....and speaking of worth it's also bloody expensive...so I don't play all that often.  But more on Paintball later.
This isn't me..my gun's better than that one anyway..but not by much.  My pics will be posted later.
Highlander....be it the series or the movies...well the first movie....the others were...strange, was one of the best series in my opinion.  Since the show was canceled the fans have been writing on their own and the caracters live on. It is not just Highlander, lots of shows have their own avid writers out there..and frankly a lot of them have mad skills.  So check it out on one of the links above.  As for my own fanfic it is still being writtin, and I will post it after I am done and it has been beta read.
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