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Windows Media Files:


A passive and active demonstration of the Carvin DC400A's sustain in passive, then active mode. Size: Small.

A Mid Summer's Nightmare

A Marty Friedman and Jason Becker inspired song, very heavy. Size: 2mb.

Little Giant

A Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, and Steve Morse inspired song. Size: 2.2mb.

As The Earth Fades Away

A pretty ballad in the styles of Steve Vai , Steve Morse, and Jason Becker. Size: 2.1mb

Flying South

A very mellow tune. Size: 1.4mb.

High Speed Color Tour

A fast paced Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani inspired tune comparable to a racing video game soundtrack. Size: 1.8mb.

Happy Meal

A Shawn Lane inspired fusion song with humorous references. Size: 1.2mb.

Unfinished Blues Melody

A Steve Morse, Paul Gilbert, and Zakk Wylde inspired rock/blues melody. Size: 1.mb.



Steve Morse's website

Steve Vai's website

Joe Satriani's website

Shredpit_(Tabs for Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Racer X (Paul Gilbert), and more...

Shawn Lane's website

The Marty File, a tribute to Marty Friedman

Savas' Jason Becker website

Neil Zaza_(Downloadable MP3 album, lots of free samples)

Guitar Nine Records_(Lots of famous and up and coming artists. Info on how to distribute your work through them)

Guitar Zone Artists_(Lots of sound samples from any guitar player you can think of!)

Greg's Top Quality Guitar Links

Dream Trooper's Guitar Resources

Tabledit_(Shareware tablature writing program, lots of features (bends, sweeps, etc.) I used this to create the MIDIs on my sounds page.)


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