I'm Michael although my web page says that I'm Whytlyon. The lion name comes from a picture that
Catherine Morris drew for me.  Lately my nom de plum is Stardolphin.
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My hobbies and interests include dolphins, horses, meditating, building and fixing things around the "ranch", spirituality and just relaxing. I've added Aikido and anything to do with Peace to the mix.
Our family consists of Laura, my wife, Katie our daughter, Nicholas our son and me. Plus, we've got a bunch of animals around too.

Rusty - Border/Aus mix
Augie - Sheltie
Bo - Nice sorrel horse
Snickerdoodle- Palamino Mare

Rabbits, loosing track of em
Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Satin, Polish etc. etc. ad infinitum.


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