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PotC2's anticipated USA
release is July 7, 2006.

According to ContactMusic, Keith Richards will not be Jack's father in PotC2 due to conflicting schedules.

In an article of last week's Premiere Magazine, part of the PotC2 storyline is as follows:
Jack Sparrow is deserted on an isla which is inhabited by cannibals. Jack ends up becoming their leader, then they all turn on him and try to eat him.
Sounds funny to me!

Jack, Will, Barbossa, & a cursed pirate have been released as 7" figures by NECA as well as the 18" Jack Sparrow figures I had mentioned previously. These figures and other fun PotC merchandise can be found on eBay.

Here are some of the rumored actors to have roles in the upoming PotC films:
~Keith Richards
~Salma Hayek
~Bill Nighy
~Stellan Skarsgård
~Naomie Harris
~Alex Norton

*Rumors are unconfirmed bits of info and have a chance of being incorrect.
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